Is TradersWay Scam or Legit?

TradersWay is not a secure Forex broker since it does not hold a license from any worldwide serious Forex authority. Meaning the broker is suspected of being a fraud company since it was not checked for its compliance before establishment, was never monitored in terms of its safety, and simply may operate the business in any way it wishes.

Despite its alluring proposal and seemingly favorable offerings, TradersWay is a high-risk trading opportunity that is recommended to avoid.

Indeed, the Dominica governmental guidelines and compliance with the laws mandates financial sector regulation, yet do not cover the Forex business yet and are rather just a registration of an entity without particular settlement standards that may ensure a safe trading environment.

About TradersWay
🗺️ Registered inDominica
🗺️ Type of LicenseOffshore License
🛡️ Is TradersWay safe to tradeNo
🗺️ Recommended LicensesFCA in UK 🇬🇧 & ASIC in Australia 🇦🇺
🖥 Alternative BrokerAvaTrade - licensed by ASIC in Australia

What is TradersWay?

TW Corp. or TradersWay is established in the Dominica offshore Forex broker company that offers various platforms and social trading capabilities while targeting traders worldwide.

Besides that TradersWay operates for over 10 years in the markets and presents itself as a reputable broker with great customer service, wide trading offering, a large selection of trading markets and tools, and account types with low deposits also provided with low spreads (Low Spread Forex Brokers). Mentioning, that the trading performance is established through technological execution on market popular trading platforms MT4 ECN and cTrader.

However, TradersWay is an offshore-based broker and is only authorized under Dominica laws. This means, that TradersWay lacks serious regulation and safety measures.



TradersWay - official website


Overall TradersWay Ranking 

Based on our findings TradersWay has a quite pleasant trading offering suitable for beginner and professional traders. It has a good selection of trading platforms including MT4 and cTrader. 

  • TradersWay Overall Ranking is 2 out of 10 based on our testing and compared to 500 other brokers, see Our Ranking below compared to other popular and industry Leading Brokers. We do not recommend trading or opening an account with TradersWay because of the high risks involved due to its offshore registration with zero regulatory obligations. 

RankingTradersWayAvaTrade Go Markets
Our Ranking⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Is Broker safe? NoYesYes
AdvantagesNoneTrading PlatformsEducation


Is TradersWay Scam?

Unfortunately, we can't say that TradersWay is a safe broker, it is a high-risk brokerage firm that does not prove any of its trustable scores since it is not a regulated firm, but just an offshore registered company.

For your better understanding read more Why not trade with offshore brokers.

Therefore, apart from the TradersWay customer service satisfactory proposals that seem to be developed with a dedicated approach and cover clients’ needs, we found that the unlicensed environment of the company does not provide any guarantees to their investors.

  • You will never know what you will get in reality, while trading with an offshore or unregulated broker.
  • Traders may not get a true ECN environment, proper market execution, and most importantly, proof that accounts are managed properly according to international safety measures.
  • In addition, there is no clear state of how exactly the client’s investment and money are managed even though there is a mention on the website about strict safety compliance to money operations. This means you should just believe in the word of mouth.

Both industry-leading trading platforms MT4 and cTrader offeredIs not licensed by any reputable Forex authority
Operates only with offshore Dominica registration
Comply with none of the international rules or Forex operation

TradersWay Alternative Brokers

Due to our finds and issues with the safety of TradersWay, we have come up with much better Alternatives to TradersWay Broker with good regulations and excellent conditions. We have selected Trustworthy Brokers with good standing and favorable offerings for your comparison below: 

  • AvaTrade – Good for Currency trading
  • Dukascopy – Excellent for Shares, Futures Trading
  • FXTM – Good for Beginners

TradersWay in the USA

No, TradersWay is not a US Broker (See Forex Brokers for US Clients) and does NOT accept US traders, even though you may find some claims about that! 

TradersWay is a company located in Dominica, while Dominica itself attracted many financial companies or activists to perform and deliver services to international clients, however, the company may not hold any strict, reputable license or comply with the operational guidelines that ensure client safety.

Deposit & Withdrawal

The minimum deposit (You may be interested in reading Alpari Broker's Deposit & Withdrawals information by link) for opening an account with Traders Way is $10 USD/GBP. Traders Way charges deposit fees depending on the payment method which you use to fund the account. 

Traders Way withdrawal fees vary depending on the selected withdrawal payment method. Withdrawal requests are processed within 48 hours on business days. 

Traders Way accepts deposits/withdrawals via the following payment systems: Credit cards, Debit Cards via Vload, Bank Wire transfer, Bank Transfer (Abra), Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT), TrueUSD (TUSD), Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, FasaPay.


The broker provides a big range of trading instruments used on top of the popular and well-known MetaTrader 4 and  MetaTrader 5 platforms with Standard and ECN accounts available. Moreover, its traders can enjoy fast and convenient one-click trading in MT4 and MT5 with their QuickDeal tool.

There is also a cTrader platform for ECN trading. Trader’s Way cTrader provides full ECN access to the markets for professional and new traders with the help of cTader.

TradersWay Review Conclusion

It is always a choice of a trader to open a Live or Demo account and engage in trading with Traders’ Way or any other offshore licensed company and involve themselves in a high risk to lose money. However, it is highly recommended to choose a better broker and give preference to the Regulated Brokers that comply with the sharp operational requirements, deliver the client’s safety of funds and manage the risks.

