1. Alpari Pros and Cons
  2. Is Alpari safe or a scam?
  3. Leverage
  4. Fees
  5. Spread
  6. Deposits and Withdrawals
  7. Trading Platforms
  8. Conclusion

What is Alpari?

Alpari is one of the largest Forex brokers that acquired experience over the years of operation, while was founded in 1998 by three partners in Russia that started from zero, passed through all complications, crises and managed to become a global trading company.

Currently, Alpari offers a wide range of quality services for modern internet trading on the foreign exchange currency market with over a million clients from 150 different countries and serves global offices in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Belize, Moldova, Mauritius, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

Alpari Pros and Cons

Alpari is a reliable broker due to its strong standing and long years of operation. There are numerous instruments available for trading including Binary Options, the education. Research and analysis section is just great, Alpari is good for beginning traders, also provides automatic trading and participates in various projects.

The negative Alpari side is regulation, there is no serious license, trading fees for some instruments might be higher, and there is no 24/7 support.

Alpari - official website

10 Points Summary
🏢 HeadquartersSt. Vincent and the Grenadines
🗺️ RegulationSVG FSC, FSC
🖥 PlatformsMT4, MT5
📉 InstrumentsForex, spot metals, CFDs, Cryptocurrency and Binary Options
💰 EUR/USD Spread1.1 pips
🎮 Demo AccountAvailable with Demo Contests
💳 Minimum deposit20 $
💰 Base currenciesUSD, EUR, RUB, GOLD, BTC
📚 EducationDedicated education with research tools
☎ Customer Support24/7


An additional feature is the numerous projects and sponsorships that broker performs in various social activities, like supporting Children by Charitable Fund, the partnership with football, biathlon, rugby, chess teams and Mountineers team support.

Alpari awards

Is Alpari safe or a scam

No, Alpari is not a scam it operates for many years and has quite good reputation, however, at present Alpari does not hold reputable licenses from world-leading authorities alike FCA and ASIC, which demands ultimate requirements of safety towards traders throughout brokerages. Yet, Alpari is a well-established and known brand, which proved its history and transparent product offering by the millions of clients they serve and a long history of successful operation.

Alpari is an international company, which holds several regulatory licenses in order to be able to offer its services globally, which includes licenses from the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and the International Financial Services Commission of Belize.

In addition, Alpari is a member of The Financial Commission, an international organization engaged in the resolution of disputes within the financial services industry in the Forex market.

Alpari certificate


Forex trading performed at Alpari additionally to all attractive features also offers highest leverage of a maximum 1:1000.

  • Generally, the Forex major currency pairs allow levels of 1:500, and then depending on the chosen trading instrument, thus minor currency pair most often allows leverage of 1:400, while commodities are set to 1:100.

Nevertheless, remember to learn how to use leverage smartly, as a high set level may play against you as well, which dramatically increases your risks while trading.

Trading Instruments

Alpari trading offering consists of Forex – currency pairs, spot metals, CFDs along with Cryptocurrency trading and Binary Options. Moreover, there is a choice between the execution model you want to use, as Alpari offers two options of orders, a Standard which means the company puts only the aggregate position of all client account and execute based on streaming quoted using Instant Execution.

And another option is an automatic ECN technology via MT4 Bridge, which connects Alpari’s servers to the ECN, means trader’s orders executed at market price.

Account types

There are 4 various account types available as retail trading accounts at Alpari, as well investment through PAMM accounts. The available accounts offering includes specifically designed accounts for various needs either through the choice between platforms MT4 or MT5, alpari.binary, as well as the size of lots and Standard trading feature or PAMM.

It is great at Alpari that you can start trading in the Forex currency market with any amount of funds on the account since there are no minimum deposit requirements. There is also a Demo account, as well traders can sign for a Forex live account to keep the risks as low as possible through trading with a nano.mt4 account where the currency is traded through cents.

Alpari accounts


Alpari offers two types of execution the standard or through ECN connection, hence the charges of spread will be applicable according to the chosen method and starting from 0.0 pips. To see full fees always check funding fees, inactivity fees or other commissions.

FeesAlpari FeePepperstone FeeGMI Fee
Deposit feeNoNoNo
Withdrawal feeNoNoNo
Inactivity feeYesYesYes
Fee rankingLowLowAverage


While the Alpari trading fees, which are built into the Alpari spread considered to be on a very competitive level among the market offering, you can check out and compare Alpari fees to FP Markets. See below Standard account trading fees.

