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  • Leverage: 1:100

  • Regulation: Prague, Czech Republic

  • Min. Deposit: €155

  • HQ: Prague, Czech Republic

  • Platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader, DXtrade

  • Found in: 2015

FTMO Licenses:

  • FTMO Evaluation Global s.r.o. — registered by the municipal court in Prague, Czech Republic
  1. What is FTMO?
  2. FTMO Pros Cons
  3. Is FTMO Legit?
  4. FTMO Challenge
  5. Funded Account
  6. Account Conditions
  7. Payout
  8. FTMO Alternative

Our Review Method

  • 55Brokers Financial Experts with over 15 years of experience in Trading check and verify carefully Proprietary Trading Firm offerings and what the challenge you have to pass to become a Funded Trader to give an expert opinion on FTMO and its reliability

What is FTMO?

FTMO is one of the most rapidly expanding Proprietary trading firms in recent years. Their unique approach to supporting aspiring traders has garnered attention in the financial markets. With a diverse range of tradeable assets, including Forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and stocks, FTMO attracts traders from various backgrounds.

  • Proprietary trading, or prop trading, is when a banking or financial institution engages in the trading of equities, bonds, currencies, commodities, and derivative instruments utilizing its own funds rather than clients’ capital.
  • This approach enables the firm to retain all profits generated from these trades, in contrast to the commission-based income that would be derived from executing trades on behalf of traders. Instead of leveraging external trades, firms might offer traders the chance to become Funded Account Traders, where traders are provided with company capital to trade and profits are then shared between the trader and the firm.

Founded in 2015 in the Czech Republic, FTMO has solidified its position as a global leader in the proprietary trading industry. Their rigorous two-phase evaluation guarantees that only traders with exceptional skill and discipline access their extensive funding reserves. Successful candidates are entrusted with up to $400,000 to trade, reflecting FTMO’s strong confidence in their traders’ expertise.

FTMO AdvantagesFTMO Disadvantages
Lower Profit TargetNo Proper Overseeing
Good PricingIt is hard to become Funded Trader
Great variety of Balances with Low Registration FeesLimited Instrument Range
Profit Share from ChallengeNo Guaranteed Income
Good range of Trading Platforms including cTrader, MT4, MT5
Refundable Fee once you become Funded Trader
Scaling Plan for Succesful Traders
Educational Resources


Is FTMO Legit?

FTMO is registered in the Czech Republic and, while it does not hold any licensing because it does not offer brokerage services, it is generally regarded as relatively secure due to its operation within an EU nation where financial activities are managed with greater precision. Another important aspect is that they have been operating in the financial markets for several years and have gained a reputation within the trading community.

  • In general, when compared to Forex Brokers, Proprietary Trading firms typically do not operate under a Forex Broker license. Consequently, they tend to have less regulatory oversight and are not subject to supervision by industry regulators like FCA. This means they do not offer the same level of safety assurance since the responsibility for managing the entire operation and providing funds for trading activities lies with the company itself. Therefore, it is crucial to comprehend all the associated risks

Is FTMO Scam?

There’s no concrete evidence to categorically label FTMO as a scam. Many traders have used FTMO’s services and have shared various experiences, both positive and negative. Always conduct your own up-to-date research to make informed decisions. However, it’s important to note that Proprietary Trading Firms, in general, have limited regulatory oversight from financial authorities, making it challenging to definitively classify them as scams or legitimate entities.

  • As professional guidance, we recommend thoroughly understanding prop trading and recognizing its associated risks. It’s beneficial to opt for a company with a reputable standing and one that has been operational for several years, as this often signifies stability. Don’t invest significant personal funds, the potential losses in this model are generally lower compared to directly trading with your own capital.



FTMO Challenge Rules

Before allocating a funded account to traders, FTMO seeks to evaluate their risk management proficiency. This is the rationale behind developing trading objectives for the two stages of the FTMO evaluation process. These objectives serve as indicators of a trader’s discipline, dedication, and responsibility in trading activities. The evaluation process is divided into two critical steps: the FTMO Challenge and the Verification.

