FundedNext Review



  • Leverage: 1:100

  • Regulation: Cyprus, UAE

  • Min. Deposit: $59

  • HQ: Cyprus

  • Platforms: MT5, MT4

  • Found in: 2021

FundedNext Licenses:

  • Incenteco Trading Ltd - registered in Cyprus license no. HE307114
  • GrowthNext - F.Z.C - registered in UAE license no.28831


  1. What is FundedNext?
  2. FundedNext Pros Cons
  3. Is FundedNext Legit?
  4. FundedNext Challenge
  5. Funded Account
  6. Account Conditions
  7. Payout
  8. FundedNext Alternative

Our Review Method

  • 55Brokers Financial Experts with over 15 years of experience in Trading check and verify carefully Proprietary Trading Firm offerings and what the challenge you have to pass to become a Funded Trader to give an expert opinion on FundedNext and its reliability

What is FundedNext?

FundedNext is one of the popular and widely used Proprietary trading firms that provide quite an attractive opportunity for traders to become a Funded Account Trader. The company itself mentioned gather of 50 million traders around the world, which is one of the biggest communities in Prop Trading itself, with consttant development and organization of meetups around the world which proves Company good reputation.

Being a Prop Trading Firm FundedNext offers a unique opportunity to engage in Real Trading almost with no Funds needed but to become a Funded Trader meaning trade with Company Funds. All that trader have to do is pass a Test or Challenge to obtain Funded Account and then trade with a Company Account as a Professional Trader, read more about Prop Trading here. Yet, read more about our finds below as there are some efficient risks you need to consider before engaging.

FundedNext AdvantagesFundedNext Disadvantages
Lower Profit TargetNo Strict Overseeing
Good PricingIt is hard to become Funded Trader
Great variety of Balances with Low Registration FeesLimited Instrument Range
Profit Share from Challenge
MT5 and MT4 with EAs, cTrader
Refundable Fee once you become Funded Trader
Good range of Challenge Models
Free Competitions
FundedNext Review

Is FundedNext Legit?

FundedNext is based in Cyprus, also mainstays on technology providers from UAE so is a owned by the company established in UAE – GrowthNext F.Z.C. Which makes FundedNext quite a stable offering among the industry. So in the operation sense FundedNext is a Legit firm that holds necessary license in the area they operate.

  • However, as a typical rule, compared to Forex Brokers, Prop Trading firms are not operating under the Forex Broker license, therefore, are much less regulated and are not overseen by the industry regulators, as such are not highest level safe, since company is the one who maintains the whole operation and giving Funds to run Trading activity, so is important to understand all risks involved.

Is FundedNext Scam?

We checked the company legit information through the official website and did not find evidence for the FundedNext company to be a scam. Yet, since Prop Trading Firms are almost no regulated by the financial authorities it is hard to define Scam or True nature of the firm.

As our professional advise, it is best to learn well about Prop Trading, understand risks and choose Company with a good reputation also one operate for many years so the proposal is more stable. Yet, since you do not invest much money to trading but just pay subscription fees the potential losses still considered lower if compared to engaging into Real Trading with your own funds.  FundedNext Registration

FundedNext Challenge Evaluation Rules

Getting to the most important point in our FundedNext Review is to check how the evaluation challenge is established and what are the conditions to sign-in for trading challange. It means what kind of test you have to pass in order to obtain Funded Trading Account and become a Proprietary Trader, also what are your costs as a trader to become one typically based on Registration Fee.

  • The main goal of Challange or Test to prove your trading ability, while the Evaluation divided in 2 phases at FundedNext with profit targets based on the Account Size you choose. Typically 1 Phase rules are more tight, while Phase 2 gives slightly wider conditions alike to Drawdown mainly caters to prove the sustainability of your trading activity along the time.

Account Balance and Registration Fee

Before you get started for FundedNext login you will need to select the Model and Account Balance for which you would like to qualify for, based on the size you choose the conditions of the challenge are slightly different. Besides it reflects on registration fee, which you have to pay to the company to participate into the challenge, yet FundedNext offers a refund of the fee once you become Funded Trader. See our Registration Fee comparison table below:

  • FundedNext provides two main Models for Evaluation – Stellar and Express, which vary mainly by time limit and no time limits, also in profit targets and Trading Rules, where Stellar allows more startegies to use also requires less profit target compared to Express, but there is a certain timeframe to follow.
  • Overall, FundedNext Fee conditions and Account Balances are quite attractive, we found account size and fees starts from lower than competitors’ level, which is a plus.
  • FundedNext provides quite a diverse range of starting balance options which includes $6,000, $15,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, or $200,000. Also, there is Express Non-Consistency Challenge with slightly different balances offered.
FeesFundedNextFTMOThe Funded Trader
Minimum Account Size$6,000$10,000$50,000
Fee $59€155$289
Maximum Account Size$200,000$200,000$400,000
Fee$999€1 080$1,869
Reset or Test RetakeYesYesYes
Is Fee Refundable?YesYesYes

Profit Target

So the challenge itself includes numerous rules you have to follow to prove your sucessful strategy and performance, one the most important parameters is Profit Target, which is set based on the Challange you select. At FundedNext your profit target is typically 10% at Stellar Model. However, for different funding models the percentage of profit target is different too, alike Express requuires 25% Profit, so be sure to verify all conditions well before signing in.

