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4xCube Limited. 4xCube Technologies Ltd. 4xCube Group.

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Cook Islands. UK. Offshore License, No Regulation. 

About 4xCube
🗺️ Registered inCook Islands
🗺️ Type of LicenseOffshore License
🛡️ Is 4xCube safe to tradeNo
🗺️ Recommended LicensesFCA in UK 🇬🇧 & ASIC in Australia 🇦🇺
🖥 Alternative BrokerFP Markets - licensed by ASIC in Australia

4xCube is a CFD and Forex broker that states their 20-year experience across different markets and clear, true STP/ ECN trading environment, which is accessible through unparalleled safety of trading accounts. The given information about the broker’s registration is rather unclear and confusing than confirming an authorized service delivery, despite the fact that the firm established this year 2018. The company behind the 4xCube brand is registered in the UK, while the leads going to the Cook Islands also with its claimed registered license.

4xCube Review

However, in fact, the Cook Islands license from FSC (Financial Supervisory Commission) is an offshore one and is a very small Island, not a reputable financial location with the strictest investment firm establish standards. Your investment and trading itself might be at risk due to the fact the broker holds an only offshore license and not any other compared to a financial service licenses like UK’s DCA or Australian ASIC. Simply offshore firm means there is no strict and high check on the firms’ operation before its establishment or along the operating process. The offshore authority does not require high professionalism or follow of customer protection, therefore most often offshore broker deliver service as they wish. For that reason, it is the highest risk investment, as the trader never know what to expect.

Unfortunately, we can’t recommend 4xCube due to the lack of serious regulation, as long as safety measures always go first the regulated status is the only that can confirm the implemented security. Overall, we would better advise choosing among the Regulated brokers from the resected and reputable entities that prove their status with the constant check on of the operation by the industry authorities.

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20 responses to “4xCube”

  1. Gary Strong was running a ponzi scam at 4xcube, he wiped out $1.2 million of investors money, instead of going to the police and helping the victims 4xcube tried to cover it up and pretend it never happened, claiming that the scam is not their problem as they are execution only brokers.What they should have done was go straight to the authorities and help get Gary Strong sent down, the large amount evidence was sufficient for a conviction, it is a mystery why they did nothing.

    • Dear Eliza,
      We regret to hear that you had a bad experience with 4xCube, even though we aren’t able to identify your account based on the below review.
      I assume you’ve subscribed a trading strategy from an independent strategy provider, giving him powers to trade on your behalf.
      Please bare in mind this is a 4xcube review page and not for Gary Strong.
      Our Terms and Conditions of PAMM Investing are available in our webpage on link below:
      Furthermore, we highlight across all our website the high risks associated to FX/CFDs trading.
      We understand your disappointment with your investment, and as always we will be available to clarify any of your further questions.
      4xCube Support Team

  2. What an idiot,Gary Strong wrote the previous review, all the people he names are victims of his, what a charmer!! Absolutely pathetic, is that all you can do Gary the scammer?

  3. I suggest you remove this review Gary. You’ve mentioned a few innocent people’s name there, using blatant lies. That’s slander , and if you’ld like to back up those outrageous claims, then My lawyers will be more than happy to talk to yours, but we all know you’re full of shit eh?

  4. Dear Investor1955,

    Once again we highlight this is a review page of 4xCube Ltd and not of any of past or present business introducers.

    we HEREBY require you to cease and desist from associating 4xCube to FX scam businesses meant to mislead your readers;
    For several occasions we have explained the facts both publicly and in reply to direct inquiries.
    Once again we highlight the fact that 4xCube is an Execution-only Broker, and for that fact we do not hold responsibility for any trading performed by 3rd parties using our trading venue.

    Failure to comply with these requirements will force 4xCube to take legal action against you and demand compensation for any losses caused and will be caused as a direct result of the defamatory statements and misrepresentations. Please note that in this event you may be charged additionally with legal fees relating to any interim proceedings instituted in the country of origin.
    Consider this a last warning.
    Once again we are available to provide any clarification of facts or trading history.
    4xCube Team Area

      • If John Goddard and Joao Monterio are both Directors of 4xcube, but also the owners of 8topuz Consulting that was called Paragon Trading before last year, isn’t that a conflict of interest?

  5. Given that ASIC has formally advised that it considers 4xCube Ltd to be part of an international scam, and has publically listed a warning in relation to this group, ANZ strongly recommends that you send no further funds to these entities.

    4xcube also owned by 8topuz which was called Paragon Trading before last year. Wouldn’t this be apart of an international scam especially as they are the same owners.

    You can access the specific ASIC warning at the following internet address:

    cybersecurity officer Shaun Harris on shaun@cybersecurity.asn.au

  6. Has anyone had dealings with these two: Joao Monteiro or John Goddard?

    I met both John and Joao in late 2018. We meet at a China FX event where they was both promoting 8topuz and 4xcube. I was very impressed with them both. Both John and Joao said they was both Executive Directors of 8topuz and owned a brokerage called 4xcube that is based in the Cook Islands.

    They recommended me to use their trading software 8topuz that had been running for 4 years and had some very successful IBS using it. They also recommend me to use their brokerage for cheap executions of trades. I had my lawyer follow up with due diligence and everything came back, ok.

    They was eager for high funds to be deposited, in return they offered me a partnership with shares in 4xcube and possibilities of becoming a Director and other future possibilities of other companies such as other algo trading businesses like 8topuz. They was working on launching around 12 by end of 2019. Many of the IBs could use these also to help promote new investors to sign up to 4xcube whilst using the 8topuz algo.

    I had eventually invested over $4million by April 2019. I was very happy with the trading performance. I started to introduce this trading software to my network of investors as I run my own wealth group in Sydney and had many loyal followers. Naturally I had no reason to believe this was by any means a scam or a weak trading company. Everyone set up their individual accounts and we all signed the same terms and conditions.

    In total we had close to $20 million under management. We had arranged for 5, 10-year projections and we was all compounding our funds for this time period. Some investors were adding extra cash to compound one account monthly to top up on some higher targeted algorithms. The focus group wanted the ability to add more funds more than they could afford so they set up several accounts, 10% in high risk, high returns, 30% in medium and 60% in a safe low performance algo 2% ave.

    However, the software is nothing more than a martingale strategy which was manipulated to distort prices and payouts, without notice your account will be closed and all the money you invest will go straight into the fraudsters bank account.

    No trading rules we had agreed and signed for or procedures was being followed and the gains and losses made are all imaginary. The master stop loss we had set up for all accounts across all strategies was not followed and all accounts was wiped out in 7 days. They had refused to use agreed stop loss.

    Joao Monteiro and John Goddard said it was just bad market conditions, but I have had the trades analysed. I have also managed to speak to other IBS that also lost money this year to confirm my doubts. Several stories has confirmed my gut feeling. This was a set up from 4xcube to net the losses, using 8tpuz was the tool all IBs used. I am speaking with ASIC and legal to develop more evidence. They have been trading for 1 year and wiped out hundreds of accounts from around the world.

    I now believe between 4xcube and 8topuz, they tempt investors and IBs with a promise of solid fortunes through ‘secret trading formulas’ or algorithm-based ‘proprietary’ trading methodologies or ‘forex robot’. But beware the systems and formulas used by them was changed without notifying me or other IBs that brought funds in. They started to perform trades outside what we had signed for in our contacts.

    I now believe both 4xcube and 8topuz uses IBs to bring in funds on a promise of building something amazing only to pull the plug and leave them to pick up the pieces whilst they say all they did was to execute the trades of the algo. More and more IBs are now saying the same and coming forward.

    2 IBs has been taking legal action against them all this year but they refuse to speak to me as it can impact their own legal case.

    I am eager to hear from more IBs that they have set up.

    Don’t be used. Speak out.

    Another IB sucker

  7. So you waited 8 months to reveal that Gary? Why would that be then? Again there are few blatant lies in that statement but that’s to be expected from you.Why haven’t you taken this information to the authorities? It’s pretty damning evidence if it’s true.

    • Because he asked his clients to set stop loss at 1usd and he wants to divert attention.
      Blame yourself for the failure Gary.
      As if the Regulator and the Financial Commission wouldn’t be able to detect this if it was the case.

  8. The latest offering from Garyscam Ltd is 4xprimetrade, superscammy website but he obviously thinks it will do well, still claiming to be registered with the FCA. You might want to check it out because we all know what he’s capable of.

    • Sure, it sounds interesting but not more confidently at least.

      it’s all second-hand knowledge, hearsay from hearsay.

      For us here it is rather doubtful, without  strong evidences regarding the fraudsters identity it is not more than a typical scam spectacle basing on fake identities and fake case environment.

      Do you not wonder that you can’t find official trustworthy publications about a kind of juridical prosecution against this person.
      not on any official wanted list… no arrestment… no search and seizure… no court hearing… no conviction or  judgment against

      I believe that felt a lot of people in investment swindle basing on this “Gary Strong” identity and its websites, all “his” public casts looks completely fraudulent, no doubt.

      But for lack of real evidences completely i disbelieve in the pilloried  in all this different internet publications as real, identity of  so called “Gary Strong” as the fraud offender

      I would be happy to find a strong evidence for existing a real identity  “Gary Strong” related to the pictures of this man.
      I don’t feel confident, that this identity is authentically.
      Is here somebody who met this guy in real and saw evidences for his identity.

      I don’t mean social media accounts, send by him documents, letters from other companies or attorney with not proofed authentically identity.

      I don’t feel confident, that are you not hunting a phantom.

      We will grateful her for each hint bot rather-more for reasonable  evidences.

      Otherwise you should know that “he” is only a name associated with photos what can be misused.

  9. This is the most funniest thing ever.

    Whoever is posting pretending to be Gary is a complete cock. karma is coming to this person who has no life.

  10. Fake News / Stolen Identity. 

    Gary Strong Has Never Been A Listed Shareholder Or Director Of The Mentioned Companies.

    For Future Reference, We Recommend You Contact The Company Directly And Request The Necessary Information Or Conduct Further Due Diligence.

    • Haha, lol. Gary Strong, you are pretty famous for being a scammer and a liar, a pathetic little statement like that ain’t gonna help you. the evidence available online about you and your dirty schemes goes back 10 years. You are not a celebrity entrepreneur and all your SM pages wreak of scams so why would anyone want to steal your identity? You are just a scammer from Basildon who portrays ( badly) the illusion of a successful businessman, nothing could be further from the truth. Give up defending yourself, you have too many victims for that to succeed.

  11. I have been trading for long time and I have also my network of clients. I faced lots of problems and delays in other big brokers. In 4xCube I have to be honest and leave my review once they are fast and efficient to deal with the request of my network, my clients and I are very happy and I truly recommend 4xCube. Execution is very good, support team very quick in their answers.
    In another broker I was cooperating with, one withdrawal would take 3/4 working days, with 4xCube, usually day after the money is already available.

    My clients and myself are very happy.

    Thank you

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