1. What is Olymp Trade?
  2. Is Olymp Trade regulated?
  3. Is Olymp Trade a scam?
  4. Olymp Trade in India?
  5. Olymp Trade in USA?
  6. Deposit & Withdrawal
  7. Apps
  8. Demo Account
  9. Conclusion

Is Olymp Trade a scam or a legit broker?

Olymp Trade is suspected to be a fraud company. It is an offshore company that has no regulation whatsoever. We advise our readers, do not use Olymp Trade. The broker is not regulated, not overseen and does not comply with strict international rules that provide protective measures to the traders.

What is Olymp Trade?

Olymp Trade is a trade name used by Smartex International Ltd., a company that provides options trading services and registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The company claims to be one of the fastest growing companies that deliver access to trade to the client at any level, increasing its trading volumes daily and currently closes around 32M trades per month. Traders from 134 countries trust Olymp Trade. The platform interface is localized into 19 languages. Moreover, the broker received numerous awards, the world industry recognition for their services, options trading platform, fast growth and innovations.

About Olymp Trade
🗺️ Registered inSt. Vincent and the Grenadines
🗺️ Type of LicenseOffshore License
🛡️ Is Olymp Trade safe to tradeNo
🗺️ Recommended LicensesFCA in UK 🇬🇧 & ASIC in Australia 🇦🇺
🖥 Alternative BrokerFP Markets - licensed by ASIC in Australia

Is Olymp Trade regulated?

Olymp Trade is an offshore broker registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. However, the fact is that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is an offshore zone, which does register the financial investment firm, but provides very poor if none requirements to the company operation. That means, the broker is not regulated, not overseen and does not comply with strict international rules that provide protective measures to the traders. Therefore, it became an offshore zone for shady forex brokers such as CVC Markets, AAG Markets and more. Read more about St. Vincent and the Grenadines regulation by the link.

Olymp Trade Review

Is Olymp Trade a scam?

Nevertheless, the company operates without a proper license from the industry authorities like FCA (UK) or ASIC (Australia) that protect clients and delivers necessary regulation to the service providers along with the convenience to the users and, of course, their investments. Unfortunately, it is not the case of Olymp Trade since the company only holds a membership in the international Financial Commission (FinaCom). Even though the FinaCom is a well-respected organization, it is a self-regulatory organization which cannot guarantee the safety of the trading environment and does not regulate the daily operations of the company, therefore can’t provide a necessary protection to the client. 

Olymp Trade in India

Olymp Trade is not technically illegal in India but it is in no way monitored or controlled by SEBI or RBI. This means if a trader faces any issues with regards to the app’s transactions or collections then Indian authorities will not be able to help. As Olymp Trade is not regularized by Indian authorities, various Indian banks are not dealing with the platform directly, only some international Debit/Credit are accepted on this platform. 

Olymp Trade in the USA

Unfortunately, Olymp Trade does not accept clients from the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, UK, Russia, or Israel. So, except for Olymp Trade, you are only permitted to trade with the U.S regulated platforms.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Olymp Trade accepts deposits via the following methods: credit and debit cards, bank wire transfer, e-payments such as Skrill and Neteller, cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Depositing is free with no extra charges, with the minimum deposit being $10. This makes the site easily accessible to everyone and a good starting point for beginners. Funds deposit relatively fast, but wire transfers take longer than other methods. Cryptocurrency tends to deposit the fastest.

The maximum withdrawal amount depends on whether it is a VIP or standard account, with the minimum always remaining at $10. The funds will go back to whatever payment method the trader used to deposit the money. Both standard and VIP members enjoy fast withdrawal processing times. Withdrawals take 24 hours to 3 days for standard investors. It takes only a few hours for VIP investors.


Olymp Trade offers a mobile app. Being able to access the trades from anywhere via a phone app is extremely convenient. This is especially considering the site specializes in fast, short-term trades. Their mobile app is responsive and has the same capabilities of the desktop and web version. 

Demo Account

Along with training materials, Olymp Trade offers free demo accounts. Those who registered get access to 10,000 virtual coins to play around with. This way, traders don’t risk losing any of their real money while getting over the learning curve. The demo account is also a valuable feature for experienced traders to get a feel for the interface.


Overall, the company offering is among the competitive ones along with its reputation, but generally, options are a high-risk investment due to its nature of trading, as well as the unlicensed environment of the Olymp Trade company puts some question marks either to enter the trading or not. Since the capital and the security of the investors’ funds is a primary goal, it is strongly recommended to choose among well-regulated companies that hold all necessary licenses, upholds authorized operations and delivers customer service on a proper level. 

You can also share your trading experience with Olymp Trade by commenting on this review.

Thach Pho Lun From Vietnam | | Wednesday, November 25, 2020

I heard a lot about fixed-time trading but was quite sceptical about it. It’s because everything I knew and practiced related to trading had to do with the foreign exchange market only. I came to Olymp via a referral link. Once I learned that the company offers Forex trading in addition to fixed-time one, I immediately opted for its because it was I already knew well. Their web platform is very pleasant to use. I have always appreciated intuitive and straightforward solutions. Later my curiosity towards fixed-time trading took over me and it tried it. I like the way it’s carried out because it gives a different feeling.

