Trade CFDs on 900+ of the Top Companies this Earnings Season with HotForex

October 23, 2021 at 08:24 PM
HotForex offers to trade CFDs on the stocks of over 900 companies

Multi-asset international broker HotForex offers its traders to trade CFDs on the stocks of over 900 companies during Earnings Season. The traders will get an advantage of trading with negative balance protection, flexible leverage and tight spreads. 

Earnings Season is a 6-week period when companies release to the public their quarterly corporate earnings for review and assessment. Such event as Earning Season happens four times a year January, April, July and October, the months after most major companies’ fiscal quarters. 

Top companies to report in October 2021

This season hundreds of companies will report their earnings. Most of these companies are available to trade with HotForex as a part of its 900+ CFDs on DMA Stocks. Here are the top companies by market cap include:

  • Apple ($2 trillion market cap) 
  • Microsoft ($2 trillion market cap)
  • Alphabet Inc ($1 trillion market cap)
  • Amazon ($1 trillion market cap)
  • Facebook ($900 billion market cap)

Prepare for the Earnings Seasons

The Earnings Seasons cause the additional volatility in the markets and bring both risks and opportunities to the traders. It is important to remember about all the possible risks and take extra measures to protect their capital during these periods.

The HotForex team of market experts has created a wide range of educational materials to help traders enhance their skills, which include videos, written materials and live webinars every week on topics ranging from Risk Management to The Importance of a Trading Plan to How to Improve Your Trading Mindset.

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