1. Is Naga safe or a scam?
  2. Trading Platform
  3. Accounts
  4. Spread
  5. Leverage
  6. Deposits and Withdrawals conditions with a minimum deposit and withdrawal fee
  7. Conclusion

What is Naga?

Naga was founded back in 2015 as a Fintech company that provides access to world markets through decentralized technology along with necessary support so that global investors may gain bigger exposure.

The company is established under Cyprus laws, also complied according to European legislation allowing access to trade financial markets, cryptocurrencies, stocks and virtual goods supporting all major global markets.

Naga website

Social Trading

Naga offers several ways of financial investments through either manual or automated investing, Social Trading opportunity, trading of over 500 instruments, ICOs, etc. Actually, Naga Markets is a publicly listed FinTech company in Frankfurt backed by Multibillion fund FOSUN, which provides transparency over trading processes.

Eventually, Naga constantly add on innovations and new challenges that allow rapid development of the company and its clients as well.

Naga trading markets

Is Naga safe or a scam?

In fact, the NAGA group took all necessary steps to be a fully regulated and transparent firm which is not only publically listed company, but also a broker authorized by a CySEC in Cyprus and a technology company operating in Germany.

NAGA is a trademark of The NAGA Group AG, a German based FinTech company publicly listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (WKN: A161NR | ISIN: DE000A161NR7). Which brings a certain level of stability together with a strong establishment and operational base. Also, NAGA is backed with a Chinese fund FOSUN making it a reliable firm under any circumstances.

Naga license

In addition, there is an entity located in SVG which gives global expand to NAGA service, as long as it is authorized and regulated by European legislation it is considered safe even being registered in the offshore zone.

So together with numerous performance standards and high reliability as a public company, NAGA also complies its trading service with necessary requirements set by MiFID. As such, traders’ funds are always segregated from the company and are covered by a compensation scheme in case of brokers’ insolvency.

Trading Platforms

What is also great as we discover within our NAGA review is a choice between the platform you’re getting. So you may select either MetaTrader4, its newer version MetaTrader5 or use proprietary software NAGA Web platform together with its applications.

While MT4 and MT5 do not require many words and introduction due to its world popularity and proved powerful capabilities that remain at your disposal either for manual or automatic strategies. NAGA trading platform brings you additional capabilities and a truly great balance between a friendly interface and its sophisticated solutions.

NAGA, being a FinTech company made it truly great software that will suit the most demanding appetites accompanied by online support, news streaming and comprehensive analysis features. While one of the main parts from NAGA offering is a Social trading capability, you will find excellent capability for copy trading, which is based on proprietary algorithms defining top traders and leading trades along with numerous bonuses.

Naga platform

Also, there is a quite great offering performed via Naga Exchange that allows unlimited and commission-free crypto and fiat trading through its biggest social network. So either you are professional or beginning trader, Naga welcomes both with unique opportunities either to copy trades or act as a “master”.

What are Naga Costs?

Once you decide to trade with Naga, you many choose from 5 fiats (USD/EUR/GBP/PLN/CHF) or 4 crypto- based trading accounts available for all types of investors with no diverse of trading conditions based on deposits or so.

Naga markets


Naga mentions on its website offering of the lowest spreads for all traders despite trading account size, so any investor will get better trading conditions. Typical spread for EUR/USD is 1.2 pips, which is considered a good spread mong industry offering. As for other instruments, there could be commission charges for some assets which you will find directly from the platform.

Also while using Social trading all costs and spread of the profit between master account and copy account will be calculated automatically.

As an example, you may refer to the table below and see average spread for some currency pairs, as well you may compare fees to another popular broker Avatrade.com.

Also, always consider Naga rollover or overnight fee as a cost, charged on the positions held longer than a day and determined by the direction you trade either selling or buying, also refer to some examples below.

Naga spread


Also while trading with Naga you may access flexible leverage that allows you to control and manage risks better and according to your trading style. However and since Naga is a European broker, the company offering fully complies with ESMA restrictions, therefore, falls under recent updated to use lower leverage levels. So the maximum leverage available for retail traders is 1:30, while professionals may access higher ratios once the professional status is confirmed.

What Funding Methods Naga offers?

And the last point in our Naga Review is a question about how to transfer funds into your trading account. Eventually, Naga supports all major cards, cryptocurrencies and alternative payment methods like e-wallets.

