Beware GxFX is a Non-Licensed Broker. It is NOT SAFE to trade. 

Company name:  

SoftGeeks OU. GxFX 

Registration Address/ License:  

Estonia. No License, No Regulation.   

GxFX is the online trading provides, the company that claims its gained fame for professionalism and honest work. The broker provides a wide range of trading instruments, including Forex instruments, Cryptocurrency CFDs and other assets for over 300+ instruments. The broker mentions its low initial deposits, unparalleled proficiency, and all-round customer service through an attractive trading cost and enjoyable trading platform suitable to the traders of different size.  

GxFX Review

In terms of the company location and registration, the broker mentions its owning company SoftGeeks OU with an address in Estonia, while there is no information about regulatory status. In other words, it means the broker’s operation is not overseen or checked by anyone, while the only confirmation towards service delivery is company promise. Of course, in financial investment and trading itself, it is the highest risk to trust in the power of word only, as the safety measures require strict follow of the operation in order to ensure trustful service delivery.  

As the Forex industry unfortunately full of a scammer and unscrupulous companies, traders should protect themselves and choose only among regulated companies with an applied international set of tools. This includes segregation of funds, regular reporting, and audit, along with the participation into compensation in case of insolvency, and that is all above a simple step that regulator check on the firm adequacy. Therefore, it is better to avoid GxFX offering, do not risk the funds and choose from the list of regulated companies that can to find the best suitable company, and apply for a trading account with the companies that are reputable and trusted. 

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