Is AAAFx Scam or Legit Broker?

Based on our research we conclude – AAAFx is a fraud and not a safe Broker. The vast number of complaints from the traders in regards to the performed operation disappoints, which share some of the “broker tricks” while trading, as well as numerous operational,  misleads along the misleading information at the official source.

About AAAFx
🗺️ Registered inGreece, SVG
🗺️ Type of LicenseAuthorized, Offshore License
🛡️ Is AAAFx safe to trade?No
🗺️ Recommended LicensesFCA in UK 🇬🇧 & ASIC in Australia 🇦🇺
🖥 Alternative BrokerFP Markets - licensed by ASIC in Australia

What is AAAFx? 

AAAFx is an online Forex broker with its headquarters in Athens that claims to be regulated in Europe and offers an exceptional trading experience with outstanding customer support. According to the website and proposal, Broker offers wide solutions to Forex trading with 0 commissions and attractive opportunities with global regulations and registrations.

  • However, not everything seems to be that good as it said within the brokers’ operation.
  • Moreover, it is not clear enough how exactly the company is regulated, since the authorization is received from the local bank, thus which kind of rules they do comply with and if in general their services are supervised. 
  • In addition, one of the industry-leading regulators of the Forex industry CySEC (Cyprus) published a warning statement that the firm is regulated by another jurisdiction and thus are not authorized to provide its services.
  • Overall, AAAFx might be a good broker with nice selecction of the trading paltforms and instruments range, however we found false claims of the Broker to be regulated and legit, whille in fact it is not, even based in Greece which is a part of EU. Due to its location, the broker Must hold EU license, but AAAFX doesnt, besides we found numerous complaints from the traders revealing their negative experience and tactics of how the Broker scammed them.

AAAFX Review

Overall AAAFx Ranking 

Based on our finds and regulation issues of AAAFx our Expert Opinion with over 10 Years of experience in Forex Trading, we do not rank positively AAAFx offering.

  • AAAFx Overall Ranking is 2 out of 10 based on our testing and compared to 500 other brokers, see Our Ranking below compared to other popular and industry Leading Brokers.
RankingAAAFxHFMFP Markets
Our Ranking⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Is Broker safe?NoYesYes

AAAFx Alternative Brokers

Due to our finds and issues with the safety, unregulated nature and complaints for AAAFx here we select much better Alternatives to AAAFx. We select Good trustable Brokers withh excellent conditions for your comparison below: 

  • HFM – Good for CopyTrading
  • FXTM – Good for Beginners
  • AvaTrade – Good for Currency trading

Trading Instruments

There is a wide trading offering found, that covers high level of leverage, a constantly updated offering of trading instruments with 70+ Currency Pairs, while before Broker didnt have Cryptocurrencies, now it included Bitcoin, also with possibilities to auto trade or use industry-leading MetaTrader4.

Besides, the broker offers Binary Options, which is considered one of the most risky offerings and is restricted in many jurisdictions. Binary options can put your capital at the highest risk.

Trading App

AAAFx provides good selection of trading platforms and apps including popular and industry known MT4 and MetaTrader5, also WebTrader. We found some good research tools and analysis included. However, due to some fraud evidence, there is no guarantee on real market execution, especially considering Binary Options trading, means all operations are controlled by the Brokers and are not transparent enough. 

AAAFx Review Conclusion

Since trading involves significant risks we hardly advise all traders notwithstanding their expertise level, to select broker carefully from the list of regulated brokers. The strictest authorities alike ASIC (Australia) or FCA  (UK), as well other respected organizations require strong implementation of customer protection and standardized performance, thus the clients will trade under safety with the most possible level of protection.

  • Overall ranking and experience for AAAFx is Negative


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71 responses to “AAAFx”

  1. easy to withdraw my funds from AAAFx. With free withdrawals within 12 hours and no restrictions on amount or frequency.

  2. Besides thin spreads, They offer institutional-grade liquidity at super-low cost. Their commission rates are also quite competitive, and I’m glad that I can trade at AAAFX without commission charges on all forex pairs with my ECN plus account.