In addition, since February 2019 firm launched NAGA Card & IBAN that allows users to manage funds and pay for services or goods even easier, throughout all benefits of NAGA MasterCard.


minimum deposit

There is no minimum amount required by Naga for first-time deposits, yet as the broker mentions usually new traders deposit amounts from 200$ in order to have exposure to almost any market and try out Naga conditions. Also note, each payment method may require specified minimum amount available for transfer.

Naga deposits

deposit fee

Naga covers all deposit fees whatever method you will use for money transfer, which is great for you as a trader. As for the withdrawals, typically Naga does not waive fees, yet you better check with your payment provider in case there are any changes that might be applicable due to international transfer laws.


Overall, Naga Review shows us a company that stands on strong technology and development of trading innovation. So trading with Naga you will find vast investment opportunities either you are beginner, so social trading will assist in your steps.

Alternative forex broker is Octafx with similar licenses and a bit better trading condition

Nevertheless, we would be good to know your personal opinion about Naga, you may share your experience in the comment area below, or ask us for some additional information.

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11 responses to “Naga”

  1. My personal experience with NAGA is very bad and it is a pity because I opened an account after I read your review. What you say is inaccurate. When i registered I got a phone call from a guy called Jason Baker, who immediatelly tried to “sell” and make me pay. We talked and then the next day he called me again to ask for money. I put some money just to see how it works and immediately after that, he disappeared, although i tried to talk to him asking for help/details which he was supposed to give. Then the platform threw me out and could not log in again. After a lot of tries and after asking for reseting my password (which took sooo long) I managed to get back in the platform. I tried to make the trade (maybe more than 20 times) that I wanted but each time there was a problen and they could not process it. Again i asked for help from Jason but he never replied to my emails. So after all of that, i tried to withdraw my money back and guess what, I couldn’t!! So bottomline, I lost my money and time. Too bad. Everyone should stay away from them.

    • Thank you for your feedback.
      We are sorry to hear that you have experienced issues with your NAGA account. We have raised this internally and we would like to ensure not only you but also any other members of the 55Brokers community that we, at NAGA, always strive to provide our traders with the highest standards of service excellence. Our Support Team is here to help you throughout your trading journey and assist you with any technical issues you may experience with our solutions by simply emailing them at support@naga.com

      Have a great day!

      NAGA Team

      • Bullshit with your support !! All you do it is to steal money … more peoples write about this … how can you explain this ? it is not 1 or 2 or 3 … they to many … so … explain why all write about that naga steal money ???

        • We understand that at times, things may not move as smoothly as intended, however, as a regulated broker, NAGA is obligated to comply with the legal framework. We also understand that this can result to frustration at times and we empathise with that.
          However, NAGA reserves the right to protect its trading community from any fraudulent tactics exercised in any of our trading channels as well as protecting its staff from any kind of abusive behaviour. You can find more about our T&Cs at https://naga.com/europe/legal-documentation
          Have a great day!
          NAGA Team

  2. naga is a forex scam broker, I added money and could not withdraw my money, if you do not want to lose your money, you should not load it, I mailed support and I did not see a reply

    • Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear that you had issues with withdrawal. Please contact our Support Team at support@naga.com and they will be happy to assist you further.

      Have a great day!

      NAGA Team

  3. Do not use this Naga.com company SCAM

    Do not use this company – SCAM !!! they will steal your btc ! and ask more and more documents to sell your info !
    if you buy btc and the price rise, NAGA don`t want to let you to withdrawal your btc. Please take care with this NAGA ! It is a scam website

  4. Naga company has a lack of money withdrawal policy. I made a deposit of 500usd using a debit card. After I made a profit, I issued 30usd of money. After that I got an email from the dragon team. They asked for a credit card document from me to confirm the depositor. The problem is that I make a deposit using a debit card. And when I contact support they ask me to get debit card ownership. THAT IS STUPID THING EVER. What bank gives details about debit card for their customers? NONE.Lack Of Policy Withdrawal Ever.Trading account number is 5133066.

  5. Thank you for your comment and valuable feedback. This has now been raised internally for assessment and review by our Team.
    Please note that we do understand your frustration and appreciate your concern. Client fund security is our number one priority at NAGA and therefore we always ensure that each transaction passes through all the safeguards in place.
    Our Support Team will be reaching out to you soon to assist you further with this.

    Have a great day!
    NAGA Team

  6. I have had multiple instances where my SL has been hit because the spread has increased drastically with no news. For instance, the usual spread of USHCHF is less then 3 pips but on Naga it increased to over 15 pips.

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