1. What is TriumphFX?
  2. Is TriumphFX safe or a scam?
  3. Leverage
  4. Accounts
  5. Market Instruments
  6. Trading Fees
  7. Deposits and Withdrawals
  8. Trading Platform
  9. Customer Support
  10. Education
  11. Conclusion

What is TriumphFX?

TriumphFX is a Cyprus brokerage firm that provides access to trading and investment solutions through its fully regulated environment and quite a competitive conditions. The broker operates since 2010 and has shown its professional approach to investors, traders and institutions by its NDD and STP model of order processing based on price feeds from the largest providers.

How does TriumphFX work?

TriumphFX operates as an international Forex broker providing trading access via its entities in Europe and international ones.

From its establishment TriumphFX main aim was to democratize Forex trading and make it available for any investor, despite the experience or amount of money, for that strive TriumphFX offers a range of account types suitable for beginners or veteran traders, with a good platform to execute orders and quality support from the broker, as well as educational materials.

TriumphFX Pros and Cons

TriumphFx is a CySEC regulated broker with a good trading platform, pleasunt costs and spreads, also easy account opening with various funding methods supported, which we mention as good overall.

However, some of the downsides could be limited education materials, as well as instruments, since the range offers only Forex and Precious metals, and withdrawal adds on fee. Besides, we saw in history TriumphFX lost its CySEC license for a while, so it is better to check the conditions fully.

TriumphFX - official website

10 Points Summary
🏢 HeadquartersCyprus
🗺️ RegulationCySEC, FSC, FSA
📉 InstrumentsForex and precious Metals
🖥 PlatformsMT4
💰 EUR/USD Spread0.6 pips
🎮 Demo AccountIncluded
💰 Base currenciesSeveral currencies offered
💳 Minimum deposit100$
📚 EducationMarket Analysis, News and Economic Calendar with research
☎ Customer Support24/5

Why trade with TriumphFX

TriumphFX trading benefits

Is TriumphFX safe or a scam?

TriumphFX is considered sage under its CySEC, however stay alerted in case any changes occured When it comes to online trading, security is paramount to understanding that your capital is secured and protected by the law and regulations.

Is TriumphFX legit?

As TriumphFX was established in Cyprus before it starts its operation legally the firm received a license from CySEC, a local authority that regulates Forex business and firms operating within the financial investment industry. In simple words, it means the broker fully establishes its business according to necessary laws and principles of operation, eventually dedicated to protecting clients and enabling market integrity.

Also, CySEC regulatory standards are fully aligned with the European MiFID directive which also enables TriumphFX to offer its service within the EEA zone and beyond. However, this type of regulation does not let TriumphFX to offer its services in, for example, Malaysia, where the broker is NOT regulated.

  • TriumphFX as a regulated broker is a constantly overseen Forex broker, which can be fined in case any laws or rules are not maintained which in reverse brings you, as a trader, a safe trading environment. In addition, TriumphFX as any other regulated by CySEC broker participates into a compensation scheme that covers clients’ accounts in case of the company insolvency.

International trading

Nevertheless, international proposal running through additional offices in Vanuatu and BVI, or Triumph Int. Limited under the domain https://www.tfxi.com/. The trading conditions here are different and applicable to other laws and regulations. It was always quite risky to trade with offshore zones and we should definitely mention that trading with Triumph Int. The limited subsidiary is not fully safe to necessary level.

TriumphFX license


TriumphFX Reviews shows that brokers’ leverage ratios are set to a standard level allowed for European traders since ESMA significantly restricts the use of leverage for retail traders. Therefore, the maximum level is set to a

  • 1:30 for major currency pairs and even lower for other instruments

And of course, always learn how to use leverage smartly in order not to fall under inefficient risks.

In case you are a professional trader, there is availability to access high leverage ratios like 1:500, which is available once the status is proved.

Account Types

There are three account types designed by TriumphFX – Standard, Gold and Premium. All accounts feature the same competitive trading conditions and available services, while higher grade account will add on extra benefits.

