On May 4th 2020 I made an investment with this company. An agent named Gabriela Pontes called and after a lot of chatting, I was convinced to add more money , US$10.000 to enter a unique Scalp operation. At that time I was not even that aware of what a scalp really meant. Nevertheless. The orientation Gabriela gave me was extremely assuring that They would double my money. So, there I went and succeeded in the scalp and doubled it. So far so good. What is never explained is that the gains are compromised. I never had access to it. I tried to withdraw my invested money, but they explained that I was able to get 1.500US$ per month. So, I was doing that. I was able to withdraw  the total amount of 7.500 US$ in seven different operations in different months, from May till September/2020. My agent Gabriela disappeared from the Telegram after convincing me to make a new investment of US$ 5.454,54 in order to enable my account to enter monthly negotiations with guaranteed positive results that would enable be to raise my withdraw limit to US$ 2.000 until December and then from January US$ 3.000. At this time (21.08.2020) my account balance became = US$ 27.122.64. After withdrawing US$ 1.500 on 04.09.2020, I was not able to withdraw anymore, and realised that my account was completely with no movement and I tried to reach Gabriela and the support lines of the company with no success. After many days trying everyday, I got a message from somebody saying she was a secretary, that Gabriela was sick. Day after, all our Telegram communication was deleted, I was trying contacting them with no success: through CHAT I always got that the will forward my contact request to the responsible department. Nothing is done. Tried the email I had from the Financial Department, and what I got is a kind of automatic response. I tried calling the support number available on their webpage. I get a message that the number does not exist:  +18442214335 this email also an automatic response:  livesupport@vlom.com https://vlom.com/more/support Finally I posted a complaint in a Brazilian page and I got a call from Mr. Luciano Pedrosa, confirming that Gabriela left the company. I explained to him that the illness of an employee is not an excuse to leave a client who invested money with no news, no response, for days and weeks. Well he tried to blame me asking if I read the contract I signed with Gabriela. I said why? He, again, did you read? At this point it was clear to me that Gabriela spoke one thing to me on the phone and I trusted her. The contract says that my account needs to have a minimum balance of US$ 27.122.64 in order for them to make operations. Alright. But, operations were not made because Gabriela was absent and nobody else in the company replaced her to take care of my account. How is it possible that they believe this conduct is alright? Anyway, Luciano told me he was going to take care of my account and gave me his Telegram. Since 09.10.2020 I am trying to get answers about my money and my account and I have tons of silence, no responses, and since last week his Telegram has been answered by Bianca who tells me she can only mediate my request. My one thousand requests that are not being taken seriously. I made a customer claim today and she told me that because of that my account will probably be blocked for auditing, a little bit trying to intimidate me. I got that also on the phone from Mr. Luciano Pedrosa. I wish I can get answers and a better client treatment.