  • Moreover, after signing up, traders are offered either immediately start an FTMO Challenge or start a Free Trial, which is a free version of the FTMO Challenge designed for practice. In Free Trial, traders will also be able to test some of the applications as well as get a shortened version of trading performance. The Free Trial can be retaken unlimited times to enable traders to get ready for the Challenge. Overall, FTMO login process is easy and straightforward enabling traders with easy access.

FTMO evalutation

Account Balance and Registration Fee

Before getting started with FTMO traders need to pass the evaluation process by choosing the Account Balance from which they would like to start, based on the Account Balance size the conditions are slightly different. The evaluation process is simple involving two steps — Challenge and Verification — after which the traders that successfully passed the evaluation are eligible to become an FTMO trader.

Moreover, FTMO completely removed the Profit Target requirement for traders to give them the freedom to trade with peace of mind. Also, FTMO requires a registration fee for the challenge which also varies depending on the account balance, however, the firm immediately offers a refund upon becoming an FTMO trader.

  • FTMO sets Trading Objectives to ensure that clients are qualified to trade. Traders must meet these objectives to demonstrate their readiness for trading. See the Snapshot of Trading Objectives Below.
  • Generally, FTMO’s fee structure and account balance requirements are appealing and competitive. They offer lower starting fees and initial account sizes compared to their rivals, which is beneficial.
  • They present a variety of account balance choices, ranging from $10,000 to $200,000, and upon passing their evaluations, a trader can qualify to manage up to $400,000.
FeesFTMOFundedNextThe Funded Trader
Minimum Account Size10,000$6,000$50,000
Fee €155$59$289
Maximum Account Size$200,000$200,000$400,000
Fee€1 080$999$1,869
Reset or Test RetakeYesYesYes
Is Fee Refundable?YesYesYes

Profit Target

In the FTMO Challenge, traders aim for a profit target of 10%, with an aggressive option of 20%, of the initial balance. Meanwhile, during the Verification stage, the profit target is reduced to 5%, or 10% for those choosing the aggressive approach. Hence, the Verification’s profit objective is essentially half that of the FTMO Challenge, despite the trading period being twice as long.

Maximum Loss

FTMO provides traders with a 10% Maximum Loss buffer and a 5% Maximum Daily Loss, maintaining a 1:1 ratio of loss to profit, aligning with the industry’s top standards. The primary goal is to collaborate with traders who bring a wealth of experience to the platform.

Minimum Trading Period

A common regulation in proprietary trading evaluations is the necessity for traders to turn a profit within a specified number of days or trading periods. Specifically, at FTMO, traders are required to trade profitably for a minimum of 4 days across all account sizes.

See the detailed table with FTMO Trading Objectives:

FTMO Challenge

Free Trial

FTMO offers a 14-day free trial with adjusted trading objectives. After the trial period ends, traders receive a summary analysis of their account performance. We find this feature adds an advantage to the firm, as not many proprietary trading firms provide a Free Trial, setting it apart as an added value to potential clients.

FTMO Funded Account

Upon becoming an FTMO Trader, traders earn access to some of the best trading conditions available. FTMO eliminated the Profit Target to alleviate the pressure of reaching specific goals, allowing traders to trade more freely. The key Trading Objectives to adhere to are the drawdown limits, including the Maximum Daily Loss and Maximum Loss, as these are crucial for sustainable trading.

Profit Split

Traders are not required to achieve a minimum profit to be eligible for a Profit Split; it just has to be sufficient to cover transaction fees. Traders can withdraw 80% of whatever profit they generate.

FTMO Swing Account

The FTMO Swing Account is designed with the flexibility that swing traders require, imposing no limitations on trading during news events or on holding positions overnight or over the weekend, even beyond 2 hours of market closing. This setup is ideal for traders who maintain their positions over extended durations, allowing their strategies to unfold over time.

  • When setting up your FTMO Challenge, you have the option to select ‘Swing’ as your account type. Additionally, should you need to change your trading style, you can switch to a Swing account even after your Challenge has begun.