Alike Gold account users may benefit from Webinars held by TriumphFX and Premium traders getting Markets Analysis 1 vs 1, etc.

TriumphFX accounts


The range of markets available at TriumphFX includes Forex and Metals like Gold and Silver, where currencies transacted across the centralized market through numerous liquidity providers TriumphFX works with. Indeed, this range is rather limited, so if you wish to trade Stocks, Futures or more Commodities check out other regulated broker reviews better.

TriumphFX instruments


TriumphFX defined its pricing strategy based on low spreads and a fractional trading basis, so you will benefit from better pricing also performed with trading process consistency TriumphFX provides.

Find on Forex fees

Generally, fees or spread depend on the account type as higher grade accounts may feature some discounts, yet starting from 0.1 pip.

See some of the TriumphFX spread examples below, also you may compare fees to another popular broker Pepperstone. And of course, always consider rollover or overnight fee as a cost, which is about 2.5% fee or refunds depending on the direction of the position you take.

Trading Fees of TriumphFX vs Similar Brokers
Asset/ PairTriumphFX FeesFortrade FeesAvaTrade Fees
EUR USD0.6 pips2 pips1.3 pips
Gold2.2 pips4540
Inactivity FeeYesYesYes
Fee rankingLowHighAverage

TriumphFX spread

Deposit and Withdrawals

Another very important part of our TriumphFX review is how to transfer money from or to your trading account. Eventually, all account management happens through an online field, which is very comfortable, while TriumphFX allows to process the transaction via Cards, Bank Wire or Skrill, Neteller.

What is the minimum deposit for TriumphFX?

TriumphFX minimum deposit amount is 100$ for the first grade STP account at Rubix, while other accounts deploy higher levels of first deposits, considered a good level among industry.

TriumphFX minimum deposit vs other brokers

TriumphFX Most Other Brokers
Minimum Deposit $100 $500

Money Withdrawal

Considering TriumpfFX transfer fees, make sure to check conditions in detail with the payment provider and broker respectively as various jurisdictions may apply different rules due to international policies. Overall, TriumphFX defines no commission for deposits via Bank wire and e-wallets, while Card payment will add on 3$ fee.

Withdrawals will occur some fees, which are waived by the payment provider himself and remain your responsibility, see terms below.

TriumphFX funds withdrawal

Trading Platforms

The market leader MetaTrader4 will be your platform if you decide trading with TriumphFX. This choice is not a surprise or something negative, since the majority of world traders retail or professionals using this technology and software, even though the platform look is a bit outdated. Besides, there are numerous add-ons, tools and additional features to enhance its already powerful capability.

Therefore, trading with TriumphFX strong technology based on STP execution you will also be able to deploy a strategy that works the best for you.

User friendly softwareNo trading alternative
Mainstay on MT4
Versions suitable for Web, Mobile and Desktop trading
Fee Report
MAM accounts
Supporting numerous languages

Web Platforms

MT4 available in various versions, so you can either use it directly from your browser and trade through simplified conditions and tools. Or for extensive strategies full range of tools go for desktop platforms, along with the mobile app allowing you to say updated on the go.

Desktop Platform

Obviously, MT4 is not the same if you will compare software between two brokers, as the company decides if to add extra features or not, include some of the capabilities or not, as well as make it available for free or with extra charge. Eventually, TriumphFX made MT4 upgraded versions available for all its users free of charge, so you may benefit even more.

Also, there are different versions suitable for any device, so you remain updated from any location or on-the-go with automated trading capabilities or manual strategies, or by using MetaTrader Terminal for Money managers.

TriumphFX platform

Customer Support

Of course, as any broker TriumphFX supporting g its clients in various ways and available only through working hours with its Cyprus office. Even though, the team is not available 24/7 or on weekends, we found its answers quick and relevant via Live chat or phone lines.