  3. I have been thoroughly impressed with this platform, as it has provided me with valuable insights and helped me to enhance my trading strategy. The statistical analysis of top traders is a standout feature, allowing me to make informed decisions based on the performance of others.

  4. AAAfx broker has a lot of advantages that put this broker in the top-tier list of companies worth trading with.
    But my main highlight of this broker is that everyone can be involved in the copy trading activity. And not just ordinary copy trading, but copy trading with the renowned Zulutrade platform.
    Fortunately enough you don’t have to deposit lots of money to be able to do so.
    I already hase some results with Zulutrade copy and AAAfx broker.

  5. Starting from how easy it is to register and put your first deposit here, getting your first deposit bonus, choosing your account type,

    Moving on to installing your trading platform, logging in, getting your first trades with tons of tier-1 liquidity and super fast levels of connection, competitive cost of trading, everything.

    It was really impressive to find this broker for me. Because I knew this broker but did not know a lot about them. Turns out, they have been operating for more than 15 years, so they are not newbies in this game, therefore, it is actually understandable that they would be a time-tested broker with all the popular features that every trader would like to see in their trading platform.

  6. AAAFx’s VPS service is reliable and efficient, with solid connectivity to the platform. The server is stable and well-optimized for fast execution. The setup process could be made simpler.

  7. I see that the broker offers different types of accounts for traders with varying budgets. That’s good. Has anyone tried the ECN plus one? Is it worth depositing $1000? What’s the point of it, does it offer lower cost to trade?

    • I am a regular trader on the AAAfx platform and I can assure you of the quality of the ECN plus account. Minimum deposit equals $1k, so one may claim it’s a rather high entrance threshold, but at the same time it’s definitely helpful for creating proper risk management. You don’t have a huge need to use high leverage, because your ordinary position size equals $50 approximately. You can easily boost your deposit.
      Cost of trading is lowered in case you trade FX, because commission is literally $0. Other assets also don’t imply a big one.

  8. The platform’s innovative approach, combined with its reliable and efficient technology, make it an ideal partner for traders of all levels of experience. But providing education could go a long way.

  9. This broker has an excellent reputation, which minor flaws cannot affect. That’s why I opened a trading account hre in spite of these flaws.

  10. Of course I joined not because of the company’s reliability or brilliant perfect conditions, but due to the deposit bonus. I simply had no idea about regulatory base of this company, quality of its conditiosn, because was lazy enough to read overviews and actually spend time in vain.
    Nevertheless, after trading here for a while I realized that it’s the most suitable broker for my needs. Lots of tradable assets, exquisite array of trading platforms, modern tools and other stuff made me become convinced of the right chocie of mine. The broker has done a great job developing services…

  11. Basically, AAAFx broker sutis me in many regards, starting from the multitude of offered trading platforms, ending with some pretty enticing bonus system. There are no traders who would mind to get some extra cash that can be quickly capitalized.
    Other than that, there is an access to the virtual private server that can help you to automize trading.

  12. Love the ECN Plus account here. But more important than that, I love that there are different choices and an Islamic account available for traders here. Islamic trader community is wider than you think, and people are struggling to find decent accounts even in the most proper brokers. AAAFx clearly knows the deal on how to cater to some of the biggest trading communities online!

  13. This is a pretty good broker. Their website design could be better but they handle the needs of their clients professionally.

  14. Honestly, I gotta disagree with that negative review. I’ve been using this broker for a while now and I’ve had nothing but good experiences. And I’m not the only one – I know plenty of other traders who feel the same way! This broker has some seriously solid features, like their platform which is super easy to use and their customer support team who are always there to help you out. Plus, they’re totally legit and have all the right regulations in place to keep your money safe. And they even have this cool feature where you can copy other traders who know what they’re doing. I think somewhere in this review, it says the broker doesn’t.

