Is FreshForex a scam or legit broker?

FreshForex is not a secure Forex broker since it does not hold a license from any worldwide serious Forex authority. Meaning the broker is suspected of being a fraud company since it was not checked for its compliance before establishment, never monitored in terms of its safety, and simply may operate the business in any way it wishes.

This results in a very high-risk trading opportunity, despite its alluring proposal.

About FreshForex
🗺️ Registered inSt. Vincent and the Grenadines
🗺️ Type of LicenseOffshore License
🛡️ Is FreshForex safe to tradeNo
🗺️ Recommended LicensesFCA in UK 🇬🇧 & ASIC in Australia 🇦🇺
🖥 Alternative BrokerFP Markets - licensed by ASIC in Australia

The online Forex broker FreshForex as stated on the official website has been working in the foreign exchange market since 2004, while claims performance with one of the best trading conditions on the market due to which they are among top Forex broker companies as well according to the research of the famous news agency Interfax.

Among that the broker gained some more world recognition from the publications and industry expos, however, the FreshForex which is a trading name of the Riston Capital Limited company incorporated in an offshore hub St.Vincent and the Grenadines. There is no matter of the company location, but there is a sufficient risk if the company delivers services without any regulation or licenses from the world-known watchdogs in the Forex industry.

That means that the company may put their client into unnecessary risks while trading which will involve a higher leverage level, like 1:2000 as offered by the FreshForex (Check out Alpari forex broker review, which offers high leverages), the non-regulated money management of the clients, as well as lack of operational standardization.

FreshForex does not comply with the adequacy requirements and rules. This means clients cannot be sure about the safety and reliability of the financial services offered by the broker. 

Meanwhile, the broker mainly concentrated on the offering among Russian and Asian residents, while also there are a significant amount of negative reviews about the company crossing around the internet.

Overall, we generally advise not to trade with offshore brokers (See the list of forex scams) since it is incurred to be a risky business, and increases the potential of general trading experience.


It is much more sufficient to choose among well-established and regulated, reputable companies that are heavily overseen by the respected authorities. The list of FCA (Read AxiTrader review, an FCA regulated broker), ASIC such as broker FP Markets from Australia (Read another ASIC Regulated forex broker GO Markets review by link). 

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61 responses to “FreshForex”

  1. Good broker with low and tight spreads. Really suitable for scalpers who get declined by other brokers since it’s forbidden for some brokers. FreshForex welcomes every trading technique.

  2. Good broker with good services on their trading account. The servers are handling the orders pretty good without any requotes whatsoever. Even it can be a good broker to do scalping technique

  3. Good amount of indicators are provided here, you can choose based on your trading style so that you can maximize the trade even more.

  4. Before I say anything I want to thank everyone at FreshForex, if it wasn’t for the entire team I would’ve never discovered how I could actually turn a hobby into a career. I was a casual trader for a few years and I really wanted to get involved more but I didn’t know where to start

  5. 4/5 would trade even longger with FreshForex. I can see that the broker itself is working on better liquidity providers, even some commissions are giving more money instead of reducing the profits.

  6. Not gonna lie, but the broker got me with their tight spreads. Pretty neat for scalpers which I am not one of them. But the broker is welcoming any kind of trading strategies that I have seen no problem on my trading progress.

  7. I recommend to make a small deposit as you can follow the trading forecasts from their website and make some good profits. The analysis they made was simple to follow along with good risk reward ratio.

  8. The only promotion that I can recommend to you is the drawdown bonus. This is the most beneficial bonus that you can claim to get your account even more secure from margin call since it can hold trading drawdowns.

  9. I’ve used FreshForex for a week now with the bonus thing and i really knew that it was a scam or it wasn’t legit to play with that company. I had around 500$ profit that i made in three days and they just took my credit out and withdraw my profit off of my account. The good thing was that i was searching on google before i wanted to make a deposit, but today i came here to give you guys my opinion about freshforex, a company that scams people around the world. It is a scamming call center thing. They call people from around the europe and convince them to deposit money into their company and take that money. And something else that i wanted to add about this; as soon as i created my account in freshforex, an forgein number from cyprus called me around six times, trying to convince me to deposit money on their app, they were another company but the thing was that, FRESHFOREX take their clients’ details phone numbers, emails etc, and sells them to other companies so they can call you and convince you to make deposits to their companies and steal your money. I know this stuff well because once I used to work as an Financial Adviser in a call center in my country and that’s what we used to do, we called people and convinced them to deposit money on our platforms so we could steal their money. And all I can say is that FreshForex is an fake company, never use it.