AssetAlapri SpreadPepperstone SpreadGMI Spread
EUR USD Spread1.1 pips0.2 pips1 pips
Crude Oil WTI Spread1 pips8 pips5 pips
Gold Spread41.43
BTC USD Spread21.2$10626 pips

Overnight fees

Also, always consider the overnight fee you will pay in case the order is held longer than a day. As an example, going short for EurUsd currency pair will cost you 0.65, and long position ‎-1.31.


Methods of Payment

So once you need to fund a live trading account, you’ll have a selection through major payment options along with special offers from the company, for commission-free deposits. However, few options may be eligible for fees, thus check it with customer service as to your applicable region.

Deposit Options

Payment methods including

  • Bank Wire Transfers,
  • credit or debits cards
  • electronic payments Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, eBanking, and FasaPay.

In addition, traders within the Alpari are able to perform account-to-account transfer in USD, EUR, and GLD currencies with no commissions.

Minimum deposit

Alpari minimum deposit amount starting from 0$ for Nano MT4 account and moves on further from 20$ and 500$ respectively for ECN accounts. See Axiory which offers trading with Nano Account.

Alpari minimum deposit vs other brokers

Alpari Most Other Brokers
Minimum Deposit $0 $500


Alpari deposit fees are 0$ for some of the payments, including 0% fee for Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin and Zcash. Alpari provides various withdrawal options, however additional payment methods may incur additional charges and depend on the provider and region you sending from.

 Alpari deposit

Trading Platforms

Alpari offers as a trading platform the most popular and known MT4 along with its advanced generation MT5. There is no matter which device to use since there are available versions for PC, Android or iOS devices that allows earning anywhere.

Actually, there is no need to explain a lot about MT4, as it is a choice of millions of traders across the world that are able to enjoy the functionality of the platform and its comprehensive features. Also, EAs at Alpari are allowed with no restrictions, and traders of any style are welcomed.

Alpari platfrom

In case you prefer MT5, which is the latest generation of the earlier popular version, the platform will bring additional orders and instruments for analysis with increased functions assisting in trading even more efficient.

And the last, but not the lease is a Binary trader, which is a platform developed by Alpari specifically for binary trading delivers a simple, but effective user-friendly platform along with allowance to perform trading via the mobile application.

Therefore, the trader of any experience and size can count on a trading performance powered by the great choice of software that enhances strategies and general possibilities.

Customer Support

Along with that, Alpari designed truly dedicated support to their traders, while novices who have just taken their first steps onto the Forex market can enroll into one of the Investment Academy’s educational courses. The courses will teach not only the basics of Forex but also different methods of analysis that will give some unique insights, how to avoid common pitfalls and minimize your losses.


Also, Alpari provides a vast of analytical support and analysis through trusted sources, alike fundamental analysis provided by Forex economic calendar and news from FxWirePro, with Technical analysis from Trading Central and signals from Autochartist.


Overall, Alpari review features the company with a long history of operation, which passed numerous crises and hard times nevertheless managed to offer global services to the thousands of their clients. The Alpari brand indeed reputable one among the market offering, notwithstanding the fact of its weak point of recent regulation. Nevertheless, we can recommend Alpari as a trustable broker to trade with.

Alpari solutions meets various traders’ needs, throughout different types of execution and a variety of tools to choose from. In addition, the broker shows great learning capabilities and support, as well as the variety of generous programs alike contest, cashback options, etc that are definitely a plus to the company portfolio and advantage to you as a trader.

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  18. I am new to this but I have been interested in Forex Trading for a while.
    I would appreciate a phone call from yourselves to further explain and hopefully initiate an account with you if possible.

    07495 900 694:

    • Mr Winston

      Are you having any luck with forex trade? I met a Bitcoin miner.. She has been helping manage my account. I must confess she’s doing a great job. I am making my profit than ever…. I think you should try contacting her too…

      • Pls am new in the forex trading pls I need someone to mentor me and help in managing my account.pls give me her contact number

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  23. I want to start trading and learn more about foreign exchange but I’m scared because they’re so many scammers out there I can I have a legitimate broker to register under

  24. 1- Are you a registered broker ? if yes please provide the details of that.

    2- Have you got a Metatrader platform with a robot ?

    3- What amount is your minimum deposit ?

    4- Which currency you deal with ? I have done so far with USD.

    5- Regarding deposit & withdrawal – have you got some local bank in india ? Because there is a problem arising with VISA cards.

    6- Can I withdraw everyday whatever earned amount ? Maybe a small amount.

    7- You advise daily trades,

  25. in ur platform says the minimum amount og deposit is 20euro. and know that i registered it says minimum amount of deposit is 500EURO why can u please explain WHYYYYYYYY??????????????????????????????????

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