Best Prop Trading Firms 2023

Prop Trading Firms

  1. What is Prop Trading Firms?
  2. Legit Prop Trading Firms
  3. How to Choose Prop Firm
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Selecting Proprietary Trading Firm to get your Trading Funded Account? It is highest priority to choose a reliable company among the Best Prop Trading Firms. Our financial experts with over 10 Years of Experience in Trading have done deep research and made a detailed Review of Proprietary Trading Companies with Funded Accounts.

What is Prop Trading Firms?

Proprietary Trading more known as Prop Trading is a Trading activity when a trader speculates on various trading instruments like Forex, Futures, Stocks, Options etc not with own funds and account but uses Compnay funds for trading. Where Prop Trading Firms are Companies that look for Professional Traders and after Passing the Evaluation test to prove Traders Profitable strategy upon which may become Funded by the Company Trader.

  • To become Funded Trader it is essential to pass Evaluation Process, usually, Prop Firms offer various account size where condition to meet are different, typically based on Profit Target and differ in trading conditions. For Trading test Trader should pay a fee to the company to start Evaluation process, which also depends on the Trading Account Size you choose, in case any of rules and conditions not met the Test will result in failure, however, you can retake the test from the beginning but need too pay fee again.

Read about Proprietary Trading on Wikipedia.

🛡️ Is Prop Trading safe or scam?No is not a scam, but need to sign with Good Prop Trading Firm
🗺️ What is Benefit to Trade with Prop Trading Firm?You may become Funded Trader and Trade with Company Funds
📈 How to become Funded Trader?You need to Pass Evaluation or a Trading Test
💰 Evaluation FeeTrader have to Pay Fee based on Account Size, if test is failed you can Retake Test by Paying Fee again

Legit Prop Trading Firms

Legit Status of Prop Trading Firms that may confirm the company is Safe to Trade with is quite questionable, as the majority of worldwide authorities do not regulate Prop Trading Companies but mainly require registration only.

  • In fact, Prop Firms do not operate under the Forex Broker license meaning almost not regulated or overseen by the Financial Regulators. As such Prop Firms not highly transparent, since the company is the one who maintains the whole operation and gives Funds to run Trading activity.
  • However, Regulators may ban companies in case it detect fraudulent activity or mislead clients. For this reason, it is best to choose Prop Trading Firm based in a Jurisdiction where Financial Top-Tier Authorities are in Charge alike FCA in UK, Europe, or CFTC in USA.

How to Choose Best Proprietary Trading Firm?

Choosing best suitable Prop Trading firm is essential for your journey. Per our professional advice, it is best to learn well about Prop Trading understand risks and choose Company with a good Record and reputation, based in respected Jurisdiction, better Prop Firm that operate for many years. Yet, since you do not invest much money in trading but just pay subscription fees the potential losses still considered lower compared to Real Trading with your own funds. 

How to Select Prop Trading Firm??Reason
Choose Firm with Good RecordGood conditions and Safety
Check Test and Funded Account ConditionsUnderstand Well Rules Necessary to Follow
Verify Trading InstrumentsPreferred Instrument is Available
Find out Subscription Fees and PayoutsFair Fees, Good Payout Ratio
Reach to Customer SupportFor Easier Communication

Top Prop Trading Firms 2023

Our Financial Professionals made Top 5 Prop trading Firms selection divided by category, as we tested the conditions and rank them as winning for Reliability, overall Proprietary Trading conditions, Test conditions, Payouts evaluated by specific criteria and stand good out for:

  • FundedNext – Best Overall Largest Prop Trading Firm 2023
  • TopStep – Best Futures Prop Trading Firm in US 2023
  • The Funded Trader – Best Trial Free Prop Trading Firm 2023
  • True Forex Funds – Best Forex Prop Trading Firms 2023
  • FTMO – Best Prop Firm for Options Trading 2023

What is Best Remote Prop Trading Firms?

Typically all Proprietary Trading Companies are Online Prop trading firms, meaning you can trade and operate with them on a Remote Basis from any location accessing your Funded Account Online. Check E8 Funding and FundedNext.

Are there Prop Trading Firms without Evaluation?

Eventually no, before you get Funded Account and may operate with company money or Funds it is essential for Company to Prove your successful strategy therefore pass Trading Test or Evaluation, no one will give you Funded Account and Money to Trade if there is no proof.

Is there Prop trading Firms with No Time Limit?

Prop Trading Firms definine on their own what is the Evaluation model you need to pass to become Funded Trader, while typically there is Time Limit to prove your Profitability some Prop Trading Firms may have Evaluation Models with No Time Limit, yet typically Profit Target is much higher there. Check one of Prop Trading Firms with No Time Limit FundedNext and The Funded Trader.

List of Prop Trading Firms

Here is a Prop Trading Firms List of only well-established Proprietary Trading Companies with favorable conditions consisting of Trading Prop Firms Reviews with our professional detailed analysis including trading challenge conditions and rules to obtain Funded Account with overall conditions and real traders comments:

Prop Trading Firm
The_Funded_Trader_logo The Funded Trader
Min. Deposit: $289
Max. Leverage: 1:200
Trading Platforms: MT5, MT4
Regulation: US
The Funded Trader Review
Lux_Trading_Firm_logo Lux Trading Firm
Min. Deposit: £149
Max. Leverage: 1:100
Trading Platforms: MT5, Lux Trading
Regulation: UK, Dubai, Montenegro
Lux Trading Firm Review
fundednext logo FundedNext
Min. Deposit: $59
Max. Leverage: 1:100
Trading Platforms: MT5, MT4
Regulation: Cyprus, UAE
FundedNext Review
Surge Trader Logo SurgeTrader
Min. Deposit: $200
Max. Leverage: 1:50
Trading Platforms: MT5, MT4
Regulation: US
SurgeTrader Review
The 5ers Logo The 5ers
Min. Deposit: $39
Max. Leverage: 1:100
Trading Platforms: MT5
Regulation: Israel
The 5ers Review
E8 Funding Logo E8 Funding
Min. Deposit: $228
Max. Leverage: 1:100
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5
Regulation: UK
E8 Funding Review
True_Forex_Funds_Logo True Forex Funds
Min. Deposit: €89
Max. Leverage: 1:100
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5
Regulation: Hungary
True Forex Funds Review
Min. Deposit: €155
Max. Leverage: 1:100
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader, DXtrade
Regulation: Prague, Czech Republic
FTMO Review