    • Are you talking about a forex broker or a call center that has Indian accent? This is legitimately fake review since the broker itself not based in India as most of the scam call centers do. Please, give us a proof that you have been scammed by them.

    • Hello, Jeffrey Walton.
      Your review is untrue. Our company always strives to provide our customers with the best trading conditions and we are always ready to meet our clients in controversial situations. Please provide any evidence to confirm your words.
      Regards, FreshForex team.

  10. almost 5 months, so far, so good, no complains at all. My deposits and withdrawals are processed on time, with their trading platform having the least spreads and an instant market execution

  11. everything is going well and professionally. the security of our funds is also not to be feared. quick withdrawal, quick execution. profitable partnership program. for beginners is also highly recommended, because this broker offers basic knowledge about forex step by step. interesting, especially for their weekly webinars.

  12. FreshForex has been in the market for more thatn 10 years, proving itself as one of the reliable brokers with differents trading platform you can take advantage of. Also the team never stops to give education to its clients through their own webinars.

  13. The last weekly webinars was awesome since it discussed about Gold movement. Good to know that Gold in on their downtrend so we can pretty much look for better area to sell the pair itself. Can’t wait for the next webinar next week.

  14. You can simultaneously learning and practicing at the same time thanks to their weekly webinars that they dedicated for their clients. This is a good way to enhance your trading skills even faster compared to just practicing on demo account with so many trial and errors.

  15. Avoid other brokers, they might offering you deposit bonus that will put you to a greater risks on your trading account. It is different with FreshForex where they offer you deposit bonus to hold your trading drawdown even more for you trading account. This means additional security from margin call itself.

  16. Keep up the good work! I love this company since they have updated their trading servers for better latency towards trading executions I am making there. Even I see no requotes whatsoever thus making the broker even better to be recommended.

  17. The trading signals is so useful, especially when you have the perspective as them. Even some simple analysis applied on their signals to prove that trading is not as complicated as it suppose to be.

  18. If you are into automated trading, the broker is providing VPS to make sure your trading robot is operating 24/5 that you don’t have to leave your computer for such time. Check out their latest offer on their website.

  19. I have had a horrified experience with some brokers in the past because of their bad services. But when I started trading with FreshForex it has been good news to me, although their are hiccups which are common to all brokers, like requotes but only happen during high volatile news session and rarely happen most of the times.

  20. Profit_with_Kathryn_fx on Instagram is a thief. Kathryn Powell is her name and she is an all time scam so no fresh forex isn’t legit. Please do not trade with her nor her platform fresh forex. She comes off as an angel but she is a devil in disguise. On her Instagram she will post that you can start trading with the minimum $500 but Whatsapp will send you a WhatsApp after she has given you her number and tell you that the minimum is $1000. She withholds information from you, for instance, after you have sent her your funds to trade, after your trade is complete after four days she’s requesting that you send her more money which happens to be her commission without you get a dime. Stay away from her and fresh forex.

  21. I saw a good offer on their bonus section, the one I want to mention is their deposit bonus since it can hold the trading drawdowns. It is pretty much useful for beginners and experienced ones since you can alter the trading risks with the bonus.

  22. One thing to note about this broker is that they are doing webinars in weekly basis where mostly they discuss about the market and making a simple analysis over it. This can be useful for beginners who are struggling for their basics.

  23. For almost one year and really enjoy their work. They provide good conditions for any type of traders. This is also supported by the fact that they are opening weekly webinars where beginners can take part to enhance their trading skills with simple analysis method.

  24. You can try your trading robots thanks to the VPS they offered. This can be applied immediately on the ECN account and start front-testing it.Set it on smallest lot to see the suitability with your robot.

  25. I just wanted to stress that it’s not a problem to use a scalping method with FreshForex. I read through their customer agreement to check and they welcome scalpers to utilize their ECN account since it has decent tight spread.

  26. Really love the deposit bonus there since it can hold the drawdown instead of giving more trading margins. This is useful to even lower the trading risks, especially for beginners.

