Is Yadix Scam or Legit Broker?

According to our research, Yadix is a total scam. The broker is not regulated and has no legal right to provide financial services to the public. Moreover, Yadix has been suspected of fraud, when pretending to be another company with a better reputation.

  • Yadix brand is powered by Quantix Financial Services Limited, a company which is Financial Services Company located in Belize and authorized by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC, Belize”).

    Yet, Belize is a popular and known offshore center for financial companies, since the authorization requirements are way lower compared to other reputable industry authorities.


About Yadix
🗺️ Registered inBelize
🗺️ Type of LicenseOffshore License
🛡️ Is Yadix safe to tradeNo
🗺️ Recommended LicensesFCA in UK 🇬🇧 & ASIC in Australia 🇦🇺
🖥 Alternative BrokerGO Markets - licensed by ASIC in Australia

What is Yadix?

Yadix offers brokerage and trading services through an STP/ ECN connectivity (Find the best ECN broker) without dealing desk intervention and claims to deliver institutional conditions with the support of auto-trading and more.

There is a range of account types to choose from, as well as a wide offering of trading instruments.

  • However, apart from the attractive proposals to the investors, there were cases from the Yadix traders that occurs in the cancellation of orders, as well as some manipulation of the price.
  • There were also issues with the official claims and verdicts against the trading environment delivered by Yadix.



Overall Yadix Ranking 

We revealed serious safety and regulations issues with Yadix, thus we do not rank positively Yadix.  With an  Expert Opinion with over 10 Years of experience in Forex Trading we have come up with the following ranking:

  • Yadix Overall Ranking is 2 out of 10 based on our testing and compared to 500 other brokers, see Our Ranking below compared to other popular and industry Leading Brokers.
RankingYadixeToroBlackBull Markets
Our Ranking⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Is Broker safe? NoYesYes
AdvantagesNoneTrading InstrumentsTrading Platforms

Yadix Alternative Brokers

We revealed multiple issues in regard to Yadix safety and reliability, so here we offer much better Alternatives to Yadix with tight regulations and great conditions. We select Good Brokers and trustworthy options for your comparison below: 

Deposit & Withdrawal

Yadix provides a range of easy and secure deposit methods to suit all clients, including Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Cards, bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, etc

  • After funding the forex trading account, your deposit will appear in your MT4 trading account within minutes. 
  • Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. 

Yadix Review Conclusion

Overall, the main concern about Yadix is their lack of serious regulation, thus compliance with the strictest operational standards, and of course bad reputation among the traders and those who invest with Yadix. Besides, we always advise avoiding investing and trading with an offshore company, since their compliance with the necessary client protection level remains open.

Nonetheless, financial investments are much safer when engaging with reputable and well-regulated brokers, like brokers based in Switzerland, UK, or Australia since their local authorities.  We advise signing in with brokers such as  FP Markets and Eightcap.

  • Overall ranking and experience for Yadix is Negative

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43 responses to “Yadix”

  1. I read your review with interest. I have a question. Can the author comment on Yadix’s attitude towards its clients, or is he trying to manipulate us by redirecting attention to advertised brokers? The fact is that I am a client of Yadix, I have not noticed any problems in the work so far. I withdraw money without problems, and haven’t seen price manipulation. Spreads are great even during periods of volatility. So … that’s why there is a kind of dissonance from what you read. Why do I ask, I am interested in the real state of affairs. I can confirm my involvement with screenshots of trading and withdrawing money from the broker’s account. Will the author be able to?

  2. Tight spreads, only 0.1 for eurusd – this is very pleasing! the broker doesn’t cheat, you can safely put scrypts to make trading robots, the speed is very pleasing at normal times without news. good broker among competitors. if you want to try, I recommend

  3. Thanks for the super service =) fast execution of orders, ideal for those traders who use robots
    you can also test them there, since the broker uses the mt4 platform – my favorite one =)

  4. Thanks for the super service =) fast execution of orders, ideal for those traders who use robots
    you can also test them there, since the broker uses the mt4 platform – my favorite one =)

  5. Before Yadix, I didn’t know that you can trade without limits! The first broker in my memory who is seriously interested in the success of its clients. In theory, all brokers depend on this, but for some reason they constantly prevent this and impose restrictions. A good reason to think.

