IS MBNeth a trusted trader?

By Michael Amann, from Philippines, September 16, 2023 at 11:15 AM

Hello, I really love this website. I featured in one of my training webinars to help people check up on the legitimacy of trading platforms before they lose their hard-earned money. One of my friends asked me to check out this new trading platform called MBNeth at, and I’m not too sure. They claim to be based in the Philippines, but I don’t see any tel no nor address. What are your findings?

  • IS MBNeth A Trusted Trader?
Answer: Hi Michael Amann,

MBN cryptocurrency exchange is headquartered in Singapore. It also has offices in the United States, South Korea, and Hong Kong. Based on the information provided on the broker’s website, the company was registered back in September 2022, in the State of Colorado. Other than that MBN does not have any serious registration or licenses.

  • Note, that all the brokers registered in the United States should hold an NFA license, otherwise, their activities are illegal. The regulatory programs established by NFA are arguably among the most stringent globally, guaranteeing market integrity, safeguarding participants, and enforcing operational standards. This commitment fosters a trustworthy and transparent business environment for clients while effectively deterring fraudulent activities.
  • Besides, MBN is relatively recent in the market, and there is no sufficient feedback and reviews from real traders to consider and rely on. Thus, our position on the broker is to be careful while trusting your funds to a broker with no steady standing in the market and no reliable license.

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