Beware ForexChief is an Offshore-Licensed Broker. It is NOT SAFE to trade.

  • Company name: 

ForexChief Ltd.

  • Registration Address/ License:

Vanuatu. Broker with Offshore License and No Regulation. 

ForexChief is a Forex brokerage firm that proposes trading opportunity on 35 currency pairs, including metals and other derivatives through an STP execution and access to the market. The company office mentions its location in Vanuatu, with representative offices around the world, as well as registration and regulation status with the local authority VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission). Yet, there is no much trust to such companies, as the location is an offshore zone, which in fact sets very low requirements with very small costs, and almost does not oversee the company operation further on.

ForexChief Review

As a general rule, we recommend avoiding of offshore and non-regulated entities as persons who invest in firms that do not hold the requisite serious regulation in the vast majority cases couldn’t recover funds invested or gains received. Thus, we strongly advise against responding to any suspicious offering in regards to a trading of financial investments and to choose only among the regulated entities.

In case of ForexChief that is applied too, therefore you better look at the more attractive trading offering and specifically the company which can guarantee its regulated performance of service. You can always check in general whether a proposed firm is regulated or not, simply by checking on the status at the authority official sources, as well by reading reviews through portals like ours. The advised firm to trade and invest with should be strictly regulated by the reputable authorities alike UK’s FCA, Australian ASIC or other similar regulators, that for instance apply for compensation and supervised at every step they do.

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44 responses to “ForexChief”

  1. Been trading with Forexchief since last year. I have had no issues so far. The broker is offshore, but they operation is smooth. Withdrawing fund is even faster than FXCM, I had a bad time with that broker.

  2. While many brokers do not encourage news trading on their platform, Forexchief has created a great trading condition for excellence. I have traded with other brokers and there is always huge slippages during news hours. I don’t know how but Forexchief execution is always at a great pace so the slippage is considerably normal. I also find their spreads perfectly low for me. This is my best broker so far.

  3. With forexchief I have a Metatrader 5 account my experience with them has been great, they have a terminal that gives me access not only to the Forex market, but also to the stock exchanges, that keeps me up to date and allows me to take the appropriate options , in an extensive list of currencies and resources.

  4. I have already been able to withdraw through skrill and I was surprised that they gave me a bonus for making good moves. It also allows you to sell the right moves ideal to earn some extra money, at first it was hard for me to get used to it but its platform is easy to handle.

  5. I am a long term trader with Forexchief broker. The customer service is very useful in times of need. They are very effective with issues regarding execution lapses and withdrawals. I am satisfied with their services

  6. My fund with Forexchief is precisely $15,967, which I have been trading with them since 2017. So I had some family emergency and requested withdraw of total money to my bank account. Forexchief agent called me after 1 hour to ask why I needed the fund. I explained everything and he said OK. I got my funds the next day. Withdrawing money was never an issue with this broker. I am happy and will surely return to trade on this platform next year

  7. I am a firm believer that we all have the option of being successful, so I did not close to the idea of trying the forexchief broker when they recommended it to me, I started with very little, to minimize losses and now that I have been practicing how to order and handle the deposit.

  8. I am all in for the leverage. Forexchief gave 1:1000. I was like “wow” that’s all I ever wanted. I think this is the best to trade right now

  9. I like the option of Islamic Accounts, it is a free exchange service is specially designed for merchants, whose religious beliefs do not allow the use of world currency interest rates in their operations, it is great.

  10. I currently have an account in cents because I am testing their tools and bots and they have very good functionality and effectiveness with a very intuitive interface

  11. Forexchief has been one of my favorites for 2 years now. They’ve been consistent with their excellent service. One thing I admire about this broker is their willingness and quickness to resolve issue, whether small or big. It’s not like everything has been rosy, I am still trading on this platform because they’ve been very good to me. I’ve never had any issues with money being stolen in anyway. There have been a few delays in withdrawals, but most of the time, it’s been quickly sent. Already deposited 15000 Eur over the years and my profit is almost 3 times my capital. So I am sure they deserve that 5 star rating

  12. Excellent Forexchief App for trading, is very professional. It has everything you need to allow to operate, modify close, etc.

  13. I like that forexchief allows me to have in your app and web platform a detailed history of all my orders, transactions, among others … that is fantastic not to have many complications to make my detailed inquiries

  14. When I left university, a friend recommended me to use the forexchief broker and I really do not regret it, they have provided me with an excellent quality service and I have seen my finances grow little by little every day, they have very good tools such as their signal system that Lets be alert to take the best opportunities.

  15. Support from Forexchief is good. I have a feeling the staffs don’t get too many complains because registration, deposit and platforms works perfectly. I haven’t had any reason to complain yet, only questions about trading and conditions. I like what I have seen so far. 

  16. At the beginning it took me a bit to learn how to make good entries but with the commercial signals and dedication I have been improving I have received a response from technical support every time I have needed it.

  17. 2 years is one of the longest relationship I have had with a broker. Forexchief is undoubtedly one of the best brokers I have used.

  18. When I installed the table forexchief application I found it very basic but it really has everything and I can add all the tools that I want very free indeed.

  19. I have never felt at ease as much as I do with Forexchief. That’s because from day 1 my deposit and withdrawals have been without issues. No foul play, no stories with money. Always smooth transaction all the time. No glitches that affects trades on the platform. I feel so much at ease and safe with Forexchief. Great broker. 