  6. The support service works very well. How many times I have applied, there were no problems or refusals in solving my problem.

  7. I’ve been trading for the second month. I’m not sure about the reliability yet, since I withdrew money only once, but as for trading, everything is fine! Eurusd spread is 1-2 pips at night, gbpusd is around 2-3 pips. I’ve never seen such spreads anywhere) Orders are executed instantly. At large volumes, the picture may be different, of course.

  8. I like the broker, quick withdrawal of money, commissions are minimal. The broker is focused on hft, so the spreads are as tight as possible, while the minimum deposit is $500, and you get VPS and super-fast opening speed.
    I have a robot connected to the broker, they offer a choice of either pamm or ea, the differences are minimal, but I chose pamm just to follow the statistics. Disconnection occurs by mail, as I was told.
    Subscribed to fxmaster-yadix. I really like that the broker shows statistics on these accounts publicly. I chose this pamm because it has been trading in the black since this year and has only been in the red for 1 month so far

  9. The yadix regulations are designed for high-frequency trading. This is the best conditions for a trader that can be, since any trading methods are available! VPS is available on demand. I rented a VPS for one month out of curiosity, the usual orders speed is about 3-5 MS, that is, the highest speed that can be at all. But there are also disadvantages. There are not enough shares for complete happiness.
    *For me vps was for free because of min deposit

  10. I’ve been trading with Yadix for several months. I switched to it on purpose, as there are good conditions for an intraday trader (who are scalpers and use ea), especially spreads. There are also no restrictions on the use of trading experts. In technical terms, the conditions are at a height. During the news period, there are not slippage, praise the fast servers. Checked on the minutes of the Fed))

  11. I recommend that you take a closer look at the investment account (trade copy/PAMM) here, unlike other brokers, they offer more stable options with good profit and lower risks mainly . There are several strageies to choose from, I chose where the lowest fee was (called stpwinner), because the budget is not particularly large. Since the summer, it has been steadily in the black. You also need to contact the risk level

  12. Considering that I am not good at scalping, I have made investment in their scalping system. Liscence costs $250, but after three months, I am already earning more from this amount. So far, so good. Recommend if you are not risky and don’t want to lose money by trading youself

  13. I should mention among the advantages of Yadix the minimum commissions and spreads that can only be in the market, as well as quite a lifting amount for opening a deposit. I started with a minimum deposit and doubled it in one month without additional deposits. I wthdrew part of the profit (i used skrill) and continue to trade.

  14. I am trading ea on rebate program. Honestly, such conditions I could not find with any other broker. They usually impose some restrictions when it comes to rebates, but with Yadix there are none. I am more than satisfied with conditions here.

  15. Scalping here is good supported, but minimum investment is $500, so it is not for very small traders. I have here free VPS, which allows very fast executions, without delays.
    My ea operates here without any issue, large number of deals can be executed within very short period of time. I am trading also micro lots. Commission is low, it is $3.5 per lot.

  16. I have standard account here for trading forex, mostly majors. I think that this broker offers fair trading conditions. I have started with minimum investment of $100 and got 100% welcome bonus, which is nice. Spreads are low on majors, 1-2 pips, and there is no additional trading commission. What I like the most is variable leverage, so I have option to choose leverage between 1:1 up to 1:500, I can change it at any time.

  17. I have purchased for $250 scalper ea offered by this broker. Minimum investment is $500. I took a risk as some friends of mine had told me that it works good. For last month I got some 20% return. So far so good, hope that it will continue in this manner.

  18. In my opinion this broker offers very good conditions for trading indices. My trades are focused on US majors, where spreads are indeed minimal, from 5-6 pips, and I dont have additional costs on standard account. Execution runs very fast and without any interrupts. Withdrawals on my Netteller account are made within a day, without any cost from brokers side.