As for the education and learning materials, we found through our TriumphFX Review also a limited range of learning courses or videos. You will find Forex Essentials, Forex Glossary, Economic Calendar and research tools with in-house designed Analysis and News feed. Eventually, that is all what available so fr very beginners we would recommend signing with a third-party provider for an extensive course to understand trading from the scratch.TriumphFX analysis


For final TriumphFX review thoughts the broker provides balanced conditions suitable either for beginning or professional traders. The broker uses technology and pricing strategy smartly, so TriumphFX has all the necessary conditions for your successful trading performance either it is powerful conditions or support from the company. The are some negative points too, like limited range of instruments.

TriumphFX Updates

There are records that TriumpFX was not available with CySEC license therefore for EU traders for some time being.

However, Cyprus regulated offering via triumphfx.com website is available again for now. The broker has retained the CySEC license. Anyway, we recommend staying alert and doing your own research about TriumpFX before signing in with the broker.

  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)

    Formed: 2001 Jurisdiction: Republic of Cyprus Headquarters: Nicosia, Cyprus Website: www.cysec.gov.cy The CySEC is responsible for the supervision of the following entities: Cyprus Investment Firms (CIFs) Cyprus branches of Investment Firms (Ifs) of other EU member-states Tied Agents of CIFs Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable...

    Read more

121 responses to “TriumphFX”

  1. What is the relation between Triumphfx(cyprus) and Triumphfx limited? as i know the Triumphfx (cyprus) was a retail business and the Triumphfx limited was fund manager. is it this both are under the same broker company? Many of people said that triumphfx limited was a scammer scheme. Please advised. Thank You

    • Is it normal that they change bank account quite often? I realised when I try to make a deposit every few months, they account details change.

  2. Think about this: your concern ‘is this a scam?’. Where is the scam: the broker or the fund manager / trader?

  3. Scam? i trade with truimphfx limited since year 2016 & i don’t have any problemb to withdraw my profit from their fund manager exp like GM trader, so far they makes tons of profits for me, i don’t see any scam at all..

    • Problem is no one knows the owners behind TriumphFX hence the lack of info is worrying. No one knows the names behind the FM like GMC etc. if they run with your attached $ u won’t be able to trace who they are!

  4. This is scam. They let me invest. When i widraw i need to pay 10% and after i pay the commision i need to pay bitcoin again. And they block me all of my account and i didnt get my profit. So tell me this is scam or not. Give me my money.

    • are you sure you are in Official TriumphFx real website? i have been investing since 2014 till now, withdrawal to local bank only take less than 2 days, and everything is fine till today.

      i believe you were in other scam website that using Triumphfx branding (Which is not Real)

      if you are interested in Fund management, TriumphFx did a good job since 2014, till now my capital is still there, been profit more than 300%…

    • I think you entered into a scam that try to trick you using a very similar name to Triumph FX which is fake . I am an investor since 2013 and have no such issue at all

    • U must be scam by the fake triump fx website. Withdrawal only takes less than 2 days in my case. May i know which website u invest to?

  5. It,s a scam. 100%. If you’re thinking about trading online, DO NOT join triumphantexchange. They’re thieves. I joined in February and when I wanted to make a withdrawal they blocked my Acc and asked me for 10 percent deposit again before. When I asked to call the operator by video, they used a video of someone else through another phone but with no voice. Don’t waste your money on them.

  6. seriously if you saying “triumphantexchange” then you are not really been to Triumphfx yet. I am an investor since 2018 and i tried 1 withdrawal before and i was credited in 2 days. Now i am thinking to adding more capital to it so been browsing around for more info.

  7. The Website make sure it is
    tfxi.com or tfxi2.com
    both are official Triumph FX Website.

    Then your money will be 100% safe, i have been doing withdrawal more than 6years in this genuine website. Profit already taken back more than my capital invested.

    Those got scammed i can 100% guaranteed they invested into other scam website which similar name.

