Is TradeLTD Scam or Legit Broker?

No, it is not safe to trade with TradeLTD. Despite its Estonian location and registration, the broker is not authorized to provide financial services by the local Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority in Estonia or any other country.

  • This means, that it is not safe to sign with TradeLTD, as the lack of regulation is something clients should be very cautious about in Forex trading. 

About TradeLTD
🗺️ Registered inEstonia
🗺️ Type of LicenseNo License
🛡️ Is TradeLTD safe to tradeNo
🗺️ Recommended LicensesFCA in UK 🇬🇧 & ASIC in Australia 🇦🇺
🖥 Alternative BrokerFP Markets - licensed by ASIC in Australia

What is TradeLTD?

TradeLTD is a Forex, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, and Cryptocurrency broker. The company is owned and operated by Currency Board OÜ with a registered address in Tallinn, Estonia.

  • Moreover, the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority has issued a warning against TradeLTD:

“Finantsinspektsioon (the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority) would like to inform clients and investors that Bushido Technologies OÜ (registry code 14377139) does not hold an activity licence for the provision of investment services in Estonia and therefore Bushido Technologies OÜ is not authorised to provide investment services in Estonia. The company offers the possibility to trade different derivatives through web page”

  • The broker has also been blacklisted by New Zealand’s FMA:

“The FMA recommends exercising caution before dealing with TradeLTD and the website as TradeLTD is not listed on the FSPR and Is not an incorporated company in New Zealand. Individuals from TradeLTD have been contacting New Zealand residents with investment offers and withholding client funds. This has the hallmarks of a scam.”

TradeLTD - official website


TradeLTD Review Conclusion

To sum up, TradeLTD is an unregulated forex broker and it is the biggest concern as the lack of license adds additional risk to forex trading. On the other hand, those brokers regulated by reputable authorities have to follow a lot of rules that are made to protect clients. For example, there is a minimum capital requirement they need to meet and also, and they need to keep the accounts segregated.

Thus, traders should trade with well-regulated brokers such as UK brokers or brokers in Australia and reliable brokers such as FXTM, eToro (Read about eToro forex broker), and Alpari.

TradeLTD Update

Based on our research, the TradeLTD website is inactive. This means the broker has muted its trading offering and does not operate. However, we recommend avoiding and staying alert in case of any proposals. 

No news available.

15 responses to “TradeLTD”

  1. I sent, physical handed 50 letters to Westpac Bank in Perth, Westen Australia, demand them investigate and they never got back to me

  2. If you want to lose your money – this is a great way to do it! TradeLtd ‘managers’ are trained to be charismatic and influential but don’t trust what they say – they want money and convinced me to open trades that resulted in loses, then expected me to continue to deposit more. They didn’t care what impact this financial loss had on me. They claim not to take commissions but they take their profits from what they call ‘spreads’. They need their clients to keep trading and the longer the trades continue, the higher the spreads become, resulting in a profit to them, but not necessarily to their clients. TradeLtd constantly pressured me to continue to deposit money – claiming that I needed to deposit more money or I risk losing everything because my margin level was too low.
    I trusted TradeLtd managers and listened to their advice and I ended up losing thousands of dollars from my account and ended up with nothing – not even my deposit.
    Be very careful, do your research and don’t trust what TradeLtd tells you. I lost everything and they profited thousand. TradeLtd are not licensed in Australia. They don’t have a proper complaints management section – my complaint was addressed by the ‘trading expert’ who said ‘that’s what happens in trading’. They didn’t acknowledge my written complaint or address the points I highlighted about my trading experience – they brushed it off as simply me complaining because I didn’t profit. I was even asked to provide my credit card details over the phone – which is completely against anti money laundering laws. Of course, I didn’t.
    When I questioned why I had to deposit thousands of dollars to start trading, although their trading levels start off at $200, I was told that if they start their trading levels at $1000 this would discourage people from joining. This is deceitful. I was constantly pressured to deposit more. One of the trade managers told me that there is only a 10% success rate in trading – so there’s a 90% chance of losing all of your money. TradeLtd called me almost daily from Mon – Fri but when trades went bad, I would not receive a call for a week or two – then again they would pressure me to deposit more money. Their staff are trained to talk – not act. They claim they can help you make a profit – and you can achieve small profits, but they convince you to get into trades that take a long time to recover so that their spreads increase. My experience with TradeLtd has been stressful. I do not feel that TradeLtd acted in accordance with my personal financial situation and trading ability. I was misled into believing that I didn’t need to deposit a lot of money to achieve some success. I was frequently told by TradeLtd ‘managers’ that it was their job to recover my deposit – they didn’t do their job, they just kept expecting me to risk losing more! After I had lost everything and complained profusely about how my account was ‘mismanaged’, TradeLtd offered to deposit $12,000 USD to may account under the condition that I continued to trade until they achieved at least $6,000 USD in profit – this is fraught with risk and a way to maintain my equity so that I can keep trading and TradeLtd can keep profiting. This is just another way that TradeLtd tries to convince their clients that they are acting in their best interest where in fact they lock you into an agreement for an indefinite period that forces you to continue trading. I requested to negotiate on this offer but Trade Ltd did not accept. Be very careful and be prepared to lose.

  3. ashford investments Traders and brokers are fraudsters .ashford investments has been taken over by Trade ltd. Attention fraudsters
    Francesco Romano &Daniel Hoffamn Fake Name

  4. TradeLtd are nothing short of LIARS– CHEATS–THIEVES then it is BLACKMAIL I had around $55000 00 US in my account was seemed to be going ok till i refused to add more funds that is when it all went down hill they kept calling me you HAVE to add more funds or you will loose what you got nothing short of [BLACKMAIL] I am a 70yeo retired they took full advantage of me because I had no previous Experience in trading and they took full advantage of me . They must talk through there ass because every thing that comes out of there mouth is SHIT .

  5. This is one of the brokers I’m testing right now. Compared to others it’s normal. My account manager answers to all questions and recommends the books/courses to check. Now I earned $100 on eur/usd pair. I’m going to test oil trading on this platform in Sep.

  6. I registered on this broker after watching their trading videos on youtube. For now I’m trading with crypto. So far so good. I will update the trading situation here.

    • They are SCAMMERS of the worst kind they should be closed down and Jailed they have wrecked many lives with there lying Cheating ways SCUM

      • They got my money. When I tried to withdraw there were troubles until one day when I couldn’t put more. Obey the colonavirus showed up and they claim I lost everything. I’m trying to recover my money but don’t k ow what to do

      • Micheal try withdrawing your funds or closing your account they will will tell you the market went against you I had around $60000.00us they took the lot do not put any more in They are CHEATS & LIARS & and Thieves.

    • SCAM Do not believe one thing these Low life arsholes say But I guess you already know you put this post up July i you have if you have put any funds in They Are LIARS & CHEATS & THIEVES

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