Is FINEXICS a scam?

hi i tried to made an investment @bitcoin. I searched on web and a person from Finexics contact me to open an account to the company that he works. We did it and i invest firstly 250 euros .The investment went super and Mr Rigas told me to invest more money to earn more. I believed him and i invest more money 1000 euros .the invest went great till 17 May . At 17 of May my account stops working and the site doesnt works. I tried to communicate with Mr Rigas and he told me that the programme ends and my money went to Bitcoinnetwork and i have to pay 10% of the profit (profit is 10000 euro) 1000 euro to send me the money. i want to ask if that is real or scam ?should i believe them ? waiting your responce withdrawal issues

I was approached by Teeka Tiwari to start an account following his signal. I wasn’t comfortable as i found this is 4 months old, but he said it is part of after 4 trades of profits, suddenly they stop my account and asked me to top up USD25000 because platform sent me an email said i violated PDT rules which Teeka Tiwari has never pre-informed me at all, and they just freeze my account for 90 days which is ridiculous. I only trade when Teeka Tiwari gives me the signal and he double confirmed every trade. I do not feel comfortable to top up the money and requested for a full withdrawal as i feel being cheated because i had clearly informed him i would start with USD2400 as that is all I have. the account is now USD3197.00. Teeka Tiwari is a very experienced trader and well known. I am just extremely doubtful he is using this website to mislead others.