  20. My experience with them has been very good, they have a fast platform, good tools and diligent attention, the charges I have made of them have been on the Skrill platform, and I have not really disliked them, they are serious people. … I don’t know how I’ve seen such negative comments from them, they should give themselves another chance and speak to technical support.

  21. I needed a new broker a couple of months ago so I decided to try these. I’ve been enjoying them so far. Leverage and spreads are good. Withdrawals have been fast. no complaints from me

  22. The most positive thing I have seen about forexchief is that they have more than thirty indicators of the most popular among successful brokers and that they recommend in economic articles to improve

  23. But tonight, I just want to show my appreciation to honest and efficient brokers like Forexchief by leaving this review here. I know only ONE other broker with this quality, another Australian which unfortunately Cannot have Canadians as clients. 🙁
    When I opened an account with Forexchief, It was fast and without any hassle, professional and just excellent. Dealing with my adviser, Alex, was a mixture of super friendly, professional and extremely fast and efficient. I do really appreciate that and would like to congratulate the company boss for setting up such a wonderful broker.

  24. I like that when I open the forexchief app I can make transactions directly from the graph of the trading instrument, which seems really practical when I want to manage my orders.

  25. All types of investment carry risk, but if a trading agent with a reputation and a background as forexchief supports you, it provides mental relief when investing and making movements, since investing has always been a sure way of success, no matter the risk.

  26. I have never felt at peace with any other broker than this. 6 months with Forexchief and there has been no single instance of foul play. Some brokers will frown for always making profit, but Forexchief does not concern themselves with that. I withdraw my profits as quickly as I place them. No issue so far. Thanks

  27. I liked the possibility of buying more tools and applications to facilitate decision making, I think that is something very essential for people who are starting in the world of trading

  28. A few of the offshore brokers are actually living up to expectation. Forexchief is one of them. I think the best way to find a good offshore broker is to stick to one that has a long term standing and good reputation. Forexchief is far better than most AU and US brokers.

  29. I’ve been using Forexchief for 7 months. Execution is perfect, spreads are good and support if helpful. The ECN account helps me alot in scalping. I think this is one of the few brokers I can rely on.

  30. I trade with Forexchief. I simply choose european indices for london trading session, USD/JPY or asian stocks for asian session and of course there is always good volatility when chicago and new york exchanges open. 
    The fact that I don’t have to deal with requotes or slippages makes me the happiest customer ever.

  31. It seems to me that one of the things that I think is most valuable about forexchief is its data encryption, I am quite careful with the security of my accounts and that gives me the peace of mind that I need to operate with confidence.

  32. Best broker ever. I don’t need to say much. I think, anyone who has really used Forexchief for serious trading can testify or backup my claim I am sure Forexchief is run by someone who really wants traders to succeed.

  33. I have 10 years of trading experience. Used up to 5 brokers, but presently using two which Forexchief is one of them. It is an amazing company with very good customer service agents. I have withdrawn money a couple of times with no stress. There are other brokers that are like this, but I am more comfortable with Forexchief. I am sure I am in safe hands. Governor

  34. I’ve been using Forexchief for 4 months. No issues. Its just one of those offshore brokers with low spread and high leverage, but very honest and transparent. Good for me.

  35. I invested in forexchief and I find it very comfortable to spend on your platform also your weekly bonuses for successful entries is something that encourages me to invest more and take more entries

  36. The broker offers very good platform and fast server. I’ve not had any issues with Forexchief since I started. This is a nice broker to use. Thanks

  37. I like forexchief’s low commission because it adapts to my investment style because I do not like to take significant risks and I like to be calculative in terms of my finances.

  38. I’m relatively new to trading, especially FX (had some short experience playing stocks) and I opened account with Forexchief to try currency trading. Got credit bonus from them but I don’t use it. Made some money trading on oil. After 2 weeks I requested a withdrawal from them and they processed my payment in the same day, no withdrawal fee, the money was in my Skrill account in next day. Can’t say nothing more about them but I rate them 5 for now

  39. As a retail trader with different firms i have had a number of accounts over the years. its my own trading style. experience with Forexchief from December 2019, having withdrawn many times, never got major problem and the customer support representative , they charge nothing as account fees. overall comfortable trading life with them.

  40. I think that apart from regulations the main advantage of Forexchief is the low spread accounts. Spreads are minimal there and instead there is a commission per trade, which is less than $2 per round. For traders that trade with a decent position size and don’t scalp – this is an excellent opportunity to optimize trading expenses

  41. No type of investment is completely safe, that is why I prefer to minimize my risks using a reputable intermediary, forexchief has given me that peace of mind and modern tools to advance with my projects.

  42. if your looking for a forex broker that plays no games and pays withdrawals on the same day including the weekends, Forexchef is the broker to trade with. been with them for a little over 6 months and have no problems with them what so every, my trades are executed in a timely manner and all my withdrawals are process on the same day.

  43. This certainly is run by trustworthy people who cares about traders. I have been helped by this broker from day 1. The customer service handles my issues with good manners, well organized. I started with a demo account and really disturbs the chat guys with questions. Even though I have not deposited a dime, they were still patient with me and helped me understand certain things. I am grateful to Louis, a regular chat buddy, he always come through for me.

  44. I was using fxchoice but their maximum leverage is 1:200. I needed more, so I registered with Forexchief. I use a standard Ecn account, and I now get to use up to 1:1000. The spread is lower and its gold mine for a scalper. Overall rating is 5/5 plus good customer service. 

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