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Registration or address is not clear. No License, No Regulation. 

Admiral-Markets is a company that claims its leading passions and the best way to access the global financial markets, trading and speculation on cryptocurrencies in particular. The broker, however, does not mention its registration address, any regulatory status or even provide legal data.

Admiral-Markets.com Review

Furthermore, the Admiral-Markets is a quite big trading name, known in markets and trading industry, which in fact has nothing to do with a current website and offering. Actually, this is a typical tactic of the fraudulent company to take over a reputable name from a regulated and well-established broker, in return to mislead traders and attract possible investors. Specifically, Admiral-Markets.com misrepresent the truly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Admiral Market broker (check out reviews about Admiral Markets by the link).

In addition, it has come to the attention of France authority AMF that the broker offers unsolicited trading capability towards residents. The unregulated firm means that there is no follow of requirements and laws, as well as non-compliance to basic investor protection rules, handling and other obligations. Therefore, we always recommend choosing among the industry leading and well-regulated Forex brokers to ensure a further positive experience while trading.

“The AMF regularly publishes the list of websites and entities offering in France, without having the right, investments in the foreign exchange market (Forex) and included admiral-market.com. Since the intermediary concerned does not appear on a register in the context of Forex or does not have a registration number for investment, do not respond to his solicitations. You would take the risk of choosing an intermediary who does not respect the basic rules of protection and good information of investors.”

AMF, France. November 2018.  

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