    Hope this anwswer ur concerns. Cheers

  8. Hi Alex, how long does it usually take for the money you withdraw to arrive in your bank account? I have withdrawn some money but nothing has arrived in my bank account and it has been 1.5 weeks. I sent 2 support tickets, radio silence. I managed to withdraw a much smaller amount last time and it took 3 days but unsure why it is a very different experience now that the amount is much larger. It seems like everyone is very helpful until it comes to withdrawing money. This does not look good.

  9. Thoughts on it being deregistered on Vanuatu Financial Services Commission on 21/05/2021? How are they being regulated now?

  10. Hi Impy,
    You can browse to the homepage of both triumphfx.com and tfxi.com. Scroll to the bottom of the page to realize triumphfx.com is regulated under Cyprus license while tfxi.com is regulated under Vanuatu license.

    • Thanks for the clarification Peter. However you did raise a very good point. I heard that they’re scrambling to get a new license but that’s just hearsay. Surprisingly they have kept mum about it too.

      Additionally I’m not sure why tfxi kept on showing their Cyprus entity license in their promotional videos/presentations/website. Tfxi and TriumphFX are 2 separate businesses and the license are not shareable between the two. Is it just to mislead the future investors? Or am I mistaken about the license thing?

      • Triumphfx.com is for retail traders, while tfxi is for financial management and pamm

        Triumphfx is regulated under cysec while tfxi has recently obtained Seychelles fsa licence

    • Firstly there are plenty of clone websites for triumphfx

      we need to first verify the legitimate website

      there are 3 I’ve found to claim to be legitimate


      If anyone could find out or proof which is legitimate then we can find out the licencing or verify licence is simple. All I’ve gathered so far the webpage link owner information are private so you won’t be able to see if the company owner.

      Any advise

  11. Hi,im new to this triumphfx, recently join their trading community to copy some good provider’s trades. But i found out that my lot size is different with them, this is because of my margin is lower than their trading margin? and can i ask what’s the different on choosing margin or specific lot size before you subscribe the provider? thanks

  12. Hi all, does anyone have any comments on TriumphFX (www.tfxi.com or http://www.tfxi2.com) and its relationship to Triumph Global (Asia) Limited? I am trying to find out if they are the same company.

    I came across these news articles stating someone called Leong Koon Wah (Hermes Leong), the founder of Singliworld (a now shut-down scam forex company) is also the owner of Triumph Global (Asia) Limited. As far as I know, Hermes Leong is currently facing jail time and huge fines for his involvement with Singliworld.



    According to the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, TriumphFX (www.tfxi.com) and Triumph Global (Asia) Limited are the same company- and they are on their alert list https://www.sfc.hk/en/alert-list/1430

    If the scammer Hermes Leong is also behind TriumphFX, this is obviously a huge red flag.

        • The domain in blocked by Malaysian Internet provider. You may use vpn to log in tfxi.com
          Tfxi2 and tfxi2 was created to overcome the block done by Malaysian Internet Provider
          Nothing to be alarmed as Malaysia is always blocking ways for us to make money under the radar, e.g Binance

  13. hi there, I asked around and it seems that tfxi.com is using a seychelles license to replace the vanuatu one. Is there anyone who can confirm this?

    • License no. SD080 issued by the Financial Services Authority of Republic of Seychelles. Currently valid from 14 Sep 2021 to 13 Sep 2021.

  14. For people that are asking why Vanuatu License was deregistered on May 2021, TriumphFx (TFXI) has already obtained Seychelles Financial Service Authority (FSA) License since March 2021. Offices were already set up in Seychelles & license has already approved.

    The only thing we are waiting is the license number. Was told that Seychelles FSA CEO passed away during March 2021 (You can google about it, its true)…..hence, there has been delays of obtaining the license number.

    On July 2021, TFXI legal officers have re-notify Seychelles FSA to looking into providing the license number.

