Vienna Stock Exchange Integrates Stock, Indices, and Funds Data into TradingView

Vienna Stock Exchange Integrates Stock, Indices, and Funds Data into TradingView

The Vienna Stock Exchange has joined the growing list of TradingView data providers.

The Vienna Stock Exchange is one of the oldest in the world, being in business since 1771. It operates the Prague stocks exchange, provides infrastructure for other European exchanges (in Budapest, Ljubljana, and Zagreb), and strives to strengthen financial education in the region by organizing workshops and seminars every year.

The exchange provides liquidity and visibility to its listed companies, while investors get access to the global financial markets as well as the local market: to help market players evaluate the latter, the exchange launched its main index, the Austrian Traded Index (ATX). Today, the exchange lists 817 companies and keeps adding more.

And now, data from the Vienna Stock Exchange is accessible on TradingView: open the symbol search, type in the “VIE:” prefix, and see all the stocks, indices, funds, bonds, depositary receipts, and warrants available for analysis.

The TradingView platform reliably connects to hundreds of data feeds, with direct access to 1,357,880 instruments from all over the world.

Pepperstone launches Spread Betting on TradingView

Pepperstone launches spread betting on the Social charting platform TradingView

Pepperstone launches spread betting

Australia-based Forex and CFD broker Pepperstone has recently introduced "tax-free" spread betting for its users on TradingView, a platform that the broker integrated with early last year. According to the statement by the broker, from now on traders from the UK will have the opportunity to spread bet on different market instruments such as forex, commodities, indices, and shares directly on TradingView.

Pepperstone, which is in fact regulated by FCA, will enable its UK customers to access Spread Bet on the aforementioned instruments on TradingView's highly customizable charts which remove the need to "screen switch" while spread betting. (Read Why Trade with UK FCA Brokers)

“We were delighted to be named Broker of the Year earlier this year. At Pepperstone, we are client-obsessed, so being acknowledged for providing the best TradingView client experience was a real honour. The launch of spread betting in the UK now completes Pepperstone’s superior TradingView package, enabling our clients to trade the way they want to trade on the platform.”, said Tomas, Pepperstone Group CEO.

The integration of Pepperstone’s spread betting into TradingView specifically for UK traders seems to be a well-calculated strategic step. In the previous year, Pepperstone experienced a noteworthy surge in pre-tax profits from its operations in the UK, more than doubling to reach £4.6 million. Furthermore, the broker witnessed a substantial 36% increase in trading revenue, amounting to £10.7 million, over the course of the fiscal year that concluded on June 30th, 2022.