Ikhidie From Madagascar | | Friday, October 23, 2020

I remember the period when everyone scolded Olymp Trade for not having MT4. But this is not a company that simply turns a blind eye to the negative reviews. The team is very actively working on project development. And now Olymp has presented its MT4 integration. Moreover, recently it has also introduced several types of accounts for this platform. Including the ECN with minimum spreads. Now it is not just a broker for beginners with an easy to understand platform. Although the platform did not go anywhere. Moreover, it is continually being updated and improved. Now it is a company with a full range of services for any level of traders. I have already managed to switch to MT4. The platform is fast, the order execution speed is high. I enjoy the fact that there are many tools for technical analysis. It’s also cool that you can add your own indicators and Expert Advisors. This was important for me, as I prefer the ATR indicator. A simple window shows how many points an asset has passed and how many points it passes on average per day. This is useful information when you decide to open a trade and calculate Take Profit.

Temitope Abosede From Nigeria | | Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Almost six years of my experience there was really positive. I speak not only about my earnings, but primarly about experience that company gave to me. So, let’s back in 2013, the time when I came to trade with Olymp Trade. – That was my first brokerage and I’ve tried to understand trading with BOOKS. To be fair, books are a lot of words but a few sense. You’re going to spend around 10 hours to read a lot of text but you have no guarantee that this text will give you at least some understanding of how to trade. I’ve read 5 books and I was at the same level of understanding, complete noob. – So the first reason why I’ve chose Olymp Trade was education. Really, education there was so nice – well structured, combining theory and practical examples. So I was reading, watching examples and practicing on demo. – And now I’m still with Olymp Trade. This brokerage introduced some nice upgrades now, including MT4 support and status system. I won’t speak about MT4, as think that’s obviously why MT4 was needed but status system is my one love. The essence is simple, the higher status you achieve – the better trading conditions you obtain and that’s fair, so more active traders with higher deposits get better conditions (including number of simultaneous trades).

Jitendra Jha From India | | Sunday, August 30, 2020

Personally, before opening an account with Olymp Trade, I checked the broker for a regulator. Because this is probably what every trader should do before opening an account with a new brokerage. That’ s because every day the number of scammers in the web grows more and the security of investments should be a priority for everyone. And Olymp Trade has no deposit security problems, it has an excellent regulator. Moreover, the broker’s regulator guarantees deposit insurance up to $20k. So I’m calm and trust Olymp Trade when it comes to money. I also really like the broker’s trading conditions, they are suitable for both beginners and professionals. The minimum deposit is from $10, 2 trading platforms, lots of assets to trade with and so on. Recently, a broker has introduced a status system, which has made trading and its conditions a little more diverse. As for me, this is a very interesting approach, because you have more motivation to trade and become better in it. So definitely, I liked Olymp Trade very much as a brokerage. The year that I trade with it was very fast and brought me a lot of positive emotions. Now trading isn’t just a hobby for me 😉

Bankole Obianuju From Kenya | | Thursday, July 30, 2020

Two years ago, I was excited about Olymp Trade. Really, I thought it was the best broker in the industry. At that time I was new to Olymp Trade and for me the education and all these Olymp Trade features were a great backround to start trading. After 2 years, everything has changed and now I clearly see the problems. The first and major one is that Olymp Trade is focused on beginners. Olymp Trade does everything it can to help newcomers trade and make money, and that’s cool. However, as a pro, I feel uncomfortable trading and constant face education. This is the main drawback for me, who made me change brokers and move to trading with another broker.

Joshi Narasimhan From India | | Monday, July 27, 2020

You should definitely try trading, because it’s really a thing that can help you implement what you’ve been hiding somewhere deep inside yourself and it’s a great test of your abilities. Because here you can’t pass the responsibility on to someone else, this is where you make your own decisions and assess the results of those decisions. And I think that’s really important. And if you really want to try it, if you’re serious about working and getting good results, then you should definitely try it here, because this company creates the conditions that will help you to get acquainted with the market, learn about the laws that apply here and what you can use to make money here. Of all the things presented here, I can mention the following: – a demo account – it has no restrictions here, and it’s something you can always use; – tutorials – to get a good understanding of all the features of the trading terminal and learn about its functionality; – webinars – this is an opportunity to see real trading and learn some new things that you will be using yourself.

Turner Ratke From Morocco | | Tuesday, June 30, 2020

If you ask me, a broker fits both newbies and professionals. I myself have been a client of Olymp Trade for 3 years. Before that I had a demo account here, and later I didn’t want to change my current brokerage, as Olymp Trade was doing its job perfectly. And I have a friend, who recently became interested in trading, too. I of course advised my broker to him. And it isn’t even that I “promote” my broker. It’s just that Olymp Trade offers excellent training programs for beginners, and its demo is very comfortable to get to know the market better. So the broker is just perfect for experienced traders who know what they want, as well as for inexperienced beginners who are still learning.

