Always asking a fund

My broker always ask me to fund (3times exactly) And i don’t even withdraw my paybacks not a single one. His name is Donal Jenkins. I dont know if he scammed me or not. The more he ask, the more amount increases to fund their company. I believed him because in this pandemic days we dont enough income to support our family especially that my husband dont have a job anymore. And my first fund being sent that was my saving for 2 months of selling online worth $300, the second one is $600 that is to give commission to their company 20%. Im sobbing now. I’m in a super low class person living in province. The broker ask me again to fund the coinsph to send money again to upgrade the account before I can withdraw the money from my trading account. I’m so confused why their is always funding happened. My 7day trading result was $3000 minus the commission of the company and minus the amount to upgrade again and then need to fund again and again. I don’t know how to settle this. Please I’m someone here to help me.


I would like to know if this broker is regulated as wrote on his website by SVGFSA, FCA and AMF, they try to find new customer online in France Also have you got any idea of the cost for a broker to be regulated by legislators Best regards

MCManagement – Are the Legitimate?

I cannot find any information about MCManagement or MCManagment (with and without an ‘e’) online which is rare. Secondly, I’m having trouble withdrawing funds at the moment, need to test their system. I’ve only just opened an account with them. Are they financially regulated? How long have they been trading across the globe? Can they be trusted? So far everything seems legitimate, except that I cannot view my withdrawals and I have not received the funds. I am told this will be done via Kraken, but that’s not what is on the website. It’s starting to get too complicated for me. I hope you can help! Thanks M


I was presurized to givi g this company 400 dollar in money. I soon realized this firm was not regulated so I decided an withdrawal. They kept saying 1 to 2 da ays for money to go into account. Now they keep referring to clause saying I am threating them because I am frustrated they are not giving my funds. I feel they are holding on to money because after 6 months I can’t put credit card complaint against this company.