Besides the competitive trading conditions, reliability and sufficient safety always come first, therefore, we advise all traders to open an account only with the authorized by the respected regulation companies which you may find through our lists of Regulated Forex Brokers.

So you better trade with well-regulated brokers such as UK brokers or brokers in Australia and reliable Forex companies such as BDSwiss and BlackBull Markets.

  • Overall ranking and experience for TradersWay is Negative

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29 responses to “TradersWay”

  1. I have an account with Tradersway and its been over 2 years since am associated with them.

    They offer the best execution in terms of speed and pricing. They have a customer support team in India , always available and resolve client queries.
    MT4.ECN offers lowest spreads and commissions.
    I have received all my withdrawals on time.

  2. I registered the Tradersway broker company more than 1 year now As my personal experience I faced lots of problem first of all, Customer service is worst and they take lots of time to revert back that you missed your trade and suddenly your account get blown. Their spreads are too much high specially if we trade with metals like Xauusd and many other Basically the company steals people money .technically They just gamble from people’s account there is not much profit. Also, while withdrawing through site they charge interest which I believe is not necessary. So, I personally want to aware you guys from being scammed

  3. I registered the Tradersway broker for long but i never you it. With this review for you guys I we give a try and drop my feedback to you guys

  4. I registered the Tradersway for long but never you it. With this review for you guys I we give a try and drop my feedback to you guys

  5. I’ve been with them for a few years, and nothing extraordinary about them… fairly average. Reason I chose to add them as one of my brokers is I’m a USA resident and wanted prior Frank Dobson Act abilities. You still have to compare to see how spreads affect you and margin amounts, commissions, etcetera. One difference that concerns me a bit is that it is June 16th, 2021 and since shortly after Covid-19 problems that started around March 2020, they discontinued chat support and haven’t resumed those services. That’s not a good sign and a bit concerning. If you need support, you’ll probably have to be sending emails and that can take days. There is one phone number shown but I haven’t used it yet and I hope I never have to use it.

  6. ive been with fxcm for 3 years and never had an issue with me they are ok..i rather them than oanda

  7. Scam scam scam stay away they stole $74.600
    They extorted me they kept on asking for more money for fees and then promise your profit and never happened!!
    I have an investigator working on this case and fbi in the usa and it turns out to be mark bence kocsis with his fake ass story that he is rich and wants to marry you and wants u to make lot money!!!
    Sscaaaaaammmm discusting!!! Thieves stay away im hoping to tell everyone and get some of my money back

    • I’ll marry you if you can show proof of your lost, and FBI pending investigation. You probably work for the NFA/CFTC or it’s affiliates, or the Biden administration.

  8. Tradersway is a good broker, I have traded with them since last 4 years.
    They give withdrawals honestly. Their spreads are very low and its possible to scalp and make profits.

  9. I was reading these comments and felt that an honest, non biased opinion should be written. I’m an American trader that has used multiple brokers and trading platforms, and I’ve been with Tradersway for almost 2 years now. I have never once had an issue with deposits or withdraws, never have had any “fraudulent” activity or anything fishy. I’ve withdrawn hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars with zero issues. I’ve noticed that their servers will unexplainably go down for a couple minutes at random some times, but it’s never been anything that has affected my trading more than a minor inconvenience. The only reason why there are warning against this broker is because they offer very high leverage options which can make unexperienced traders suffer large losses very quickly, but that falls on the trader and not the broker… In the end, I really have nothing bad to say about this broker, and I feel like a lot of these negative reviews are just due to user error from traders that have no idea what they are doing. Give them a try. My only suggestion is do NOT engage in any bonus deposit offers because this makes it difficult to withdraw profits, but that’s everything I have to say about them, thank you for reading.

  10. We’re obviously not talking about the same Tradersway. The reviews are so bad and unreal. I have been trading with Tradersway for 3 years now and I never had a problem with that.

    • Please can I try TW am in Ghana? Want to try their bitcoin deposit and withdrawal option. I really love their demo platform for my Spot Gold. It is cruising and I like it.

  11. I am shocked at the reviews I am reading makes me wonder if the reviews I have seen of other brokers really true, why do I say this, cuz I have been trading on Tradersway for 4yrs and I have never had any reason to complain of their service, Deposits are swift and never had issues with withdrawing.. Excellent service from them….

  12. This company is fraud. stay away from this. If this company scam u call ur back ask for chargback

  13. Liars. Lisa, Adam, Mebrouk, Susana

    I am shocked reading these none sense comments. Susana, Trader’s Way doesn’t have a UK number nor a U.K branch!

    I have been trading on Trader’s Way’s cTrader platform for years. I can provide statement, account proof, withdrawal and deposit records.

    Trader’s Way is one of the least companies who accepts clients worldwide, and provides equal trading services regardless of its clients nationality, race, and color. “You know better…. Mebrouk”

    Offshore brokers provide high leverage, low spread and competitive trading environment with 24/7 support for “RETAIL TRADERS”. No one stops you to move your funds to a regulated firm, so why didn’t you?

  14. I was scammed from a Tradersway center based in England; the phone number doesn’t work and now page is not found. I met her/he in instagram and I discovered other two scammers.

  15. Update on my issue. the company resolved the issue we work together and it was a misunderstanding.

  16. They stole money from account also.Please take this advise stay away from them and look after a regulated broker

    • exactlu always off quotes when im on the correct direction..and ill b able to place trades when im on the worng direction..they never scammed my money coz u was never able to make profit itself lol

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