Hi, i’ve a problem to withdrawal my money from Mobatrade. You’ve experience with this brooker. I send also my account are Mobatrade.It’s a good situation but they refuse to withdrawal my money.What van i do?

This company is a scam

I am just reporting this as a scam. I am doing this on my other computer. Please see my review on this website under my name Clara (all images are there) https://www.reviews.io/company-reviews/store/konohafx-io They are not licensed. Wont take credit card, only crypto. Will become your best friend and wont let you withdraw then they ignore you and close your account without your permission. You can be in a profit of 80kUSB but will still give you excuses like (your account volume is too low to withdraw anything) and th eonly way is to trade more. They will control your account and close your trades without permission and put you into the minus and ask for more money. I have already gone to the police about this.


Hi just wondering what your spread is on the dax 40 and the ustec during Australian eastern standand time at daytime. Thank You Kevin.

Is this broker legit

Hello can you help me determine if this broker is legit. I had someone make a few trades where I shadowed them. I have funds supposedly with the broker but I have to pay fees to get the monies. Can you determine if this broker is legit, before I make any fee payments


Hello there! Recently I was approach from a connection in LinkedIn with the name Lorenzo Brady to invest to the above broker site. I am suspicious about this site, however I cannot spot any illegal activity in the internet. Can you please let me know if this firm is legal or not? Thank you.