Payout and Withdrawals

From our comprehensive research, we’ve found that payouts are typically processed within a span of 1-2 business days following the validation of the invoice. Challenges can be paid through various convenient payment methods, and these transactions will incur no additional processing fees. Also, for regulatory reasons, bank transfers for payments or payouts are not available for residents of Venezuela, Cuba, Sudan, and Ukraine.

Withdrawal Method

Profits can be received via regular bank wire transfers, credit/debit cards, Skrill, or cryptocurrencies. FTMO does not impose any commissions on withdrawals.


Account Conditions

When evaluating Account Conditions, it’s crucial to carefully assess whether the prop firm offers a variety of account preferences, as well as the applicable Platforms, Instruments, and Trading Costs. Analyzing the Leverage levels and Trading conditions provided is also vital, as some prop firms may impose restrictions on certain strategies and disallow specific practices in funded accounts, leading to potential account losses. To recover the account, re-passing the test might be necessary. A detailed breakdown is provided below:

Trading Instruments

FTMO provides a select but comprehensive suite of trading instruments that aligns with the offerings of many forex brokers. Traders have access to a diverse array of markets, encompassing Forex pairs, global Indices, various Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies, catering to different trading preferences and strategies.

FTMO Commission

We also assess the trading costs, such as commissions and spreads. FTMO applies a commission fee — for standard forex lots, this is set at $3. For indices and other financial instruments, the charges are minimal, amounting to mere fractions of a cent. In terms of spreads, FTMO boasts competitive rates. Detailed examples of their spreads can be found in the snapshot provided below:



FTMO provides a consistent leverage of up to 1:100 across all trading instruments within the account. This level of leverage remains accessible throughout the entire trading journey, from the Challenge phase to the point where you qualify as a funded trader.


Trading the FTMO challenge, the Verification, and the FTMO account can be done on some of the most popular retail platforms like cTrader, DXtrade, MetaTrader 4, or MetaTrader 5. Traders are free to select the platforms that suit them.

Trading Conditions

Based on our findings, FTMO doesn’t put any restriction on trading styles, As long as trading is legitimate (in line with proper risk management), conforms to the real market conditions, and does not resemble forbidden practices,

  • FTMO stands out by allowing a wide range of trading strategies, including News Trading, Swing Trading, use of Expert Advisors (EAs), and holding positions over the weekend. Moreover, traders have the added flexibility to employ stop-loss orders to manage risk effectively
  • FTMO maintains transparency in its pricing, ensuring that there are no hidden markups or deliberately added slippage. Trade execution matches the prices displayed on the trading platform. Should any slippage occur, it is attributed to technical delays, not artificial price adjustments.
  • FTMO offers a comprehensive suite of educational materials and sophisticated tools designed to elevate the trading prowess and strategic acumen of investors.
  • FTMO also offers a scaling Plan where successful traders have the potential to manage increasingly larger amounts of capital, which can amplify their earnings.
  • Additionally, FTMO Leaderboard displays the names and profits of top traders providing clients with a transparent benchmark to compare their performance with their peers.

FTMO Discount

Our review reveals that, in the past year, FTMO has released over 226 discount codes, with 122 of those offered in the last six months alone. The top discount available as of today reaches up to 25% off.

FTMO Alternative Brokers

Upon reviewing FTMO’s features, it emerges as a compelling choice for traders seeking funding. The firm distinguishes itself with a competitive suite of services, including access to multiple platforms like cTrader for an enhanced trading experience, as well as the advantage of a Free Trial, allowing traders to engage with lower risk. Nevertheless, those interested in Futures Trading may need to explore other proprietary firms, as FTMO does not provide this option.

Despite FTMO’s advantages, traders should compare offerings from various Proprietary Trading Firms, as some may offer better terms or more suitable options for those wanting a wider range of instruments or different platforms than MetaTrader. To aid in making a more informed decision, review the provided list and comparison table of FTMO and its competitors.

  • FundedNext — Trading Prop Firm with Lowest Account Balance
  • True Forex Funds — Good for USA Trading on Funded Accounts
  • The Funded Trader — Best for Higher Account Size

FundedNext alternatives

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