I’m confused from your reviews!

Hello 55brokers.com. I wanna thank you much for these wonderful website & excellent reviews. I have been trade with Axi.com, now I wanna change them because they getting worse. I considered your website as the best guide to choose my new broker. But I wanna discuss 2 points which confused me really, and I hope to get a clear advice from you. 1st. in the recommended list, Rank 6 Axiory broker, the regulation is IFSC Belize. and form this article https://55brokers.com/forex-brokers-belize-ifsc/ you advice to avoid that Belize regulation .. I’m really confused. So, why you put it in the Top list!!? The problem is .. I chose FBS to be my new broker & it’s work under IFSC (only) for UAE clients like me … should I trust them or what?! 2nd. My last choice now is FP Markets broker, as u recommend it in you reviews. When I called their office in dubai, they said my real account will be under SVGFSA regulation (only)!, not AISC or anything else … Also Axi.com has SAVFSA regualtion leverage 1:400 for UAE clients. so, please can I trust fp markets & axi.com although they put my real account under SAVFSA regulation?? that’s my big question and if the answer is no why you put them again in Top list!!? https://55brokers.com/forex-brokers-st-vincent-the-grenadines/ They said … Due to Australian regulatory announcements relating to the retail OTC derivatives market, Axi has decided to stop accepting and servicing clients who are residents outside of Australia and New Zealand since 30 June 2019. Please I’m looking for your honest advice Always trust you … ((Thanks a million in advanced))

tradeifx.com is fake

tradeifx.com This is a fake forex… tradeifx.com This is a fake forex broker company. 1) Company’s excecutivs get your account made by making false promises. They Promises 100% deposite bonus. But when you earn by trading. And when you withdraw, then it minus from your invested amount. They do not minus from your profit and as much as you withdraw, they also minus your bonus. You cannot take the withdrawal yourself. You have to completely depend on your account manager. Even if everything is fine, they do not give withdrawal. They torture you mentally in the name of process. Your emails are not responded to immediately. Even the company’s support system does not respond to your emails. The tradeifx company is not licensed by any reliable official authority. I am very upset with tradeifx company. A week ago I placed a $200 withdrawal request, still I haven’t received the withdrawal. Very bad, lousy and fake company. It is better to invest money and time by investing in tradeifx company, you can donate to someone, at least you will get peace of mind. All mobile number of this company is switched off now. Since two months not any reply from tradeifx.com/ account manager.

Hengxing Assets withdrawing issues

Hengxing Assets used an apparently a woman to lure me into gold futures trading business which I found it to be fake and fraudulent. I invested $7000 and my total balance reached $27000 but when I decided to withdraw they asked me to pay over $8000 in taxes first. I asked them to deduct from my balance but they rejected I asked them to return my principal and keep the profit for themselves they rejected ir as well. I have reported the issue to HK police, my own banks in the US and Hang Seng Bank where my funds were wire transferred to. I hope something positive will come out of this.

Fxtmcoin withdrawal issues

I made a deposit of $8,000 then lost and their financial advisor promised me a stop with a deposit of $10,000. Currently my funds are available $37,300.. when I was about to apply for a withdrawal, the broker asked me to pay a tax on the profit of 30%. This was so odd that I delayed paying the tax and they blocked my account for tax evasion reasons. Are they a scam and how are my deposit funds with the broker.

Is Eurocapitals a scam?

Brokers regulation issues and deposit by card only withdraw issues and an independent person as an independent broker who makes you everyday profit in to clients account. A central call center that says the minimum deposit is 250€ and a 100% bonus to start trading. The oral comments are deposit be bank wire but the site information is minimum deposit 100€ . If you deposit by card they call you saying that theres a 30% tax to the deposit amount . The result is that you could deposit less than they say and with no tax.the independents broker name dr.mark.petersen and hes email mark.petersen@eurocapitals.com. and he claims that they pay for information in trading and he urges for an amount of 2500€ deposit for bigger profits.theres something wired to this company.