Thank you for your honest and professional review of Prestige FM. It is entirely correct and it is reassuring to know that someone is publishing accurate information about this fraudulent company.

I know many people who have lots tens of thousands of pounds to these fraudsters, including myself. I hope we can together warn people against Prestige FM to save them the pain that many of us are going through.

Help to recover funds


I need assistance to recover my funds with Marketgbp.I have noted here that they are not legitimate traders and I have noted since they could not pay my withdrawals as little as Euro 240. What can one do to try to recover the funds?




Dear all,

I have noted that MarketGBP does not have a valid license. I have some funds with them and have been unable to withdraw them. Lately I have noticed some strange activities from their side as withdrwals went unpaid and are now being blocked.

Can you please assist on what to do to recover the funds? I have 2 accounts with them.

Thanks and kind regards


Affiliate Manager

Hi there,

I’m contacting you on behalf of Trading 212 Affiliates regarding a potential partnership with us. As I couldn’t find an alternative way to contact you, I thought I’d drop a line here.

We offer a highly competitive CPA programme and would love to partner up with you!

If you would be interested in finding out more, please visit our website – https://www.trading212affiliates.com/ or contact me directly.

I look forward to speaking soon!

Best Regards,
Ivo Todorov

cancel of withdrawal request

a manager named CALVIN MARINIS called me and promissed good returns when he trades on my account after i deposited he didnt trade for two months just one trade with 16 euros profit so i decided to take back my money but he told that i can withdraw only when i have 250 $ .i traded up to 250 and requested a withdrawal but an agent from wanda fx writed to my mail that mr.marinis canceled the withdraw because he didnt want to close my account . After i send a mail that i do complains to all forexfraud sites and they closed my acc. but money returned not yet at my bank account

Finding a broker by certain criteria

I’m looking for a broker with these features:
-MT5 platform
-Cent accounts or Micro/Nano accounts
-Swap (rollover fee) free or at least fair positive/negative swap
-No commission
-Leverage of at least 1:200

RoboForex has all of that, except that swap is always negative, which is not fair.
I have checked about 30 different brokers manually, but I did not find a website where I can search with the above mentioned criteria.

Can you help me with that?

Thank you very much,


They develop your account well. Deposits $ 250 + $ 12’126
Up to $ 18’225.
When it Comes to withrawals, they first delay and then refuse.

please avoid

Me and a friend of mine were scammed by trade toro.
As soon you ask for a withdrawal (they several kept trying to prevent it) and after you are not willing to invest more money, you (they) loose your money with only a few trades. My friend lost more than €40.00, I only lost € 600 (still enough) The matter rests with the prosecutor