unfair treatment in FXVC

As a beginner, I received inadequate risk education, and within a month I suffered a very high loss due to trades that were forced under pressure without taking into account my financial volume, which was far too small for this. I was forced to borrow money because the margin was exceeded through incorrect advice. In order to avoid a threatened total loss, I made additional payments with borrowed money. But the losses in the trades got bigger and bigger. If the margin was exceeded, the still open trades in the negative area were closed by FXVC and I suffered an almost total loss of equity. Should I contact CySEC?

withdrawal issue

I started working with this broker and I did all he asked but he failed to inform about the extra payments I have to do and also the late fees that I had no idea existed so I ended spending more than I have to because of his ill communication and now when I want to withdraw my profit and close my account he doesnt want to, he has to approve my request as he is my financial advisor he isnt complying and now I spend my money and paid all the required payments including tax, surcharge fee but he doesn’t want to approve my profit withdrawal , I only talk to him through WhatsApp and I dont know how to resolve this issue, I am a medical full Time student even though I told him about my financial situation he doesn’t want to listen, My money is just gone and no profit in return I would be extremely grateful if you could help me out with this situation , I dont know where to go, if it was different situation I would go to police, court or do something but this being totally online is complicated, I don’t know if there is internet Police or something thank you in advance