Beware AAFX Trading is an offshore broker. It is NOT SAFE to trade.

  • Company name: 

AAFXTrading Company LTD. AAFX trading Capital. 

  • Registration Address/ License:

St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Representative offices in Honk Kong and Malaysia.

  • Registration requirement: 2,000$

AAFX Trading is an investment company specializing in stocks, commodities, CFDs and currency trading through its incorporated and registered office in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). However, SVG is a known area for its very liberal zone with a slight regulation of the financial companies comparing to other reputable authorities that requires a way more strict compliance that ensures a higher level of clients’ protection.

AAFX Trading Review

Moreover, the broker claims its incorporation and registration in Malaysia under the business solutions company SDN BHD and operation of the office in Hong Kong. Yet, there is no any other regulation that the company does comply with, therefore the company chooses the easiest and cheapest way to perform and deliver its financial services to international clients. Being unregulated in Hong Kong, the company appears in SFC warning list that prevents clients from an investment with the AAFX Trading company (check warning here).

In addition to that, there are numerous negative reviews about the company services, along with the guilty verdicts about scam operation. The AAFX Trading clients faced typical fraud issues while tried to withdraw profits, the company gave numerous excuses why the request can not be performed. As well as the issues with trading manipulations, faking the facts of the requests, etc. Overall, these issues do not give a positive opinion about the company and just causes suspicious questions in their regards that might cause significant capital losses.

That is why we do always recommend to invest only with the regulated brokers only that are located among the reputable jurisdictions and offer respective overseen investment services. These companies are overseen and reporting regularly about every step they do or treat the client, which protects investors by many means.

Hardi Zulaika From Indonesia | | Monday, July 13, 2020

The author of the article, in my opinion, is right only from one point of view and simply ignores the second. Yes, regulations make a broker safer, but regulated brokers cannot be flexible in offering their services. AAFX Trading offers 1:2000 leverage, which I use from time to time for profitable trades that significantly exceed my account capital. I could not have such trades if it was not for AAFX. However, no regulator from Europe will allow a broker to offer such high leverage. Moreover, I know at least 5 cases when even fully regulated brokers were scammers, so regulation is not a guarantee of security.

Geneo Rwabyoma From Cameroon | | Sunday, June 28, 2020

To me, not everything in this article matches how it all really is. About the problem with the registration. Yeah, the brokerage has a little problem with the registration, and it’s registered off-shore. But a lot of brokers don’t have any registration at all, and they work quite well. Yeah, it’s not cool that a broker registered whatever, but that doesn’t make it a scammer. I’ve been working with the aafx myself for a year now, and I’ve never had any problems. Well, in general, there were some small issues – when the execution of an order took a little more time than I would like, or when the server had a little problem due to the fact that it was overloaded. But I have never been scammed, taken my money from my account, or taken any additional commissions or hidden charges. The broker is more than reliable.

Lo Zondo From Nigeria | | Friday, June 5, 2020

I do not have any excessive requirements and expectations for a brokerage company, because some time ago I studied this issue in detail enough to understand exactly what awaits me in the end and whether I can calculate and get what I think will be useful to me. And that’s why I don’t see the company as a guarantee that I’m going to make money, and if that doesn’t happen, I’ve contacted a fraudster. NO, YOU DIDN’T. Actually, a brokerage company for me is a tool that I can use to make a POTENTIAL profit. It seems to me that it is very important to use the right categories and work more on yourself. Then you will succeed and you won’t have any illusions.

Sirish Sangha From India | | Friday, May 8, 2020

Okay, you think like this, that’s your right, I can’t say you how you should think. However, do you think it’s a problem that brokerage is offshore registered. I was trading both with regulated by FCA brokerage and with SVG licensed brokerage. Of course, trading with FCA brokerage is ‘more safe’, but I know some cases when regulated brokers turned to be scam. Also, regulated broker have many restrictions, as leverage restriction (it’s only 1:20). On the other hand, SVG regulation allows aafx to provide extremely high leverage. I agree, 2000 is exremely giant, but 1:200 is real case for some small-amount traders. I suggest not just judge brokerage by offshore or not, but to make a deeper research. When I got interested in Aafx – I read around 100 reviews and contacted with 2 traders – I got positive feedback, so I don’t see any point not to trust company.

Simao Andrade From Portugal | | Sunday, April 12, 2020

It’s really easy to criticize because we can always be dissatisfied with something or want something more. I can say that if you take the basic functions that a broker should perform, aafx can handle it. There is a normal common trading terminal, there is a clear withdrawal system, there are tools for analysis and popular assets. In addition, there is a team of trained managers.

Simon Mareer From South Africa | | Sunday, March 15, 2020

I cannot agree with the fact that this broker has a bad reputation, all because I have a lot of friends who trade here – and everyone is happy with the cooperation. I’ve been working here myself for a long time and I rarely come across any technical issues, and I’ve never had any major complaints about the aafx over the years. I just do not know what kind of complaints can arise directly to the company, which gave us a normal terminal and gives us the opportunity to work with a large set of assets and indicators, in addition, there are excellent adjustable settings that allow you to adapt everything for yourself. If we talk about the procedure of withdrawal of funds, it is notable for its simplicity and at the same time, everything is loyal with commissions and spreads.

Sawayan From Tunisia | | Tuesday, March 3, 2020

It’s both truth and misleading in one sentence. Yeah, AAFx Trading is off-shore registered brokerage and company never hide this, it’s clearly stated in the brokerage official website. However, that doesn’t mean that mean that brokerage isn’t safe. I think everything is determined with brokerage reputation – AAFX Trading has good one. Let’s be fair, each trader understand that offshore registration is because of taxation, not because brokerage wants to be a scam. Moreover, just keep in mind that regulations are about making restrictions – for deposit, for minimum deposit or for minimum lot, nevermind for what, but regulations take a part of traders’ freedom, promising us safety. It’s approach that’s accepted by many traders – trade with a lot of restricitions, but with understanding that your brokerage is regulated, but it doesnt’ mean that it’s 100% right. I think all this regulations in nothing good for traders, they bring restictions only and aren’t useful at all. It’s always better to be guided with reputation. I came to AAFX by my friend suggestion and I trade there for 2 years. Everything okey, broker always withdraw money, has a fast support service and all benefits, but also provides huge leverage and 100 dollars min depo, much lower than all ‘regulated’ brokers. Spreads are also lower, so think twice about this!

Marcello From Spain | | Monday, February 10, 2020

I can’t even catch why people can adhere to such articles. Let’s be fair, regulations very ofthen simply don’t work and if brokerage will be unfair, regulations won’t secure your money and you will lose tham, that’s true.. So what the point to care about this? AAFX Trade has registration in Saints-Vincent and Grenadines. I can agree, that’s not the best jurisdiction to be registered, but many brokers simply don’t have even such registrations. That’s first point, so AAFX is mb better than other brokerages in this regard. Secondly, AAFX has good reputation, that’s go without any doubts, if you will search the internet, you’ll find that there are a lot of positive reviews and extremely low amount of negative. As for me, that’s much more important sign in my opinion. Of course, I can’t say that article’s author isn’t right, from technical side he (or she) is 100% right, but in practice that’s not so important and that’s what I’m talking about. My (as well as many of my friends) experiecne proves that AAFX is good broker and that’s the most important point. Of course, we can seek for the regulations or other points. But from the logical point and people’s experience it’s importance is extremely low. That’s like people that overestimate chance to get seek cause of coronavirus, but underestimate other probabilities.

Klemar From Sweden | | Thursday, January 23, 2020

Okey, I understand that there is informational era and author is free to post anything what he or she wants. But I don’t understand what’s the point to create review only from one end. it seems, if we read this text, that AAFX has nothing positive to offer its clients, as author simply doesn’t mentioned nothing. What’s correct in this article: 1. Company name 2. Registration and Malaysian license info 3. AAFX description (brokerage for stocks, CFD and Forex) 4. Explanation that SVG is liberal zone What’s wrong: 1. Claiming that SVG registration is something bad (that’s the main point of this article). That’s not true and that’s mislead. There are some scam companies under the US or EU registration and there are fair companies under off-shore registration. Just remember OFF-SHORE registraion is about TAXATION, not about company quality. Regulations means nothing, but reputation means a lot 2. There was no mention that AAFX won prize as Asian BEST brokerage in 2013 3. Registration in Malaysia is additional feature and it’s not the cheapest way. Malaysia is perspective market and that is ADVANTAGE, not disadvantage. 4. I can’t find ANY fraud verdicts, there are only pre-payed reviews from competitors with no proofs, or complaints from people that think that forex is a way to earn with no skills So, as I said, regulations means nothing and I can claim AAFX to be 100% reputable and safe. For my 2 years of trading there was no single situation when brokerage acts incorrect. By the way, lets reader decide, I just express my opinion.

Akhil Sabharwal From India | | Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Since CySEC and other European regulators not even speaking of american ones have started limiting brokerages with strange rules like “do not provide enough leverage for retail customers” – since those times all these talks about regulations and licenses stopped having much sense. You either let customers have what they want or go for regulations and licenses. This is basically the choice brokers have got nowadays. In this light AAFX is just another broker who has chosen to follow the demand, not the rules of politicians.

Mitchel From Ireland | | Monday, December 9, 2019

I don’t mean to sound rude, but I have an economic background, I traded with a very famous American broker at one time, so I can explain everything in detail. To begin with, I’m not personally trading with AAFX, but my brother is and he is very pleased. When he read this article, he asked me to explain everything, because he already wanted to withdraw money and find other broker. I will now write the same thing I told him. Shortly – statement that offshore registration equals to unreliable broker is wrong. Let’s start with the basics of economics – rich countries have more money. According to the law of competition, they want to protect their dominance. If the country has more money, the prices are higher, but the income is also higher. There is such a thing as Purchasing Power Parity. If we compare the USA with a less developed country, we can see that it is 1 PPP in the USA, and in less developed countries it is from 2 to 4. This means that in these countries you can buy 2-4 times more goods than in the U.S. for 1 dollar. But the salaries are 6-10 times lower there, so people live poorer. This has always been the case. People from poor countries simply couldn’t get into the rich ones and earn as much As americans or Europeans do. Now everything has changed – we have the Internet. Look, traders in Kenya or Malaysia trade in the U.S. stock market, earn the same money as traders from the U.S., but live in countries where almost everything is 2-4 times cheaper. It turns out that the US or EU lose their money, that goes to less developed countries. They don’t want to lose their money, so limit that in every possible way. As a result, for many brokers it is simply impossible to get a license. More precisely, they can get it. But it costs money, a lot of money. Millions. Taxes in the U.S. are actually about 45% on financial services. The AAFX takes a fair commission. But if it registers in the U.S., it will have to take twice as much money to compensate for the taxes. Add to this the fact that each trader will have to pay 40% of what he or she has earned in the form of taxes or deal with bureaucracy, proving that he or she will pay taxes in another country. Interesting prospect? Would you like to trade in this way? There are also about 1400 SEC instructions that regulate each transaction, so in order to make a deposit or withdraw money, you will have to wait not for 1-2 days, as in the AAFX, but much longer. I hope you understand why the AAFX isn’t trying to get the US or EU license?. The broker wants to be convenient for the client, not for Uncle Sam (or for aunt Merkel).

J.Choong From Malaysia | | Friday, December 6, 2019

I’ve been working with the company for two years and haven’t seen any problems. Thanks for the article, I was interested in reading it. However, it speaks about numerous complaints and lawsuits. But there aren’t any. I would like to see concrete examples of court cases. I will only speak for my own, but I think many traders will agree with me. There are very few problems with the AAFX, and payments don’t take more than a few days. So I can’t understand where the negative comments for this broker comes from, as me and my friends never faced such troubles.

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    • AAFX has good marketing and PR deparments, that is clear and all of us can see how company is building its media presence, but I like not marketing, but the fact that it’s supported with a real things. AAFX isn’t promising something unreal, brokerage just comes and promise “We will let you access for a trading market, where you can earn with your skills. We will take tight spreads and we will provide you with fast withdrawals”. And all of their promises are true, so when I trade with AAFX I catch up a thought that company is fair with me and that’s why I respect it.

      • You’re right, sometimes companies in pursuit of good advertising begin to promise something that is not there or offer just fabulous conditions for trading, but in reality everything turns out to be different. There’s nothing superfluous here. And at the same time, everything that this broker offers can really be applied in practice and nothing to think about. This is a big plus and I also believe that this broker can be considered a worthy partner in our business.

    • I’m glad to find no false promises at AAFX site – broker promising everyone to get rich overnight is a definite NO. As long as they promise only something they can keep control of – I’m OK with AAFX promotions. And yes, media presence of the company is something rather interesting. Looking for more information on AAFX Trading I’ve seen a few interviews with company’s CEO, some interesting articles on the markets sponsored by the broker – that’s what i call a good marketing. So I agree.

      • So what guarantees of profit can a broker give if each of us trades independently? It is absolutely logical that a broker is responsible for the normal operation of the trading terminal and for the timely processing of withdrawals. Does AAFX cope with this? Absolutely, yes. All the rest are additional services, they can suit you or not, but this is another question.

        • It seems to me that the main problem is over-expectations.
          Many traders believe that if a broker has a good reputation, they just have to make a profit, but a lot depends on us…

  1. Yes, I heard about that story with the Hong Kong regulator, but I don’t really care about it. Further back, I created an account with AAFX Trading broker, and now I’ve already got some pleasant experience. The trading is fine, I’ve made already several withdrawals – so what’s the point if one of the regulators refused to recognize this broker? Many brokers just jump between regulators, but this doesn’t change a thing. What really matters is that the broker withdraws funds and the platform isn’t buggy. 🙂

    • I also don’t think that this is very important how many regulators broker has and what kind of companies these are. Perhaps I’m an eternal optimist but I think that those times are already in the past, when a good broker can just rapidly become a scammer and betray its clients. Anyway, companies-shifters are left behind in the past 20 years ago.
      From the other side, if the company was created with the purpose to cheat on clients, then none of the regulators will prevent it from doing so. When people commit such crimes, then the regulators’ rules are nothing for them. It’s good, that AAFX operates on the market for too long to worry about it. When the company works honestly for so many years, it is more important than all kind of licenses…

      • I agree. All these licenses, agreements and so on can be purchased or downloaded from somewhere. But it’s absolutely no guarantee that you and your money will be perfectly safe. Actually, a good broker is time-tested. And the aafx handled it perfectly, I know a lot of people who have been trading here for a long time and do not want to change their broker. I belong to this category myself, and I think that I was very lucky to be here among my like-minded people and work exactly as I want.

  2. AAFX excution is fine, I like how they process the withdrawals on time I have not encountered any problems doing that and the swap fees are quite low I comfortably hold my positions overnight, their spread is relatively cheap and affordable but ofcouse not the cheapest. It would be realy better if the broker considerd increasing other methods of payment such as paypal.In my opinion AAFX is one of the competent brokers to trade with.

    • I absolutely agree with you!
      This is the first broker that withdraw money within 30 minutes. There were cases when a broker withdrew money for 8 hours, but this is equally faster than other brokers. I find it difficult to find a better broker now than AAFX trading
      My choice is AAFX

    • AAFX support claims there are no swap fees at all. I’m kinds lost now, cause you say there are some swap fees, but they are low. I’d appreciate if you could check once again and let me know if AAFX website lies about zero swap or not.

  3. I didn’t have any single problem with the money withdrawal for many years of cooperation with Aafx Trading. And I have made withdrawals at least 10 times for sure, lately, I’m withdrawing almost every month. I don’t know, what kind of problems people are facing, but I have some doubts that this is broker’s fault – it doesn’t make any sense for them to spoil their reputation just because of a few somebody’s bucks? I withdrew pretty big amounts, and nobody wanted to rob me… Honestly, isn’t it strange? =>Sarcasm<=

    • Agree, I also think that all these reviews about the broker not allowing to withdraw some 100-200 bucks – is total bullshit. I don’t know why people are writing this, but personally, I don’t believe in that. And also I don’t know who in their right mind would believe, that broker will be trying to scam 100-200 dollars out of the client or any other amount of money and risk their reputation because of that.

  4. I don’t know what so dangerous you found in this broker. When I was going to open an account, I checked the company, learned all the information and reviews, it seemed to me like a pretty reliable broker. As for now, I’m trading for long enough and never had any problems…Personally, I’m satisfied with everything, with trading conditions, with money withdrawal policy – I didn’t have to wait longer than 24 hours even once, and I think, this is the most important indicator of the quality of AAFX Trading service…

    • It’s easy to understand what is so “dangerous” in AAFX and other decent brokerages with an offshore registration. They don’t bring enough money to Uncle Sam’s pocket. With all the respect to the great Uncle, taxes are extremely high in the US. If broker wants to minimize costs and offer the best conditions to their customers they have to register in offshore jurisdictions. Sure enough, government doesn’t like it.

  5. I started trading in 2014. At that time, I did not even understand why regulation was needed. This broker was advised to me by my father, who is engaged in trading in a large company. I just looked at the demo account and I liked it.
    AAFX is not a scammer. I received all the money that I took out for these 5 years. I have never (!) expected money for more than a day. This broker is trustworthy.

    • It is very rare when a broker does not spoil over the years, but on the contrary, it only gets better. This builds trust in the company and allows you not to worry about the conditions in which you will trade.

  6. What I find really amazing about all these warnings about the danger of trading with regulated brokerages only is how shallow is the knowledge base of the authors of these topics. Normally, the argument is that offshors are bad, not really explaining why they are bad. They are bad for the economies of the countries who apply over 30-40% taxes to businesses run on their territories. Businesses just goes away and settles at Bahamas. I can’t blame them, can you? )) The other argument in this article is that brokers must be regulated with a decent regulator. Who? SEC? Al right. For over 3 years now SEC has been unable to approve a single cryptocurrency ETF. Best brokerages located in the USA have been trying to break this SEC wall, but were pulling back their proposals one after another. Thousands of traders want to trade crypto ETFs but they can’t, because they live in the US and want to choose a brokerage that is regulated by SEC or some other outstandingly peeky regulator, whose main goal is to protect Uncle Sam’s interests. You can warn us as much as you want, but personally as long as I can get decent trading conditions and withdraw profits to my wallet, I don’t mind AAFX to be registered wherever they find it appropriate.

    • Exactly, I don’t know why so many people believe that SEC is something good? Yes, the US is superpower with developed economy. But there are high taxes and regulations. It’s simply impossible for broker to provide good service and low spreads, when it’s obliged to pay 40% taxes and pay the license. I think that all people that think that offshore registration is bad should ask Americans, why they don’t trade themselves. Yes, we know that American people have a lot of investments. But they don’t trade themselves, they just give their money to investment funds, because it’s impossible to trade on their own. I enjoy trading with AAFX and hope they will never make a mistake to obtain the US license.

  7. Quite a shallow vision of a broker. If you keep judging all Forex companies by their regulation and some hyped article, you might end up thinking that honest Forex brokers simply do not exist. Here’s a question though, why do people manage to earn on here all the same – and on AAFX as well? Quite some food for thought, huh.

    • I also don’t understand why some people so hype regulations, it seems that they’re even obsessed with them. Of course sometimes regulations may be important, but AAFX has good reputation and is well-known in the industry, that there is no reason to care about this. Moreover, I have read about banc de binary case, just think about it – 100% regulated brokerage and he really have taken unfair actions for its traders. On the other hand, I can’t find any single bad review about AAFX, so I’ll prefer to trust majority opinion, than this misty regulations that don’t ensure anything!

  8. AAFX is a reliable partner. I think this is what’s most important. People can discuss spreads and commissions as much as they want. I want my broker to provide a reliable connection and execution of my orders. Sounds simple, but trust me, so many online brokerages can’t cope with this simple task. AAFX does cope. As long as he does, I’m staying with them. Trust me, unreliable order execution can cost you much more than those pennies you can save by choosing a cheap but lousy brokerage.

  9. Jeez, dude, that was a comment that explained a lot to me personally. The argument about the US SEC being unable to provide regulated ETF for cryptocurrencies is an eyeopener. I didn’t realize that you can’t ever trade crypt under a fully regulated and approved by SEC brokerage

  10. In real life the only diference between regulated brokerages and offshore registered ones is their fees policies. US and EU brokers tend to collect all kinds of fees from their clients and their spreads and commissions are just outrageous. I can’t blame them, their tax burden would have been too heavy otherwise. But the other question is whether I want to help anyone pay taxes out of my own pocket? Hmmm… no, thanks! I’d prefer some reputable broker registered in the Pacific Ocean somewhere if this can help me minimize trading costs and still get my money withdrawals in time.

  11. I don’t know what to think now. I am the current AAFX client and I didn’t know they’ve got an offshore registration. It started bothering me now after I read the article. But on the other hand I was getting my money in time all the time from AAFX. And people here in comments offer some decent explanations on why brokers prefer offshore registrations (taxes and leverage regulations). I’m still confused, but you know, it’s difficult to find another broker like AAFX, so I think for now I’ll just leave it and hope everything will be fine with this broker as it was before I read your opinion.

    • If you even don’t know about offshore regulation, that what’s the reason to care now. Offshore isn’t sth bad, that’s the same jurisdictions like other countries. For example, Lichtenstein is also considered an offshore, but you don’t think that Lichtenstein companies aren’t legit? So just don’t care, that’s my solution.

  12. No trick here, there really are no swaps or overnight commissions here. I understand your uncertainty though! If I haven’t checked myself out, I would have still be in doubts whether there is a pitfall here or not.

    • It is normal and even right that people doubt something and try to verify the truth of information.
      I think the reputation of this company has long been positive and justified by the feedback from many satisfied customers.
      And I wish this company prosperity and further success.

  13. As its been mentioned in the article AAFX really does try to minimize operational costs in order to be able to provide best spreads and commissions to their customers. So far they succeed to do so and AAFX has the most fascination offer on the market on spreads. EURUSD pair can be traded with the spread of 0.5-2.0 pips depending on the account type and whether the customer prefers fixed or variable spread. There are no other commissions per trade apart from spreads. This would not have been possible if AAFX was regulated with SEC for example or had fancy offices in London. Most importantly they provide quality services which can be easily found out if you looked at the reviews carefully. I’ve ran through many of them before dared to open an account with this offshore brokerage, and I’ve never seen complaints on withdrawals as it is claimed in the article.

    • I agree, although this strikes their prestige in the eyes of those who are not familiar with them, but for people like me, it does not matter. Although I doubted whether to start working with the company, I tried it and now I can completely agree with you. Low spreads allow me to earn more and profit from small deals. It is much more profitable for me as a trader, but the company on this clearly does not receive additional profit.

  14. Would love to find out where exactly did you find the negative reviews, cause my experience was strictly positive with AAFX. The funny thing is that I’ve chosen this brokerage exactly because the reviews were so good on their service.

  15. Financial markets in the US and Europe are excessively regulated, because there are their own giants, hedge funds and large banks. And of course, these giants aren’t interested in someone who make money in the financial markets. They want people only to give them money and trade only through these large banks. You know, that many small companies in the United States are being shut down by SEC for minor mistakes. But SEC never touches large funds. The same thing happens in Europe. For example, there are very limited leverages and there is no reason to limit them. It’s capitalistic principle. If I want to take higher leverage and broker is ready to provide it, so why I cannot? I think that’s why AAFx is not registered in the EU or the US. I trade with AAFx and I understand that company seeks to provide real financial opportunities. I never had problems with withdrawals or the platform. However, they provide me large leverage, I used even up to 1: 1000 in very specific situations. This gives me the opportunity to vary the strategy and earn more. Regarding market requests, I never had a problem in 2 years, so I don’t understand how you can write about this. As a rule, negative reviews on AAFx or other brokers are written by people who lost money due to unsuccessful trading. I can find numerous negative reviews on the US banks or funds, as it’s people nature, to complain on everything. The AAFx is trying to promote (and rightly so) that you cannot earn on trading without skills and that they don’t promise profit. Broker just gives access to market, leverages, indicators and training materials and then it depends on your skills and understanding of the market.
    Yeah, guys with several million can trade with large banks and they don’t need high leverage. But people like the author of this article forget that there are billions of people who don’t have “spare” $5-10 million to invest. And such people need another solution to climb up the ledder of success.

  16. I see that many people have already signed off on the fact that the American or European license is much more expensive and it isn’t profitable for the broker. And it is true. I can only agree here. This is the rule of any business. A consumer is looking for an opportunity to maximize his profit, and a businessman (in our case a broker) is looking for its own. And it is so. From this point of view, offshore registration is beneficial both for AAFX and for the trader. The first one pays less taxes and can provide more flexible services, while the second receives better quality services and pay less commissions.
    But there is one more thing that many people miss. This is why offshore registration is considered a drawback. And what is an offshore company at all? This is a country or territory with special business conditions for foreign companies, usually with lower taxes and fees. Of course, I can say, “Oh, yeah, that’s bad, they don’t pay taxes”. But to what country should AAFX pay taxes on our money? Maybe it should pay them to the US or German government? And here we come to the most important thing. Offshore is not a bad thing, it’s just the same country as the ones called “reputable” in this article. Now the economy has become global and any business chooses the jurisdiction that will allow it to provide the best services. Of course, the U.S. doesn’t like it, which actively promotes the idea that offshore companies should be banned. But it directly contradicts the rules of free capital movement.
    As for the AAFX as a broker. I personally trade with this company and my 3 friends as well. None of us has had a single problem for years. All orders were executed very quickly and withdrawal of funds didn’t take more than a couple of days. So ask yourself the question: is registration important? Or is the company’s reputation important? Because the reputation of AAFX speaks in favor of that company.

    • If someone will ask me what I prefer – trading with tight spreads, high leverages and getting payments within 2 days, or high spreads, low leverages, but “regulations” I will choose tight spreads. You’re right that reputation is much more important than regulations. I know a lot of cases when regulated by the US SEC companies make fraud and some kind of scamm actions. So that’s not a guarantee. You just need to be guided with own mind and broker’s reputation. And as I know (and my experience confirms that) – AAFX has good reputation/

    • That’s true, I’ll prefer have a tight spreads and 1:2000 leverage, not a ghostly regulations, I know that AAFX has good reputation and always pay in time and answer any questions with perfect speed. I think that there is no need in rehulations and the best thing is the reputation. And I can say that AAFX build strong one…

  17. Can someone please tell me which account is better for fundermetal traders , is it fixed spread account or the ECN account with 0 spread please I need help

  18. I’d say it really is unsafe to trade with wide spreads and excessive commissions that all regulated brokerages apply. It is also unsafe to trade with unregulated new brokers, but if the company has been on the market for over 5 years like AAFX and has got this many positive reviews from real customers, I think tight spreads and favorable trading conditions are really worth trying. This was my motivation. For about 3 month I’ve been trading with AAFX and this was my best trading experience so far.

  19. This is just a bad joke. As soon as I invest money or am interested in some company and not only in trading, I immediately come across negative reviews. But in this particular case, I won’t say anything bad about aafX, because I’m satisfied, I trade here all the time and see the positive dynamics, plus withdrawal is always fast and you can change the payment system if you need (here I did). So you have to check everything in person and then write. There are not many good brokers to ignore them.

  20. I’m trading for a year and also don’t noticed any problems, I even don’t know anything about regulations. I make some googling and I still don’t understand what the problem. 90% of reviews are positive and that (for me) is a proof tha company is reliable. So why I should care about some ghostly bureaucratic things if I have a clear reputation and my own experience?

  21. There is no problem, I think that author that was writing this article never faced trading with aafx and just deliver some general points, without in-depth analysis. Can we claim this to be fair? No. As on my own, there is no matter in regulation, but the reputation really maters and I know that AAFX has good reputation and that’s why prefer it 🙂

  22. I can’t agree that this broker is not to be trusted. Based on my personal experience, I can say that it is possible to work here as you like and the broker will not interfere with you. First of all, MetaTrader that they use is an excellent trading terminal, where you can analyze and trade with almost any strategy. Secondly, there is a wide range of leverage, so even if you have a small capital, you can still provide yourself with normal conditions so that you can make good money. And of course, thirdly, there are no commissions or any hidden fees. Everything’s transparent, they’ve made everything so that the client will be fine. It’s a success.

  23. I don’t like situations where they start criticizing a company with which they didn’t personally cooperate. Because I, for example, have complaints about brokers, which are listed as the best and recommended. Everything has to be tested in practice. Because I’ve been trading at aafx for a couple of years now and I can say that I’ve never faced more thoughtful and at the same time advantageous working conditions for the client. That’s because they tell you all the details at once, they don’t emphasize that you invest a lot of money, if you are not fully confident in your abilities, every operation is simple and you can easily understand the capabilities of the platform. That’s what I call a comprehensive approach and security. And everything else is up to you.

    • Totally agree, AAFX is reliable brokerage, but there may be some qustions to it or problems. It’s okey, but people, that write reviews simply call it a not reliable broker only cause they think so. I don;’t like such approach. I trade with AAFX and I see as advantages, as well as disadvantages, but one is for sure AAFX is reliable company!

  24. See that there’s some negative opinions about AAFX brokerage, mainly about it SVG registation. To be fair, I don’t care about any regulations, I don’t like them at all. I was in doubts when I was looking for a broker. I like AAFX list of assets and their features, but I doubt about SVG registation. Finally, I made a decision to trade with AAFX and, to be fair, I’m 100% satisfied. If you think about this, I can make a suggestion – by guided about your own feelings of a broker, as all this regulations are more for regulators itself, not for traders. So think with your own head, not by others.
    I’m now thinking to try trading BTCUSD, does anyone know about leverage for crypto there?

    • As far, as I remember the maximum leverage ratio offered by AAFXn is 1:50 for Bitcoin to USD trading, it’s lower than leverage for forex or CFD trading (when it’s up to 2000), but still good. Most brokers offer just 1:10 or 1:20 for BTC.

  25. For me, my broker is key importance in trading, because it is my partner, that can provide me with the opportunity to trade and manage my money. With aafx I got full freedom of action and it seems to me that I will continue to cooperate only with this company. In addition, there are no commissions and spreads are within 3 pips.

  26. Of course, it is a bit funny that for absolutely every brokerage company you can find similar articles that prohibit trading or urge traders not to cooperate with a broker. Any company has positive and negative reviews. But I can say for sure that everything should be checked in practice, because the feedback is written by both upset by the loss of clients, competitors, etc. My first investment in the aafx was $500. After I earned about $300 more from the top, I made a withdrawal for the entire capital, and after 14 hours I got the entire amount on the card. After that I tried to replenish and withdraw different amounts, and each time the broker did not create any obstacles for me, and really did not take commissions neither for replenishment, nor for withdrawal. For me, this was a confirmation of the fact that you can work here. Therefore, I would not even pay attention to such reviews.

  27. Okay, well… I like everything, although the bonuses could have been bigger… And so – in general, the terminal does not hang, all the assets you need to eat. I’m happy that there are no unexpected commissions, in general, all that was promised at the registration – they perform…

  28. I registered with aafx not so long ago, but compared to what I have seen in other companies, it is a real paradise for a trader, because everything works and money can be withdrawn without problems. I wanted to clarify – do they really have all the training materials in the open access? For all accounts?

    • Yes, AAFX provides free training for all its clients, regardless of the type of account. It is freely available. A broker really makes sure that its clients have access to the latest trading training materials. So, yeah, most of what traders wrote about a brokerage is true.

  29. Yes, the aafx has all the information available to anyone who trades on the aafx. In my opinion, it is an excellent solution for traders to trade actively and profitably.

  30. Guys, trade at the aafx – there’s plenty of leeway here for you to develop and make money. Just stop counting on luck, study the market, especially since it is so interesting, you can turn your wings here and become a person of business…

  31. I can specifically mention the mobile application of this brokerage company. Because it’s really commendable.
    Usually all companies save money on it and do not try to make it productive. And here you get a quality product that you can freely use on your smartphone and tablet…

    • ECN – variable spreads, which vary depending on how much you use for the trades. In my opinion, it is the best option for an experienced trader, who knows how to control the calculations and clearly assesses the situation.
      FIXED – fixed spreads from 2 pips (depending on the asset type), which remain fixed, regardless of the amount used for the trade. It is not always beneficial if you use small amounts, but reliable, because they do not change regardless of the market situation.

    • ECN is account with variable spread. It’s usually between 1,2-1,5, but can sometimes reach 3-4 pips. Fixed account has (obviously) fixed spreads, so you always pay the same spread.

    • Well, as far as I know, it’s possible to withdraw funds to a card, an e-wallet or make a bank transfer. You can always withdraw to a card or e-wallet without any commission. But a bank transfer without a commission is withdrawn only for the amount of $ 10,000 or more.

  32. I wouldn’t say that’s the best broker I’ve ever worked with. But it’s reliable and adequate. It’s not enough for someone, and someone’s only looking for those qualities at a broker.Personally, I am quite satisfied with my cooperation with AAFX and will continue to work with it: most of all I like bonuses when making deposit and client support. Maybe I’ll find a better broker, maybe I’ll continue trading with this broker. I don’t know how the future will turn out.

    • You seem to underestimate a broker to me. It’s reliable and adequate, but that’s not all it can offer. AAFX once practically saved my ass, because I can be very impulsive (bad quality of a trader) and my account balance has become negative with a few trades. But the broker provides negative balance protection and I shouldn’t have paid back anything. Since then, I trust AAFX even more and try not to make stupid mistakes (again) lol)

  33. In the last six months I’ve used this widely known leverage up to 1:2000 a couple of times and I can say it’s really cool, because in justified situations it’s really beneficial…

  34. It was in this company that I was able to concentrate on training, because there are all the conditions for it – a good demo, training books, the opportunity to try different types of spreads…

  35. I’m trading AAFX for 4 months. I’m in the beginning now, so that’s hard for me to adjust to this industry and be good in it. At least, this brokerage doesn’t make trading harder than it is. I haven’t faced any things like slippages or problems with my acc, so I think brokerage is good. However, I still can’t understand what advantages are for VIP clients. Support service also can’t explain me clearly. So, please, can someone explain what are another advantages except personal manager?

  36. When you open a VIP account with AAFX, you get not only a personal manager. You will also have special conditions for spreads, you will get Raw spreads.
    But the fact is that the broker’s account is already good. To trade successfully with AAFX, you don’t have to open an account for $20,000, because on an account for $100 trading conditions aren’t worse, spreads are not raw but tight enough. This is the strong side of the brokerage, the rule “The more money you have on your deposit, the better trading conditions you have”- does not work here.

  37. The broker is not ideal, although it has everything to be. I thought I would make great money on scalping as AAFX spreads are extremely small, but trading conditions are a bit limited. It is gratifying that you can use different trading accounts for trading, but they cannot be used to compensate for losing positions. In general, the broker is good for those who trade intraday and over longer horizons.

  38. I took a break from trading for a couple of months before I recently opened an account with AAFX.
    The fact is that trading is a very tough business in which you have to spend a lot of time and effort to achieve something. And brokers with which I worked with before didn’t support its clients in this sense.
    Support can be different, and when I write about support from a brokerage I mean its trading conditions, training and other stuff.
    And AAFX is doing just fine with that. It’s as if I’ve regained my love for trading with this broker. It provides both free training and favorable trading conditions: a mobile trading app, low spreads, great customer support. So far I’ve managed to cope with stress, together with AAFX.

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