  19. I am trading gold with this broker for some time now. What I prefer here is that I can connect my account with rebate program. In this way, with indeed low spreads on gold of some 4-6 pips, I also have some value through rebates of $15 for traded round lot. For me these are very good conditions, since this decreases significantly my trading costs and I can earn more.

  20. I dont have any restrictions for hedging positions with this broker, and also I dont have spread limits for stop loss. One of rare brokers where I am able to place SL order one pip below my open position and also to open two same positions at opposite side. Aside that there are very tight spreads on forex.
    It’s also possible to deposit with btc finelly. Asked them to add this from the last year in finelly it’s done!

  21. One of the best liquidity here. Fast execution so no problems for my hft style.

    So it’s a very good broker for forex trading, in my opinion. Spreads are indeed very tight on majors. I have here classic account, and for eurusd, usdchf spreads are never higher from 1-2 pips, mostly are lower, while usdcad and usdjpy are in a range 2-3 pips during time of higher volatility. The most important for me is that I dont have any other trading costs.

  22. There is very good scalping ea offered by this broker. They gave me free vps (after opening ecn pro and the speed is awesome, about 1,5 ms). It comes with some cost of $250 and minimum investment of $500, but this ea is working better than mine scalping ea. I have already made 20% return with it.

  23. Yadix has good investors programs like the pamm and also ea programs. I got to know what PAMM is through this broker and I have used this to make a lot of money. The Percentage Allocation Money Management (PAMM) is a program which allows a trader to control other account through a particular trading account. This allows the trades that are taken by a particular trader to reflect on the accounts of other connected accounts, and at the end of the trading period the profit is shared based on the agreed percentage.

    I diversify my risk by investing with different master-traders who have solid track-record using their own manual and automated strategies. The program has two forms which are the STP which is a fully automated trading system that is a powerful investment tool targeted for long-term investments and aimed at investors looking for stable monthly returns. The second form is for scalpers scalping the market at specific periods and avoiding major news releases. The risk levels for these systems are medium and I have really enjoyed the systems so much.

    I have high leverage account (500:1) and it also allows to earn more =)

  24. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours after they are requested, and this broker does not delay my money unnecessarily. The broker is also cool in terms of the user friendly platform and the fact that trades are executed directly immediately without delay and the spreads are also cool. Spreads could be as low as 1.4 in an average classic account and 0.0 for an ECN account. they also added btc withdrawal, a bit hard but it’s live finelly.

  25. I invest through the PAMM program Yadix provides. My trades are automated to follow that of some professionals who have had a good market portfolio, and then we share the profit as agreed. What I also like about the investors plan is that I could choose the type of trading plan I want whether I would want it to be on a short term basis or a more long term basis. I am presently following a plan that is expected to give me monthly returns

  26. I have enjoyed different promotions from this broker like the rebate program and many more. With this rebate program, I have had the opportunity to take advantage of the highest paying rebate program that gives me real cash back instantly for all trading activities. yadix pays me a part of the commission of their trades according to my chosen program. I get credited automatically as soon as my trades are closed, so I believe that is how it is done for everyone and the money could also be withdrawn at any time, and even if at the times I make losses, rebates are still paid. Yadix rates are the highest I have seen any broker offer. There is no limit to what could be traded using this medium or even to the amount of cash that could be earned – the more I trade, the more I earn. Apart from the rebates, promotions like the 100% welcome bonus, 50% extra on next five deposits are also available, so I also used it because I’m new here.

    For now also I’m also trying to win iphone!!!

  27. I’m a profitable trader and I would advise anyone whether a profitable trader or learner to use the broker as they have good qualities that would help their trading system. The spreads are as low as 0.0 for some plans and the platform is very easy to navigate.