Stuart Pule From South Africa | | Monday, June 29, 2020

I don’t remember much exactly how I got interested in trading, but I remember that at first it was some kind of entertainment or hobby. I worked with small sums of money and very rarely, and I can’t say that it immediately became my life’s work. Of course not, I didn’t understand how you can and should analyze the market. I was opening orders to my eye and as a real player I was hoping for profit every time, completely unaware of what was going on. In general, my story is probably similar to hundreds and thousands of others. But it is true and I am not going to invent something that did not happen. And only after a few months and the first blown up deposit, I realized that I had to change something and look for other approaches to trading. That’s how I got interested in learning from OT. Because there was so much material here that I was even surprised how much I had to learn. But still, I decided that I should try it. And I was pleasantly surprised that every OT review is really useful, structured information about the market, indicators, strategies and no broker advertising. And all this is free. And the result did not keep me waiting. I began to see at least periodic profits. And as I trained for a demo, everything went well.

Abdul Rahman Jawaherji From Ethiopia | | Tuesday, June 2, 2020

I was very distrustful of Forex. My parents both worked in the factory and they taught me that you can only make money with your hands. I can say with all honesty that I could not even imagine that money can make money, and logical thinking can be so profitable. I have been trading on the Olymp Trade demo account for a long time, studied all the training from Olymp and read about 60 books on psychology and trading. Only after that I moved on to real trading. This is very exciting, because I sold my house and invested in trading. My family did not understand me, but I had a clear strategy and I can say that in 3 years of trading I was able to become really rich. However, if you want to become successful, you have to work hard.

Fahmi Juhani From Algeria | | Thursday, May 28, 2020

Every trader is first of all a personality, which has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and that is why, in my opinion, the company should try to focus on the fact that different traders may need different knowledge and tools in order to achieve their goals. And of course, the company cannot guarantee the result – it is true. Because 95% of what happens depends on the trader. But the company can provide the necessary tools, which you can study and leave for your future work. I generally like the fact that my broker and many others have started to make a significant emphasis on training. On the one hand it’s not worth anything for a large company. On the other hand, it is a quality service that allows traders to gain new knowledge that they can apply in order to trade more dynamically and profitably, to use larger capitals, to bring in larger commissions, and all this somehow has a positive impact on the brokerage company itself and its prospects. And it is great that they paid attention to this pattern and paid more attention to their clients. And now it largely depends on the trader, whether he will be successful or not, because in fact he has everything that is necessary for work – the trading terminal, analytics, tools for analysis and, most importantly, information that can help in finding favorable situations in the market. So you just have to decide whether you need it or not. And if yes, then to work on all 100% and not to expect that everything will turn out by itself.

Asem Al-Matrafi From Tunisia | | Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Come on, let’s finally look a little wider at trading and find something that can make your life better and more productive. No I don’t mean just money, it’s the primary product that interests us all, it’s normal, so we do our best to achieve a positive result. But I’ve recently been thinking about what else it gives me in life. Because it can’t be that I spend 5-6 hours a day on it and it doesn’t show up on me in any way. I’ve noticed, for example, that I’ve become more attentive to the little things in recent years. That is, I pay attention to the way people talk, how they respond to my questions, I will briefly note that I am not only engaged in trading, I have another business line in my work, where I personally communicate with my partners. And it really helps to catch the slightest changes in my mood and, accordingly, I surround myself only with reliable people and quickly break up with those who simply should not be trusted. Moreover, at the moment when my second business was on the verge of collapse, there really were circumstances that I could not influence, just that I have a good understanding of economic processes and investment, I was able to quickly transfer my money to another area and quickly resolve this issue. I recently met a phrase in an article of Olymp Trade saying that a trader remains a trader in any situation. And it seems to me that it really is, and it really shows your economic preparedness and professionalism.

K.Munusamy From Malaysia | | Sunday, April 19, 2020

I don’t know what professionals will say about this broker, but in my opinion it’s a nice one. I’m only a newbie so can’t judge about the variety of indicators and those kinds of things, but look, the company has got so many pros that I can create a whole list here: 1. Registration is easy, account is well protected with two-factor authentication 2. Demo account is unlimited and has got all the functionality of a live-trading account 3. Education is free and quite useful 4. Deposits start with only $10 5. Minimum risk per trade is only $1 Apart from that there is one more thing that stands out among other brokerages. This is their trading platform. From what I understand, the software was fully developed by Olymp, and it is really much easier that MT4 to trade with. Basically you can limit your trading skills to buy and sell buttons. The broker will place the stops (you have to enter the amount you want to risk yourself though), close the trade when it’s time, etc. Of course this is not something that I suggest everyone doing, but the fact that you can never forget to place your stop-loss order is very good in my opinion.

Evva Kafeero From Zambia | | Monday, March 9, 2020

I very often communicate with other traders, sit on forums and generally try to keep in touch by all available means. And that’s why I like when a broker can help me in this. For example, at Olymp Trade there is a whole group of social networks that allow traders to get acquainted with the trading terminal faster and quickly learn all the features and functions, it allows you to start working in the way you want from day one. Plus, this is a great way for beginners who do not understand what to do and where to run, and in tandem with experienced traders, they are able to immediately get answers to their questions and also become a professional who is well oriented in the market. This is a cool tool and a great opportunity.

Cleo Sanford From Thailand | | Wednesday, February 5, 2020

If we talk about modern brokers, which I have been looking through in recent years, it is olymp that has attracted my attention as much as possible, because it has a huge number of services that can help both a beginner and a trader who has been trading for several years. Right here you can conduct market analysis and make transactions using dozens of assets from currency pairs to commodities and stocks. There is some incredible dynamics here, which allows me to work hard and quite actively, and that’s considering that I trade for about five hours every day. I think everyone can find something here for themselves, and there are good spreads and commissions, so you can give yourself the full freedom of action…

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290 responses to “Olymp Trade”

      • I will not agree with many of the reviews, because I have been trading here for a long time and I have never had any problems…

          • Once in a while there are some problem with this platform. Like this recently the candlestick changes color issues. But after many complaints were made, the Olymp Trade tech support team responded quickly to fix the problem. So y advise, with Olymp Trade you don’t have to worry about any problems as the tech support is very approachable and efficient.

        • Hello Gutsy,
          I am trying to withdraw the profits from the account but I am being asked to pay the tax upfront. Can you please share your experience of withdrawing the profits or guide in the withdrawal.

          • Hi I’ve been asked to do the same thing is this legitimate? Did you get your money?

        • I recommend that you start in the Olymp Trade education section in the platform. Or you download the Olymp Plus application. It is an additional application of Olymp Trade that focus on trading education in general. You will find a lot of information about Olymp Trade from basic info up to the advance level.

      • Well, I have been trading for years and have made good money. So, if one has learnt how to trade, there shouldn’t be any problem making money.

    • Maybe you just need to learn to trade? My first year was in red, but I wasn’t complaining, I was training. Now I make enough money, withdrawing money on regular bases, and the company doesn’t complicate it. Although I withdraw quite big amounts. And they started to cheat on you for some reason? How’s it look?

    • So many times I’ve heard this. There is something wrong with the market data! Broker is a scammer! Someone is watching my trades and makes the market go in the opposite direction. You know what? Bullshit! As one famous trader said: “You lose money not because your mom used to spank you in childhood. You lose money because you either don’t have a trading system or don’t follow it.” So stop accusing Olymp. Better work on your trading style. Good luck!

    • Why you said that sir ? As far as I know, Olymp Trade never cheat. All my profit they paid accordingly. And if I have any issues, the customer support is always available to help me out. The trading chart reading is identical ti tradingview. So may I know at which part that they cheat?

        • The promised period is 2-5 business days. But Olymp Trade will usually process the request within 24 hours. I’ve several times received my withdrawal money in less than 24 hours.

    • You should start with basic trading knowledge like technical & fundamental analysis or simply go for online trading courses like stock market & forex trading .if you don’t wish to spend a lot … that been said …. Even after learning the basics practice with demo account .. To over come that anxiety and fear of losing your trades you’ll have to trade with real money in live account … I don’t know about others but my experience with them has been very very good ….. You can make consistent profit you just have to learn everyday … & Most important you don’t have to make mistakes to learn from them …. You need risk management and a strategy ….Your strategies not other’s ….

    • Ohhh really but they just gave me a withdrawal of 3000 $ when I just invested 50 $ why would they do that …. Charity ..

    • Like seriously i was scammed two days ago 20k by mohammed usman on Facebook cause of diX fvkin stuff called OLYMP TRADE

      • Well, the broker has nothing to do with it, you can only trade on your own, I don’t understand, you gave the money to someone?

      • Usually people who say this platform is a scam because they really have been cheated. But not by Olymp Trade but by irresponsible parties who claim they are representatives of Olymp Trade. Actually there are too many similar cases. I have witnessed some of them.

        But I was actually amazed to see the pleasure of these humans that has been cheated gave away their money to others without investigating first.

        All because they want to get rich quickly.

        Too bad!

  1. Olymp trade cheats. I registered with them and I notice their platform is programmed to cheat. You can never make money with Olymp trade

    • How did you manage to notice that? Is there some kind of a red light on the platform that starts flashing and beeping: warning, warning, someone is earning money here!? I’m sorry, but if you really noticed that platform was meant to rip off the customers you would have provided much more details rather than just saying “they cheat”. Your comment sounds more like some competitor’s provoсation.

    • Well well… I made another withdrawal a couple of days ago, and it’s all OK. In fact, I’ve been doing it recently on a monthly basis, so if it’s a scam… well, at least I’m definitely not affected by it 🙂 Am I the only one who earns here, huh? Are you guys all losing here, or what? 🙂 But I guess I’m not doing anything special, just trading with a strategy, managing the risks, and all the stuff… That’s quite enough to make money on here, really 🙂

  2. I like the Olymp Trade platform. It is really convenient to trade on, especially with technical analysis involved. I haven’t seen any other trading platforms with such amazing service of technical analysis as here – and hey, that’s even for free! For quick analysis, you might as well use the main platform – it has all the necessary charts and indicators, but for some serious analysis you might want to switch to the platform specifically designed for this. It offers like hundreds of indicators and a great many of other tools, charts, and all this stuff. Personally I’ve never failed to find the necessary tool there.

    • অনেক ধন্যবাদ আপনাকে। আমি ও চাই আমার ভাগ্য পরিবর্তন করতে। আপনার সাহায্য কামনা করি।
      তপন চন্দ্র শীল।

    • LOL, I really wonder what you could have told him to freak him out that much? :))) If you open the chat once again, there will be a different agent – you might set out your compaints about that Ibrahim fradrack to him. Or just ask the support to punish that rascal.:))) But actually, you’re pretty lucky – I always get exclusively polite and helpful agents! So hella boring, I can’t even find fault with anything…

    • Why you write so? You’ve traded with them? You have proofs? Or what force you to claim so? If you have proofs, than publish them and let all people see. Or you just have lost money and got mad? Personally I trade Olymp for 4 years and didn’t noticed nothing like this for all this time. So where is a truth?

  3. The agent of Olympic trade Mr Ibrahim fradrack l start the platform with him he blocked me up on our chatting

  4. Looks like a scam. Everything works fine in demo, as soon as you go live everything turns to shit. Chart freezes, prices zoom the other way to impossible levels so you can never end in the money. In fact prices just zooms the other way and freezes moments after places the “trade”. Its all fake.

    What do we do now? How do we get out?

    • What do you mean – “How do we get out?”? And who’s actually forcing you to stay? If you don’t like it, don’t trade, I don’t see a problem. Trading is really not for everybody – some people can learn and gradually go into the black, while others give up at the earliest failure and start screaming that it’s a scam and one will never earn here. It seems that you belong to the second category…

      • You mare definately right, when.people flock in with excitement and know underdtsnding soon then vall it a scam, just fuckoff and fins descent dailly job. My advice is make money and withdraw and submit all verification and then wait for for your withrawal and then you can come here and say scam or not

      • Then just say Mr. Manil ; what is the actual process of trading? and if you are able please giving a prrof to us that how much money income through this? This will help us to trading in this platform.. can you help ?

    • hi there i face the same problem like the chart freezes, prices zoom the other way to impossible levels and support live chat box that doesnt open when you click, and when you call the staff they couldnt answer all your questions and they pass to one another arrggh!!! bad experience for me. I give up with olymptrade…really i loose a lot my money here but i still stay with them hoping that things are going to get better but too bad… they have done so well with the platform upgrading and so on but they cant secure their plarform. i already request for closing my account.

      • I’ve been working at olymp trade for a long time and I’ve never faced anything like this, maybe you should update your browser, sometimes it’s because of this that everything hangs and deals are executed late…

      • should try it again now – they have changed a lot. more stable platform, more efficient and fast response from the customer support. the local olymp trade community is also very sporting. always share their trading strategies FOC!

  5. Unfortunately, I m still learning the process. I m yet to understand everything, but I have great determination to do so. So far, I have been trying both sides-the demo and real account. I believe the platform is good for those who are patient and willing to learn. I strongly believe that given the risks involved in trading, one has to practice enough for the process. Nothing good comes on a sliver plate!

  6. Everywhere page I open that has to do with binaryoption or forex investments all have great customer reviews but when I tried investing with binaryoption, from plus option, to binomo to IQoption, I lost a lot. I still have someone helping me with my trades but I keep losing and now they want me to invest more money. I need to speak with people who have invested and had similar situations. Please reach out to me on my username

  7. i have never experience any of the negative mentioned in most of the comments
    i have tried Olymp trade and made some money and also withdraw the money withing three working days,

    i am looking for a winning strategy to make money on the site


  8. Olymp trade has been operating for years and I am surprised to hear that they are a scam broker. Most new traders feel losing a trade or all their investment is foul play from the broker’s side.I will believe that plump trade is a scam broker if someone was not able to withdraw their profits that they have made with the broker.

    For traders who are still struggling to make profits in trading, I recommend you invest more in your education rather than heading straight for the markets.

    There’s a book that changed my life when it comes fired trading, titled “Price Action the ultimate Indicator:Money Never Sleep by Fillemon Helondo” It comes pricy but you won’t regret your purchase.

    I wish you a happy trading all

  9. Today it’s almost a year that I’ve been trading on Olymp Trade platform. So it’s time to sum up:) Concerning the pros, I can say this platform is really classy – I mean, it is convenient, with a user-friendly design and all that is needed for trading; and at the same time, it doesn’t contain those kinda “”professional”” things that just confuse you but never-ever come in handy at all. I guess the payout rates on deals are also pretty high – you know, I occasionally watch reviews of other brokers and never saw rates that would be considerably higher. In general, the rates of competing companies are either lower or roughly the same. Besides that, I really liked the training. Attending webinars from the very beginning was cool, I learned much useful material. Can’t even imagine how much money I could’ve foolishly blown in the very beginning if those webinars hadn’t taught me the basics of trading 🙂
    As for the cons, I’d note only that you have to withdraw money in the same way that you made a deposit previously. You see, I made a deposit with an e-wallet, for I didn’t really know where to apply that money anyway. At the same time, I wanted to withdraw money directly to the credit card, but this isn’t the way it works. So now, I’ll have to make another small deposit, this time with my credit card. It’s no big deal actually, there are no commissions for that. Just…a bit inconvenient, you know.

  10. I am new in trading but i use to play iq demo it was a little bit complicated for me i then tried olymp trade i found it simply and interesting i made my first deposit and started to trade for really money i lose my money like i nerver practice but i didn’t gave up i came back with new strategy i made money in olymp trade and i tested my first withdrawal i was shocked and ver happy to receive my money .the process of withdrawal took two days.but guys if you say olymp is a scam you are disappointing me i still get money in my account there

    • Don’t worry, Mafika. People losing money on financial markets often blame third parties for own mistakes. Their broker for example. You’ve learned your lesson, developed a responsible attitude to trading, so don’t worry about OIymp’s critics. Just remember, your success is the product of your own discipline and persistance.

  11. I’ve been trading with Olymp Trade for more than a year. In general, it’s all fine. Of course I don’t always manage to receive profits, trading in the red is not such a rare phenomenon. At the beginning of my trader path, I did lots of silly mistakes that I could’ve easily avoided 😉 However, I’ve learned from my own mistakes quite a lot, so it helped me get where I am now. At the moment I’m trading in the black and gradually growing my capital. So far I’m not planning to leave the platform, especially that it is also developing and getting better. Much like my trading skills, naturally 😉

  12. Iqoption is scam platform. They manipulate the trendline if you are in profitable position in binary option.I donot know about olymp trade. I just created account

    • This article is not about Iqoption XD
      Be careful what and where you write.

      OLYMP TRADE is a good trading platform. I have been using this for 2 years now. If you understand that this is not an easy way to make money, then you will earn. If you want to make money, you must have analytical approach. If you do not have analytical mind, then I advise you to forget about making money on the Internet. You will lose your money.

  13. I recently learned about OlympTrade platform, started to read the reviews and noticed, that there are many contradictions in reviews. Then I decided to try trading on the platform just for myself and find out what’s a lie and what’s true.
    Now I can share my impressions.
    You can trade on the platform through the mobile application or the computer. The mobile version has many tools as well as a full desktop version, I think, they fully substitute MT4.
    There is a separate window for technical anaysis, there is a widget of free signals, which I liked a lot. There is a separate training section for those, who are just starting. I watched a few webinars and was satisfied with it! If I came across something similar in the beginning, I think, I could succeed earlier.
    After watching a webinar, you can try the strategy on the demo-account right away, therefore the theory always will be supported by the practical part, and it will bring some good results.
    And after you will be trading and receiving the income on a demo account, you can try to create a real one by depositing just 1$. Making a deposit is a simple and clear process, the money will be accepted in a few minutes. The withdrawal is also fast, the broker promises to withdraw the money within 24 hours, but I received them in approximately a few hours.

  14. I’ve learned about Olymp Trade a few years ago. Back then my brother was passionate about the trading on the market and showed me this platform. I forgot about Olymp for a year, and half a year ago I remembered it and decided to test.
    For the beginning, I created a demo account and started getting to know the platform. Then I found the community of traders on facebook and started to communicate with them at the same time learning their trading strategies and some small lifehacks.
    At the same time, I was watching different webinars and read much information about the market.
    Two months ago I switched to the real account. And yesterday I made my first withdrawal. I didn’t have any problems with it, everything was very fast.
    So I’m happy with the platform and recommend it to all!

  15. I have a demo account in Olymp Trade. I watch strategies in youtube and try in demo. I think this platform is very easy when you learn how to do it first before starting in a real account. I’ve plan to start trading this year. May God bless us all!

  16. I hesitated to write a positive review about my broker, because.. oh well, I’m just lazy. But you see, a friend of mine has just lost his monthly salary equivalent because the broker he used (may his name be excluded from Google cash forever) cheated with market data. There was a huge spike which swallowed half of his deposit and sure enough you can’t find this spike anywhere else. Neither at Trading View delayed data, nor at other data providers. I’m sure this broker did this before too, it just wasn’t that obvious.
    I’ve always been telling him to switch to Olymp Trade but he never listened. So I’m just trying to prevent as many people as possible now from the same mistake my friend did.
    Olymp offers decent spreads and commissions policy and it doesn’t swallow all of your profits if they happen to occur.
    Their market data is honest
    Funding accounts is easy
    Tons of instruments to work with
    Withdrawals of profits go smooth (you’ve been waiting for this one, ha?)
    Trading platform is stable and convenient
    Do I have to go on?
    You see, lots of people get stuck with their trading simply because their broker does not allow any profits to come in. There are tons of measures they can take to prevent you from profiting and you will never know!!! Discipline, emotions, proper systematic trading… yes, people often lack this but success on the market is not limited to these things only. Broker is your nearest partner in this journey to financial freedom, so you’ve got to choose this partner thoroughly. Please don’t run into same mistake my friend did, wasting months or even years of your life fighting with the windmills your broker puts on your path. I know for myself that Olymp is my dear Sancho Panza and he never let me down. I’m not telling you to go with Olymp only. I just wish yall to find the partner you trust as much as I trust mine.

  17. Can’t say it was easy, but I did it! I’ve withdrawn my first profit from Olymp Trade. It all looks very easy when you watch these commercials or even trading tutorials. In fact trading digital options is a difficult job. You have to be prepared to some failures before you finally learn to identify the mood of the price: where it wants to go, what is the tendency. I tried following some other people’s advice but it never worked out well. Only after I learnt myself to trade thoughtfully and pay enough attention to price studies, then only profits came in. I’ve started with $100 and withdrew my first $300 finally last week. For someone this amount sounds ridiculous, For me this is the first step on the path to financial freedom.

    • That’s nice bro please am new into it pls would you help me on how to understand its work WhatsApp +2349035189557 or email me @israelpraise9@gmail. Com
      Thanks so much.

  18. Can you all guide me to success as I just created account with Olymp. WhatsApp me through: 07034032995. Thanks alot

  19. They are not truthful, Indeed after trading with them for some weeks on the the real account. they got up one day and denied me access to my account. I had written to them without any response

    • First of all you need to find out whether you’ve completed the verification process on your account. This can be the problem. Once verification if completed, your account will get unlocked and you’ll be able to withdraw profits anytime with the verified payment method. You’ve got to pay attention though,that its only possible to withdraw the money using the same payment method you funded your account with. This policy has something to do with the anti-money laundry act.

  20. In my opinion Olymp Trade has got the most advanced trading platform among all online brokerages. I know many of them use MT4, but I absolutely hate MetaTrader. OT browser-based trading platform has got charting tools, indicators, different timeframes and you can also choose the preferred bar types including Heiken Ashi bars. Pending orders and stop losses are available too. Simply love it!

  21. I am new in this Olymp trade platform. I need some assistance please, anybody to share with me the trading strategy?

  22. By the way it sounds and considering the long list of the brokers you’ve tried working with it occurs to me that the cause of the problem lies not in the field of one or another broker’s competence, but in the trading system you use. Well, most likely I would not be mistaken if I said there is NO trading system in your approach to digital options market. You can’t start making money with guessing where the price will go. It’s all about statistics. If market conditions are such, then with 65% probability the price will go up. Something like this. You don’t have to guess correctly 100% of the time. You don’t need to guess at all. You just need to exploit the statistical advantage.This is the only path to be successful on the financial market. If you don’t know how to build your first proper strategy, then try some of Olymp’s educational programs. They will teach you the basics and once you know your edge, you will transform one of the strategies to suit you best and bring you more money.

  23. I am a risk taker olymp trade here i come whether you are a scammer or not…………zvimwe zviyedzwa lol.

    • If you try, you will realize that this is stupid slander. The company is very reliable and has a very responsive service. I had several problems with the company, but everything was resolved quickly and Olymp Trade proved to be the best. Of course, sometimes problems arise, but the main thing is that the company is working to resolve them. Many people faced with a problem do not try to solve it calmly, but begin to pack up and look for various slander about the company.

  24. I have been practicing with the demo account and watching staff on YouTube to learn. I can say I am improving. I have given my self a Target to earn a month. If I can find a strategy..through practise that will maintain this amount for 3 months, then I will trade with the real account. Its better to try things out to know for sure.you can base money decisions on hearsay.

  25. Convenient platform, excellent support that answers all my questions fast and in a professional manner. I like the variety of instruments that they’ve got. I wish all of these instruments had same payout rates, but oh well.. Money withdrawals are fast once you complete the verification process. Usually I get the money the same day I do the withdrawal request.

  26. Olymp trade is great some dumb fools don’t just get it have been trading for two years and I earn $800 everyday of my life I own my house, am a cars owner and am happy thanks to olymp trade

    • Hi mate, I’m trading with Olymp for more than 4 years, so may suggest it from my own experience. I’ll briefly describe you the main pros and cons. Pros include regulation by Finanaclial Comission (Finacom), if you will lose some money cause of brokers fault, this regulator will give you a compensation. Also, Olymp is fast in terms of making deposit and withdrawing money. Deposit usually takes around 1-2 min and withdrawings take around 24 hours. There is also good trading platform, I find it easy to learn it, it’s quite native. However, there are also cons, including comission fees for opening the deal. I understand that it’s pay for excellent service, but I think you should know it. Overall, my experience is only positive and during 4 years I never face any problems and made more than 35 withrawals.

  27. I am not going to condemn about Olymp Trade because to be honest , I did gain some profit using this platform. This platform is not perfect but I think it has sufficient features that the traders especially the beginners need to start the trading.

    However with the latest update that they just did, I really feel turned off because there are several features that are not functioning well.

    I really hope that they will change it back to the previous version which is way better than this current one.

  28. Trading is an area where warranties are needed. When I chose a broker, I was looking for a company with a reliable reputation and membership in an internationally recognized regulator. Olymp Trade is a member of the regulator of the International Financial Commission (FinaCom). The regulator is very important if you trade in excess of $ 500, as it provides deposit insurance. I’ve never needed this, but the essence of insurance is precisely what would act in the future. Of course, you can choose an incomprehensible broker that exists for a couple of months and does not have registration in the regulator. But if you have any problems, then you will be left alone with them. Olymp Trade protects its customers, if you have a dispute with the company, you can always contact the arbiter and resolve it in the correct order. In order to better understand this, you need to know that if problems can arise, then due to technical failures or errors of company employees. And if this happens, you can always solve the problem with Olymp Trade or FinaCom without any problems.

    • Oh-ho-ho, have you got any proofs? Or you just plaming for nothing? I’m trading with Olymp and it’s reliable broker, that never delay withdrawals. Moreover, usually I withdraw money at least one time a month. And I wait around 18 hours each time. If you have proofs – you’re welcome to show it. However, if you just want to hate trader, don’t write anything. There is the only reason, that can explain your bahavior: you lost money gambling and now blame Olymp Trade

  29. For me, trading is a hobby and I trade exclusively in a mobile application. Options trading on the Olymp Trade platform is also available through a mobile application that can be installed on any device. The application works with a single account in the company and has a convenient interface. Yes, the company had to cut some functions in order to achieve smoothness and speed, but at the same time the platform works very economically and does not discharge the device. If you don’t need all the indicators, then the Olymp Trade mobile application is very usable.

  30. I am interested in olymptrade no matter what is said about the broker. I have done the demo trading for a long time and have read a lot of testimonies so I can’t go back.
    But I can’t make a deposit b/c I don’t understand how to, since I have not done it before. I need help. Which method did you use. I need help please.

    • Dear Manson,

      We would still advice you to choose from the Regulated brokers https://55brokers.com/forex-broker-reviews/. Olymp Trade is NOT regulated, therefore, you might just never get your money back after investing with this broker. That’s the difference between the demo account and the ususal one, since you do not trade your own money with the demo account.

    • Deposit methods vary from country to country with Olymp. If you press the deposit button in the menu sections of a trading platform, you will be automatically redirected to the page with all the payment methods listed there. Just choose the one you prefer and follow step by step instructions. It took me less than 5 minutes to deposit via credit card. The account balance showed up in a platform immediately and I could start trading right away.

    • Dear Chidi,

      You can try contacting your personal manager regirding your withdrawal process. If there is no reply from the company managers, you can try reporting to your local authorities.

    • Just go to olymptrade.com and fill in the simple form. You don’t have to deposit any money yet. In fact i recommend that you spend at least 3 months in the free demo account. Sharpen your skills , understand the usage of indicators etc…

    • Learn about indicators first. You have to know at least 2-3 indicators. Be familiar with the usage. If you do not know any of these indicators, it is just as good as you are gambling. You will only tend to press the red or green buttons for trading. That’s a very wrong way to trade.

  31. Compared to other options i really think olympic trade is reliable. You gotta understand this simple business modal, You lose or win they are gonna make money from each trade you do. Even if you win they are gonna take a certain % of your money. So why do they want to scam us.
    but one thing i have noticed so far is all the reviews (positive) are company made to attract customers. But even if you invest, start with demo account and learn the tricks. It doesnt mean that if you win 9/10 in demo, you will surly win 9/10 in real account also.Real account is a different scenario. One thing i gotta say is dont let ur greed rule you. start with small amount and slowly progress.

  32. I was introduced to olymp trade by a friend of mine who described this broker as reliable and profitable and generally said that I would never get into any technical hitches here. Unfortunately, now it is common with most brokers, so it became a serious indicator for me. That’s how it happened, for 2.5 years I have never faced any serious difficulties or problems in the functioning of the platform. It is very high-quality and attractive, has a large set of tools with which you can implement trading on any strategy. And there is always a customer support service, which can help you if you have any questions. I am pleased with such attentive attitude to clients.

  33. Olymp Trade is reliable broker and I am enjoying trading on olymp trade because here I am able to trade all my fav trading assets its good trading platform with some good features

  34. Pls I need your advise…. I want to deposit into my account on olymp trade but I was told that it doesn’t work like that, that I’ll have to pay to an agent so as to invest with them first before she can deposit into my olymp account….. Pls is that true, I need to know that I’m taking the right step…

  35. I have been unable to withdraw from my Olympic trade account for almost six months. