About Trade Global Market
🗺️ Registered inGeorgia
🗺️ Type of LicenseNo License
🛡️ Is Trade Global Market safe to tradeNo
🗺️ Recommended LicensesFCA in UK 🇬🇧 & ASIC in Australia 🇦🇺
🖥 Alternative BrokerGO Markets - licensed by ASIC in Australia

Is Trade Global Market a scam or legit broker?

No, it is not safe to trade with Trade Global Market. It is owned and operated by TGM Financial LLC, and claims to be located in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Trade Global Market claims to be a leading online trading brokerage specialized to provide individuals and organizations with services in international financial markets. The broker offers to trade with various currency pairs, as well as in Gold (Spot), Silver (Spot) and CFD as well as indices.

According to the website, Trade Global Market is a regulated entity and it provides a registration number. Since the broker is located in Georgia, we have checked this number with its local regulator register, the National Bank of Georgia. There is no record of Trade Global Market or TGM Financial LLC being registered in Georgia. Also, the broker provides contact numbers with British phone code, which could mean the company is based or somehow associated with the UK and therefore should be authorized by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. However, it doesn’t hold FCA license and is not authorized to offer its financial services in the country.

We have also noticed that the company’s address provided on the website actually belongs to Zixipay Limited, a Georgian based Payment Service Provider registered and authorized by the National Bank of Georgia. It means that Trade Global Market has been using the address of the authorized entity to delude the customers.

We advise all investors and traders to avoid Trade Global Market and other unregulated brokers. The lack of information about the broker’s regulation, trading conditions, and contact details should be the biggest red flag for those who plan to invest with the entity. Usually, such companies run investment scams. Traders should trade with well-regulated brokers such as UK brokers or brokers in Australia and reliable brokers such as eToro and XM.com.

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21 responses to “Trade Global Market”

  1. the money is transferred to Bi stamp on a bit stamp account who ar relocated in the UK.
    What is the risk ? that your invested money will never been transfered agin to your own bank account?
    Are we insuranced for this?

  2. Przestrzegam z całego serca przed Glob-markets.com . Są to oszuści, który wydzwaniają po kilkanaście razy dziennie namawiając do wpłacenia na ich platformę pieniędzy. Obiecują stopę zwrotu w wysokości 300 – 500 % w jeden miesiąc ! . Nie dociera do nich, że nie jestem zainteresowany. W życiu nie spotkałem się z tak upierdliwymi ludźmi.

    Przestrzegam nie wpłacajcie żadnych pieniędzy. BIG SCAM !!!

  3. Be carefully. CTB stole my all money. Financial analist was stopped to contact with me after 3weeks from signed a document and sent money for Malta. It was 5.000euro. I lost it. Nobody care he lied me that i can cash my money back when i need. I controlled everything with my transactions and i had available 7,500USD so i sent a form about withdraw. I was waiting for confirmation. I called 100times to support CTB. What with my money?Saddenly i saw that somebody bought a lot of stocks and sold at a loss. This is theft. Liars.

  4. Trade global Maeket (TGM)
    Big big fraud and cheat people
    There is a guy called Kartik , don’t know his real name
    His number +44 7427 111048

    Be aware
    Big scam
    Stay away from this company and their people.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. I am also receiving calls from some guys from same number. They even do not know a simple answer for intl investment market. My basic query of fund conversion rate when I am investing in USD through a UK broker using my UAE AED! I am staying in UAE and they keep saying I am Indian so they will explain me in Indian Rupees. I told them ‘when u r in Roam behave like a roman’ why are you not explaining me conversion rate in AUE AED? These guys does not understand international investment procedures and coming to sale us investments…this it self saws their fraud nature. Let’s be safe for our hard earned money.

  5. Hello Jignesh….

    Kindly share your experience in details. Didn’t they process your withdrawal request..?
    Have you managed to recover your money..?

    Kindly provide your feedback as I too a customer of TMG. I have deposited some money with them before seeing your comment. Now I am scared of losing the money after reading your comment. Kindly respond..

  6. Tgm is big fraud company I am deposit $ 200 I am wanted to 100$ withdrawal but withdraw not done process of withdrawal money not available in tgm comply only deposit process avaiable tgm is Big scam

    • Tgm fraud company…give bonuses to attract traders..after u start trading they make u loose trades..also withdraw the bonuses..tell to add more money to recover ur lost funds..Beware..

  7. please don’t trade with TGM they are scammers they stole all my money and not allowing withdrawal it’s nto safe at all

  8. TGM Trading is a fake trader. They call you and ask you if you invest $100 you will get training and if you don’t like you can withdraw the amount you invested. But it is not true. They will not allow you to withdraw it. The will tell the will process it. So don’t belive in TGM CALLS
    they will call from +919582740701
    This number and tell them all about it. It is calling from Mumbai.
    Then we deposit money we will get call from UK number.
    The number is +447427111048.
    Please don’t fall in this trap.

    They will not allow you to withdraw. The money . You will lose it.

  9. Mr. Naushad KK
    They will not process the withdrawal. They will told you minimum $100 dollar is needed for withdrawal. I have made $112 and ask withdrawal of $102. They will not process the withdrawal. And also I tried to contact through customer service support. They didn’t give reply .
    So don’t invest more money into it.
    What ever you deposit. Don’t get upset . Try to overcome it by joing any other reliable trades.
    This TGM is a cheater.
    They won’t process your withdrawal.
    I also don’t know where to complaint. But trying to get a way for it.

    • Hii MR.Tony,

      I’ve also opened account with TGM, but after sometime I’ve done some wrong trade by myself and I end up loosing $1430. I’ve invested $5,000. I’ve asked for the withdrawal of rest of the amount i.e $3570 they told me it’ll take 15 days for your account closure.
      At first I thought I’m going to scammed with my rest of the funds. I tried to contact them after 15 days.
      Then again they told me your withdrawal is in process and you’ll get it within 48hrs.
      But eventually I got my refund in my bank account.

      My experience with TGM is okay,just that my suggestion to them is to make their service bit faster.
      I hope you guys also got your funds.

  10. Dear All, They are real scammers !!!!
    Never ever fall fray to their hands !!!
    God promise they are fake brokers and scammers !
    They are not licensed and registered firm for any forex authority !
    They just have some fake registered number in George and that is also fake !
    Their TGM financial account address shows in Mumbai WAshi that is also fake !
    I have done enough research on them since i have very bad experience with them !
    They just ask you go on adding funds and once they feel enough money they put you fake trade which is not real and show you huge loss and loot them money and repeat the same untill your all money is vanished ! this is virtual trade looters !
    They have fake operations address in UK nd they will call from UK number +44 7427 111048 and they will never answer the call and you cannnot call them back…
    they will never process your with drawal when you start asking they will tell we will give step by step which never happen and they will never give your money back !
    if you dont trust my words put 100$ and try withdrawal you will understand !
    All indian guys cheaters sitting in Mumbai or UK (liverfool) bloody basters !
    They are cheating innocent new comers and poor people !
    I am fighting to expose these looters !
    Whoever want to recover lost money please approch legal lawyers to bring them to justice !
    Tradeglobalmarket.com is 1000% scam and illegal and unlicensed un registered fake company !

  11. I’m indeed happy to be here. I got an email from them to register with them in their platform, I thought it was real until now. They asked for my phone number and my email address before I could access their page. They gave me a call immediately with a UK number+447480727398 telling me blablablabla about their s***t. I told them to call me back in 3hrs, that I was busy, they promised to call back. I had to do some research about them and that’s how I came across this page and these comments above. I now need not be told to rebuke them.
    These guys should be exposed!
    Thanks, Y’all.

  12. Dear Indin/Gulf/Middle East friends/brothers and sisters !
    For God promise and mother promise : Tradeglobalmarket.com is fraud and scamm company !
    They are fooling innocent new investors who do not know about Forex market.
    People who have little knowledge like Mr.Baudtik Vaidya (sir sorry to take your name)they cannot easily fool them but people like me who was tottaly new and they scammed me litterly more than 15000$ and i am still struggling to come out of it.
    They are simply scammers and please whenever you want to invest please check whether company is licencsed by international authority like FCA/CYsec/Australian /Europian
    dont trust licensed from african or 3rd grade countries they are scammers even thoughlicensed. I have had bitter experience with tradeglobal market.com thats why writing again and never ever entertain them forget about licensed simply stop them.
    They will offer many things like 100% bonus etc dont fall to their dirty tricks..
    SAVE SAVE SAVE yourself and SAVE others


  13. Dear Jose,

    My name is Dakshit I have gone through your review and i appreciate your efforts i was about to invest with this company but after watching your review i dropped my plan than after the same i told to the company about the concern you mentioned here in your review the company said me to not make any investment if i m not comfortable with the services but they said me to investigate the issue the company had called me one on one we had a discussion on it they showed me your total account summary.

    1. You name is not Jose you are using a fake name

    2. You already got the withdrawal but you didn’t shared that

    3. As you received the withdrawal but still you didn’t shared that and the losses which occurred in your account was actual as per the market

    4. Company has provided you all the services as per the policies but then too you given the negative feedback

    The person who is not actually showing his real identity is not liable to blame the company I would request the people that kindly investigate first and then believe in such rumors I’ve been now trading with the company and my experience is going well in terms of services and i deposited and also did withdrawal the money as well kindly experience it yourself and judge it by your own I m not in favor of any company as a responsible person it is my duty to bring the fact so others shouldn’t get misguided.

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