  28. The broker offers cool promotion with first time deposit that helped me a lot and different types of accounts too that help different trading styles. It is one of my top choice brokers

  29. I have been trading forex, indices and commodities with Yadix for more than 2 years. Some months I get my hand burnt in losses, and many other months I make profit. Trading is not for the weak and you should know that asides having a reliable broker, your expertise in this field is very important to your success. Do not think of trading if you are wanting to get rich overnight, making money is hard work that is wrought in patience. Don’t also forget to choose the right broker because it is very important to your trading success. Yadix is a very reliable broker and you can always trust them. The trading conditions with Yadix are favourable to many strategies and trading styles I have used. I am saying this from my experience of almost 2 years trading here. Best of luck in your trading career.

  30. The spreads for EURUSD for instance is as low as 1.5,USDJPY 1.4, AUDUSD 1.6 on classic accounts while the broker offers zero spread for ECN accounts. One thing I have also liked about the broker overtime is that they do not shift market execution points. The executions are very fast and the zero spread packages are also very cool for day traders, especially scalpers.

  31. The broker offers amazing rebates. The specialised rebate accounts give rebates for all trade sizes from as low as 0.01. The spreads for the rebate account are also quite low and rebates are available even for losing trades

  32. I got a welcome bonus when I first deposited money. I deposited around $210 then, the welcome bonus was a boost to my trades because I didn’t want to lose the money. It forced me to overtrade but I had to calm down when I noticed I was breaking many of my trading strategies and rules. When I reduced my trade frequency and I started to follow my rules I reached the requirement to withdraw the welcome bonus, though it took a while.

  33. Been seeing this broker for a while but didn’t open an account. The iPhone 12 promotion made me open an account. Winning it should not be an issue for me. I am very hopeful. Depositing money through crypto is an option my other broker does not have. I deposited with bitcoin and it was instant.

  34. Scalping the news has been an effective way of making money in recent times.
    The VPS is available, the only issues I have is that it doesn’t come for free except if you are using a pro account and you can’t open a pro account except if you have $5000, that is too high, I don’t like that.

  35. My currency trades are getting better daily; I’ve been trying new strategies and setups. I now believe in process and gradual growth of account. Last month came with a little fear when I started trying out new stuff. FTSE 100, NASDAQ 100, NASUSD indices took my money; almost got my trading account blown while trying them out. Didn’t know what they were about, but only saw setups and chose to trade them; it is one of the worst trades I took last month. Things like this happen often and sometimes I wonder if I can be so disciplined. Yadix has been serving a professional service, but I have not been good enough with my trading decisions. I am still determined not to give up.

  36. When you have some specific pairs you trade, it reduces the tension in you. You can also use the robots the broker makes available or the PAMM program. I met a friend who told me he was making money through the robot about 3 months ago. I am of the opinion that traders who are still struggling should just use those robots to make money. I can’t remember the names now but you can just check the site or message the customer support. Those guys are highly responsive, you will get fast replies

  37. I have made so many losses trading forex. Discipline is my number one issue. I risk a lot by using very big lot sizes. On the contrary, my wife makes money steadily using the same broker, and this is what made me realize that the issue is not with the broker but my own skills. She has been trading forex for 6 years, this is my 9th month.

  38. Some brokerage platforms restrict the performance of expert advisors and in turn the profit. So far Yadix has not restricted any of the EAs I have used. My results have been optimal. I also hope the platform continues being optimal in its working. If not, I will leave for another broker.

  39. The broker offers full STP services, soexecution is quite fast, i use their vps, best for news trading like nonfarm

  40. At the time of high volatility the spreads are still kept as low as possible, during big news the eurusd spread is about 2-6 pips wich is quite good. Sometimes ea opens orders not so good as I wanted. Anyway recommend

  41. I trade GBPUSD during the London and New York sessions but trade gold during the NewYork session only. Gold gets volatile around that time. GBPUSD and gold have been my favourite pairs over time and I have mastered my working strategies for them

  42. Yadix has a strong measure to ensure the safety of clients’ funds. From my research I also discovered that it partners with top Tier-1 banks to ensure that it provides accurate prices for its clients in making sure that trades are executed at real-time price

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