  27. Love the weekly webinars where it mostly discuss the current market along with the upcoming news, this can be taken advantage with your own analysis since they will give the basics.

  28. Suitable for scalpers since the spreads on their ECN account is pretty tight. The bonuses on their Standard account is good for beginner traders too.

  29. The educational webinars are really good to give consistent knowledge to the traders. You can also watch the replays from the past webinars on their website.

  30. Noticed on how low the spreads are on some pairs ourside major pairs, I can trade several pairs like GBPJPY, EURGBP and EURJPY without having to worry about the spreads on those three pairs.

  31. Many indicators are provided in this broker along with several educations on how to utilize them. The daily market forecast can be helpful to make your own forecast more accurate.

  32. The bonus helped me to achieve less risky trades since it can hold my trading drawdown and I can take a bit riskier move in order to gain a bit more.

  33. The broker seems to be operating for more than 10 years, meaning that they proved themselves in the market without any trouble whatsoever. I can also sure the weekly webinars are still there every single week to discuss the moving market.

  34. I can say nothing but compliments to FreshForex for being a good broker since 3 years I’ve been trading with them. Good trading terms along with low trading commissions on most of the trading pairs.

  35. People are losing money here, in my opinion, since they have no understanding how to trade correctly. I recommend using a trading robot and FreshForex’s VPS to keep your robot running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  36. With FreshForex, dominating the market is a lot easier. Their experts’ forecasts were quite helpful in deciding whether or not to take a position in the market. They also host a webinar every now and then where they give traders some guidance…

  37. I need an explanation on why you freshforex need a deposit of equal amount of your (no deposit bonus)profit before saving the profit fund, i mean i chose that bonus because i had no money to start forex

    • I have same question. And then if I make a deposit , can I withdraw directly my deposit ? So I will only trade with my profit before

  38. FreshForex offers the greatest trading opportunities in the industry with platforms like MetaTrader 4 (MT4), Myfxbook Autotrade, MT4 Multiterminal, and many mobile platforms. These platforms are simple to use and provide a better understanding of market patterns and developments.

  39. FreshForex’s variety in transaction types is one of my favorite features. For Asian traders, I find it more convenient to use non-card transactions because they are processed more quickly than cards. I should also mention their supporters’ quick response.

  40. I can recommend FreshForex as they changed their liquidity provider because they’re very accommodating when it comes to adjusting the terms of their trading commissions. The commission can even be a positive addition to your trading balance on some trading pairs.

  41. Making a 25% profit in three months. Yes, it was a pretty careful trade. But it was thanks to tight spreads and no requotes on the trading interface that I was able to make this much money on FreshForex.

  42. I’m only taking 10 pips because I’m not a long-term trader. As a result, I place a premium on quickness and spreads. That is why I picked their ECN, and because the quality is satisfactory to me, I am able to benefit.

  43. For each trader, it is critical to carefully examine the many aspects of forex trading. As a result, you’ll require a website that gives you with analytical tools. FreshForex has some of the greatest technical tools for anticipating forex market movements and trends available on the market.

  44. I read some comments here but that seems to be “fake” all the talk about “Freshforex” are totally wrong. No good spread, No good in withdraw and No good in support. I have proof and can provide.

  45. It’s fortunate that when you register with a broker, you receive a number of excellent instructional resources to study before entering the real market. It’s a dangerous industry, but FreshForex made it less so…

  46. Because of its features and many services, FreshForex has acquired the trust of many forex traders. This website’s many trading platforms enable traders to simultaneously evaluate and speculate on a variety of currencies. Aside from that, traders may use these trading platforms to open deals.

  47. FreshForex has highlighted some of the greatest trading platforms available, such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4), Myfxbook Autotrade, and others. These systems allow traders to evaluate over 50 different currencies in the global forex market, which is critical for appropriate trading operations. You may also use their mobile app to evaluate and trade, allowing you to trade whenever and anywhere you choose.

  48. I believe that providing free webinars every week is a sustainable method to keep traders informed about current market movements. Their daily projections also aided me in giving more thought before making judgments.

  49. One of the trading strategies permitted on their trading servers is scalping. Since it has already been improved, you don’t need to be concerned about the delay or requote on your trading positions.

  50. Thanks to their daily market projections, which provide me another perspective on the trading pairs I’m currently trading, I can trade a little bit more easily now. Additionally, you may see them on their website.

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