  15. I’ve traded with AAAFx for a year and am pleased with their quality services. Their user-friendly trading platform offers an extensive range of financial trading instruments. The tight spreads have boosted my profits.

    To sum up, AAAFx offers competitive pricing with tight spreads and fast execution speeds, as well as a variety of ECN account types to choose from. Their exceptional customer support team can always assist and guide when needed. These features make AAAFx an ideal option for traders who want to maximize their profits while minimizing risks in the fast-paced market environment.

  16. Initially I was confused of what account to choose, but I realized that no commission for withdrawing funds is levied, and it doesn’t really matter which one to pick.
    All of them are cool.

  17. So far I’ve been trading on a demo account, and I’m going to start real trading soon.
    I see that the name of the account has ECN in it. I heard it’s something cool but I don’t know what it is. I read on the internet that it has something to do with the execution of orders. But it is written in unclear words. Can someone tell me in simple words what it means?

  18. I’ve been trading with this broker for about several days and still haven’t examined all the conditions precisely. Everything is because the company possesses lots of interesting features and it’s super challenging to research it inside out.
    So, I have a question, have you tried copy trading via ZuluTrade software here?

    • Yes, who doesn’t? I mean don’t worry lol, you are not late to the party, but we’ve been making some gains here with friends. We still trade our money manually here, but the direct integration to ZuluTrade can make the things truly interesting and lucrative. I have got some good results out of it.

  19. The broker has nothing excessive to be honest. All the features are thought through and appealing for traders. Whether it’s direct NDD execution or the lowest commission on the forex market. It all works well together.
    Maybe I would like to see some educational materials for beginners.

  20. Quite an informative review of the broker.I hope that it corresponds to reality. I recently opened a trading account here, so I can’t say that the broker is perfect. But nevertheless I didn’t have any problems yet.

  21. Once you dig deep and do some research before deciding to join this broker as a client, you understand that, they offer prety much everything on the table, and they are not bragging about it! I don’t know whether they are trying to keep a low profile, but more people must hear about this broker and the things they provide.

  22. Minimum deposit equals just $100. Surely, there are those who consider this sum as an excessive one, but believe me, it’s nothing to commence trading especially if you aren’t planning to use leverage. Anyways, the broker cares about those having a restricted budget and it’s commendable.
    Moreover, spreads are pretty narrow and it’s appealing.

  23. There is not a single trait that the broker did wrong. It has a presence and regulation globally. It basically means that all the clients of AAAFx can trade safely.
    The company provides accounts only with excellent ECN execution, which is great news for scalpers. But not only, execution affects all the aspects of trading, so everybody would make an advantage of it.
    Considering the lowest trading costs on the market, this broker is an elite one.

  24. Excellent trading conditions and high speed of order execution is the formula by which this broker works.

  25. I have been looking at my choices, and what I can do here If I signed up to become a client here. Conditions are appealing, the broker certainly hits the notes for the necessary trust and safety issues, no problem there either. What I am curious about is if they can do something else to have me as a client. Do they offer any sign-up bonus, or first-time deposit bonus or something like that?

    • I know exactly about the deposit bonus. They double the deposit. This is very cool because the money earned in this case can be withdrawn from the account. That is, the potential income is doubled.

  26. AAAfx is the minimalistic broker. It has all the important aspects that are really crucial for the majority of traders and nothing superfluous.I like this kind of approach cuz I don’t have to wade through the seas of unnecessary information.

    • I have been using AAAfx for 7 years and appreciate their focus on helping traders participate in the market longer.

    • From which point?
      In fact, all brokers have both downsides and upsides, and there is nothing bad in it.
      I’ve changed over 10 brokers for the whole period I’ve been in trading, and this one continues to be my best choice.
      I discovered acttrader due to it and by today I have completely forgotten about MetaTrader. The platform works fastly and what is more important it’s innovative and fresh.

  27. I always wondered if i could trade and I decided to open an account at AAAFx.Well everything looks alright for now. I like the amount of tradable assets, trading platfrom is really handy and I have almost mastered it. The support service is very friendly and helpful, I had many questions and they solved them all. By the way, i would like to know if broker provides some educational resources?