Maximum Loss

That is another challanging rule included in ever Prop Trading test, it is important to clarify there are two Loss levels important to follow, one is Maximum Daily Loss set to 3% for all Account at FundedNext and Maximum Overall Loss set to 6%. Where the daily loss limit is a cumulative PnL of open and close positions for the day. Besides, based on the FundedNext plan you choose either Stellar or Express Loss slightly varies too, alike in Stellar Phase 2 it is 5% Daily and Overall is 10%.

  • To clarify well All set rules have to be in line at the stage of challenge, otherwise your test will be canceled and you will either have to reset it, meaning pay another reset fee to participate to challenge from the beginning.

Minimum Trading Period

Another important rule typically used in Proprietary Trading tests is to be Profitable within minimum of the required days or periods. As we notice in FundedNext, the minimum of trading days are set to 5 for all account sizes.

See detailed table with FundedNext Challange conditions based on Account Size:

FundedNext Stellar Model

FundedNext Challange conditions

Free Trial

Based on our finding FundedNext does not offer Free Trial, however there is another very unique offering we only find at FundedNext where trader can get 15% profit share obtained during the challenge, so you can get a portion of the profits during the test itself.

FundedNext Funded Account

Once the test or the challenge is successfully passed trader will get his Funed Account set, which may typically take few business days to activate. It is important to note, that the account conditions and balance will be exactly as the one you qualify for in your test, in case you would like to change Account to higher grade there will be a need to pass test from the very beginning for the Account Balance you prefer to trade with.

Profit Split

At FundedNext once the targets achieved and Funded Account been granted, you will start trading on FundedNext Account with an 80% profit split which along the successful performance can be increased all the way up to 90% based on your performance, that we found in our evaluation quite attractive porposal.

FundedNext Express

Among two Challenge Models FundedNext offers Express features quite different perseption since there is no time limit, but the profit target is higher the goal will be to hit 25% profit target. Once the target achieved your FundedNext’s funded account is set to a 60% profit split, similar to Stellar model the profit split percentage can be increased up to 90% based on performance.

FundedNext Express

Payout and Withdrawals

Based on our research, challenges can be paid in numerous convenient ways while the payments will attract no additional processing fees. Another good point at FundedNext we found are quite fast Payouts, which company states to be within around 5 hours.

And additional great plus for FundedNext is that company offers 15% profit share on your challenge, which we didnt see any other Prop trading firm offers. 

Withdrawal Method

There are various convenient methods offered by FundedNext Prop Trading Firm once you wish to withdraw funds from you Funded Account. Those Methods include Perfect Money, Crypto Transfers via USDT, USDC, also clasic Bank Transfer, and Wise.

FundedNext Payout

Account Conditions

For Account Conditions themselves, we check carefully whether Broker has various account preferences, also what Platforms, Instruments and Trading Costs are applicable. It is also important to check Leverage levels and Trading conditions offered, since some Brokers may restrict some startegies and do now allow specific practices in Funded accounts, which may result in loss of Account therefore to regain it you will need to pass the test again. See detailed breakdown below:

Trading Instruments

Trading Instruments Range offered by FundedNext is quite modest and includes only Currency Pairs, Commodities and Indices, however these are mostly traded instruments by majority of Forex Traders so we consider offering still favorable. Nevertheless, if you prefer other Instruments like Stocks or Futures to trade better to consider alternative Prop Firm.

FundedNext Commission

Another point we check is the Commission or Spread on the trades themselves, this conditions are quite favorable at FundedNext as the Broker offers Commission basis of only 3$/Per Lot per round for COmmodities and Currencies, and 0$ for Indices, which is lower than industry average too.


FundedNext Leverage which you can use to the trading account in both stages under the Challenge and once you become Funded trader is offered up to 1:100 for all instruments. 

Fundednext App Platform

We found FundedNext offerings popular MetaTrader platforms, including both verstions MT5 and MT4  also company cooperates with MetaQuotes and other technology providers, which is quite good. Another plus that the company is constantly developing and added to its offering cTrader platform too, while at the very beginning only MetaTrader was only available. So is another plus to the overall offering.

Trading Conditions

Based on our findings, the FundedNext broker offers two account conditions eith Swap Accounts suitable for swing trading or swap free accounts available in all challenges available for trader who prefer to avoid overnight charges.

  • Popular conditions like News Trading, Swing Trading, EA Trading and Weekend Holding are all Permitted in FundedNext. Besides, trader can use Copy Trading from another FundedNext account, which is an extra benefit for various strategy traders. Yet, important to note there are some restrictions too like HighFrequency Trading, Latency Trading and Arbitrage are not permitted.
  • As for FundedNext Slippage typically it does not occur, however during News Trading company restricts open and close of any trade 5 minutes before and after the news, since that is a typical time slippage may happen.

FundedNext trading conditions

FundedNext Promotions

As we noticed, the company runs some promotions with available FundedNext Coupone for discounts available from time to time, as well may include some FundedNext discounts alike Reset Discount. Yet, conditions usually provided on a temporary basis so good to verify this upon your signing in.

FundedNext Alternative Brokers

Considering all finds about FundedNext we conclude Firm to be quite an attractive opportunity for Funded Traders, company offers very good costs compared to industry competiton and opportunities to engage with various programs with lower programs and costs to choose from, which opens up more opportunities for traders with less costs.

Yet, is always good to consider and compare proposal to other Prop Trading Firms, so some of the popular ones may offer similar conditions or might be more suitable for particular traders alike for better choice of instruments and bigger range of platforms supporten. Yet, there are some obvious advantages of FundedNext too making it quite favorable choice for Prop trading, see our selection of alternatives below also table comparing FUndedNext to other Companies:

FundedNext alternatives

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