    Hope that answers all your doubts

  15. so much confusion. continue doing due diligence. It may be good to clear confusion with the person who referred you to the business. Thanks

  16. Oop Triumphfx
    I have invested in the company since 2019 and making.

    I did not realize until you inform me Triumphfx is a scam broker.

    But I have already made almost 200% from my invested funds. Can you please explain how a scam broker allows investors to make money?

    Thank you

  17. Woi.. sadar aja, nga usah keren pake bahasa inggris, ini pemainnya rata2 orang indo, malay dan sekitarnya saja.. sindikat yang biasa itu mirip2 MIA lar..

  18. I had done an online transfer this morning but the the amount take so long almost 8 hours and yet to be credited into trader room account, anyone know the reason why the amount is still pending for review ?

  19. If TFXI Granted License from Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) Security Dealer License .

    Understand our Fund are segregate & protected.
    If one day Tfxi Close How much USD per investor or Per fund manager can complaint & get refund of invested capital with Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) Security?

    25,000 USD?

  20. I started investing in Sept 2021 and has been generating a constant average of 7% returned a month without fail.

  21. Hi, anyone can explain why Triumphfx tfxi.com is placed under investor alert list of Sin,Mal & Ind. financial authority?

  22. Had been observed for half a year and finally invested since Nov 2021 into Fund Management System. So far received one cycle of profits and continuing… But i heard quite a numbers of ppl has been received the profits many year ago without missed. If this is a scam, will they put so long time to bait you? To me, i just think the Fund Manager should be doing extremely good job in order to achieve this. As long as the win trade ratio is about 70%, i guess a profit of 7% every cycle should be quite promising. So worth to try may be a small amount first for beginners.

  23. Hi, does anyone do the withdrawal via transfer to Singapore bank before? Mind to share below?

    1)Can advice what type of the charges incurred and how much?

    2) Would there be a different in bank charges rate depending on how big of the withdrawal amount? Eg. If withdraw USD1k will need to pay bank charges USD25, USD25 to pay USD40 etc.

    3) How long it takes for the money to arrive to our trading account?

    4) How to check the exchange rate used by the bank? Able to check when we submit withdrawal request?

    Appreciate your reply!

    • around 10sgd fees, withdrawal 1445 USD withdrawal to SG account takes 1 day to reach SG bank account amount received is 1930SGD

      normally the rate follow bank BUY rate which is reasonable rate.

      • Sam, thank you for your reply! SGD10 is for which bank? Is it different bank charge different rate? Btw SGD10 of bank charges is fixed regardless of any withdrawal amount?

    • I help my client performed withdrawal 1000 USD to DBS SG. It took 2 days for withdrawal (Tuesday withdraw, Thursday got the money)

      My client got 1300SGD in his DBS SG bank account🤗

  24. Hi, what obot this? Our license.
    Triumph Int. (SC) Limited is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Republic of Seychelles as a “Securities Dealer” bearing license number SD080.

    It is from Republic of Seychelles or Cyprus?

  25. Sam, thank you for your reply! SGD10 is for which bank? Is it different bank charge differently? And, does SGD10 of bank charges is fixed regardless of any withdrawal amount?

    • SGD 10 referring to UOB bank SG, my other friend using DBS seems lower than 10sgd fees from her calculation.

      the fees should be charge based.on per withdrawing.

  26. i have joined investment in triumph fx fund manager since 2017, so far so good,, they had given me a ton of money,,i get more than 140% profit,, ive taken out my capital and put in my profit to generate more, i dont see triumph fx is a scam for now,, but who know in the future..

  27. They are the same company with the same branding and logo. Non-Euro investors i.e Malaysia, Indo, SG, Aus all of us trade or invest via a managed fund or called as PAMM model. The PAMM model is not supported via the cysec license, therefore TriumphFX to tap into the Asian market leverage the Seychelles license (before Vanuatu license). Also the leverage. Seychelles license would allow the leverage of 1:500 or more.

    Understand that both are licensed and regulated, Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries respectively.

      • info given by Don above is correct.

        i started invest with Triumph FX since 2014 till today, and i been going through all these.

        Legit link for fund management
        tfxi.com (you may need VPN/google DNS now)

        tfxi2.com or tfxi3.com (alternate link for country block tfxi.com IP), now discontinued

        tfxi.sc (current using after Seychelles license take in place)


        http://www.triumphfx.com under CYSEC for self trading.

        so avoid fall into scammer website which name similarly triumphfx.

        happy investing.

  28. info given by Don above is correct.

    i started invest with Triumph FX since 2014 till today, and i been going through all these.

    Legit link for fund management
    tfxi.com (you may need VPN/google DNS now)

    tfxi2.com or tfxi3.com (alternate link for country block tfxi.com IP), now discontinued

    tfxi.sc (current using after Seychelles license take in place)


    http://www.triumphfx.com under CYSEC for self trading.

    so avoid fall into scammer website which name similarly triumphfx.

    happy investing.

  29. I heard that TriumphFx is arranging a trip to Cyprus for their Leadership Summit 2023 somewhere around March next year. This event are only for those Fund Managers that are qualified. My question, is this the first time they arrange such event?

    • Nope. They have been organizing such events since 2015 or 2016 if not mistaken. Italy, Bangkok, Europe, Cyprus trip. All around the world.

  30. Hi, i have just started investing with tfxi/triumph fx recently. Been seeing the profits for 2 cycles already but haven’t withdraw as my plan is to reinvest it back.

    Just wondering if the news in Singapore is true regarding the scam? Because it seems like these people are using a similar name, and used the broker tfxi as the platform. Hope to hear from those who have been investing for more than couple of years so i could have a peace of mind.

    Also I’ve taken a look at Alexa ranking of the website on Alexa, seems like most of the traffic is from Malaysia. If the invesment claims to be international, seems a bit odd that the traffic is mostly from Malaysia. Hope to get some clarity.

    Web rank in Alexa:

    • Rouqe, here are some facts that I’ve researched so far.
      The scam in Singapore & Hong Kong that were mentioned by many were Triumph Global Asia Limited. Not TriumphFx. They’re 2 different company with almost similar name. Infact, there are plenty scams such as Triumph Official, Triumphi Fx, Triumph Defi etc. Just because Triumph Global Asia Limited stood out to be a larger scam, many thought it is the same with TFXI.

      Secondly, regards to Alexa ranking. TFXI is indeed growing rapidly in South East Asia particularly Malaysia. As the Fund Management Program of the broker were first started from South East Asia. TriumphFx Cyprus (www.triumphfx.com) are more towards European Countries. So it depends on which one you’re mentioning. tfxi.com (Seychelles) or triumphfx.com (Cyprus)

      • Thanks Don, really appreciate the reply. If there is an investors Telegram or WhatsApp group, would be great to get on board. Good to know any latest news or updates regarding fund managers or the platforms. Hv a great day ahead

  31. Hi guys, what if the “Fund Manager” shuts down or decides to close? Will we be able to retrieve our investments? Who has full control of our funds?

    • TXFI has control of our funds because our funds are with TXFI, not the fund managers. The are rules and regulations attached between the fund managers and TXFI.

    • There’s one Fund Manager called Victoria Trader since 2017…..they were trading & profiting for investors. In 2021 October, the trader decided to close the fund & stop trading due to retirement.

      All funds were returned & refunded to investors after its closure.

      So I suppose this scenario did answer your question.

      • Thanks so much Don for your answers above. it helps me a lot to clear what I am always concerned about so far.

  32. Is this the original Triumph FX ?
    TRIUMPH INT. (SC) LIMITED is a company incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles bearing registration number 8428698-1.

  33. I am a Malaysian trying to make a withdrawal from Triumph. To use Fiat or ERC20 blockchain or TRC20 blockchain ? Can we just use a local bank Account ? If so, just leave the section of International Bank Account Number (IBAN) blank ?

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