    • Not the educational resources in a usual understanding of it. You can get the benefit for the trading calculator I guess, or Economic calendar. But the main source of trading knowledge I consider is the broker’s demo account.
      You know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s exactly the case with AAAFx. You better trade a couple of months on a demo to know all the specifications of this company, rather than spend hundreds of hours reading articles. Practice makes perfect bruv.

      • Of course, the economic calendar and calculator are necessary, but a demo account is not the major text book for a newbie. Only when trading on a real account, you can learn to trade. Thus, you can learn the market, which is impossible to do on a demo account and you will also learn how to overcome yourself and cope with touch psychological challenges.

  28. none bad I can say about broker, only pros can be mentioned. that’s why want to draw your attention to trading platforms that are presented here.
    undoubtedly, MT4 and MT5 are mastodons of the market and many traders wish to choose them. and, actually, it’s not for a reason.
    you can hedge, scalp, use EAs, and bunch of other features are proposed for free.
    also i should point out acttrader. Only started to use it and seems promising. It’s good to have not only old-fashion MTs 😀

  29. I’ve been trading with AAAFX Broker for a year now, no problems for now. I am also very happy about their services, which keep getting better every time. Definitely recommend them!

  30. This broker says it does not charge commissions on withdrawals and deposits but when I withdrew via visa I got slightly less than what I withdrew this is because the bank (third party) did charge me.

  31. this broker does not offer good educational material, no peer-to-peer trading, and no spot trading. However, the broker does have good safety features like SSL encryption for the site and negative balance protection which is quite important these days. I cant say I have experienced anything astounding about this broker.

  32. fast order execution but no market insights on the platform. I can trade on the go but without information on the platform it defeats the purpose of trading on the go. I think the broker should do better in this department.

  33. This broker has no commission but high leverage for non-EU clients.
    AAAFx offers cheap deposits, withdrawals and great services. They also offer global clients fast trading with a maximum leverage of 1:500, but on their website they only indicated 1:30. I think they should have mentioned it somewhere on their platform. Risks are increasing – be careful when trading here.

    • Every forex broker has a risk disclaimer on the official website, but the particluar details like leverage can vary depending on regulation and which couttry you are trading from. On top of that you need to do some education beforehand, especially if you want to take trading seriously.
      Leverage and margin requirements are one of the most crucial pieces of information that every newbie should learn about right from the start.

  34. Broker reimburses my offsite VPS cost
    When I started with this broker, I already had my offsite VPS, and when I informed them the support volunteered to reimburse part of my monthly cost. This is a great move by aaa Forex

  35. I started trading with them one year back and their services just keep getting better. Happy and satisfied client!

  36. The good broker to trade news. I’ve added fast VPS and now trade a few month. NFP is going without issues (the result depends only of my fortune)

  37. Registration was fast; it took less than 3 minutes. The KYC verification process was also easy. My withdrawals have been smooth. I made two quick withdrawals just to test the speed and cost. It is free and it is also granted on the same day. This is only my second month, and I wish to find a home here

  38. I have been trading many varieties of forex and stocks. The trading conditions seem okay for now. Withdrawals have also been fast so far. Not to jump to a quick conclusion, I will wait for a few more months to see how the service would continue to be

  39. I want to share my impression of trading with AAAFx. It’s been only 6 months but I can tell that they are just good at what they do. Low on cost, solid support and multiple trading platforms. I really recommend it.

  40. tight spreads, withdrawals to the card are supported, but as i undestand usdt withdrawals are not accepted for now. overall recommend

  41. tight spreads, withdrawals to the card are supported, but as i undestand usdt withdrawals are not accepted for now. overall recommend

  42. The spread for the EUR/USD pair typically hovers around 0.3 points. When I am scalping, the tight spreads have proven to be an effective tool in assisting me in having better trade entries. The spreads are tight on average, and the commission rate is approximately $2.5 per 100k trade volume

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