By Pedro António da Fonseca Matos, from Portugal, September 1, 2023 at 03:29 PM

I saw advertising on the Internet in which the tycoon Elon Musk was helping people to have a better life by encouraging them to invest in one of his Trade companies whose name was profitgama in cryptocurrencies and that Portugal had been one of the chosen countries. If I wanted to join, I had to faster because in this phase there were only 37 places. The next step was to fill in a form where I had to put: My name Email telephone After filling out the form, I was contacted by phone and told that I would be helped by very experienced people to make good investments in cryptocurrencies. I asked how much was the minimum deposit I could make and was told it was 200 euros I created a virtual card at my bank for a transaction and deposited the 200 euros giving the card number, expiration date and CCV. After confirming the Deposit, I was told that I would be contacted by the Broker company with the data and account number to start making several trades in cryptocurrencies managed by an account manager, however I received 5 emails from the Tarde4Trading Company at support@train4trading .with . whose content I found strange as it had nothing to do with what had been said to me in the telephone conversation. In the meantime I received an email congratulating me and with the username and password data to enter the CTE-Capital Portal. After logging in, I received a phone call from a Brazilian who said his name was Luis Henrique Marinho and that he was my account manager. He asked if I couldn't invest more money because 200 euros was too little. I told him no and he said I needed to give him access to my Computer through ANYDESK to make some settings on my account. I thought it was strange but I gave him access, I saw what he wanted to know was the balance of my accounts and I ended up with access. After this situation I sent emails to support and to Mr.Luis Henrique Marinho saying that I wanted to close my account and to send me a refund of 200 Euros (219 USD). I also sent an email to Train4Trading support to refund the amount I had deposited because in several emails I received it was written if I am not happy with the content that I can request a refund that they will return the money 100% Guaranteed. I sent an email to Customer Support and also to Mr. Luiz Henrique Marinho to close my account no. 460182167 and refund the existing balance in the amount of 200 Euros (219 USD). The value of 219 USD is pending, it is not known why since the 14th of August 2023 at 15:18.08. I asked for an urgent telephone contact and after 2 days Mr. Luiz Henrique Marinho called me and started telling me that I should be hanged in a public square. he also told me that he would not send me the refund until after 60 days and that he hoped that I would be in good health at the end of those 60 days. Then he started making threats and I hung up the phone. I have never been treated like this before... Unfortunately there are still people of this carat... I tried to resolve this whole situation even after how friendly I was treated but apparently CTE CAPITAL is not interested in resolving the situation. Please I would be very grateful if you could help me solve this problem as I don't know what else to do... I also inform you that I will be at your disposal for any questions or clarifications necessary to resolve this situation in the best possible way. 

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Answer: Hi Pedro António da Fonseca Matos,

We viewed CTE Capital and revealed that this is an unregulated broker, which means there is a high risk to deal with and accept any offer coming from the company.

  • We have already mentioned in our previous trader inquiry answer that the company positions itself as a trustworthy broker with excellent trading conditions and opportunities. However, this does not cover the fact that the broker does not hold any type of license. This makes CTE Capital a rather risky choice for investments.
  • Besides, we recommend to pay attention to a certain obvious fact. No prestigious company with years of experience contacts clients and asks for more investments, not to mention threats and pressure. Psychological pressure is exactly how scam brokers operate.
  • In the light of the facts, the only choice you have right now is to contact the financial regulatory body of your country and try to find a solution to the current problem. And, of course, for the future, stay away from doubtful offerings and give preference to Regulated brokers with good standing and a high level of protection.

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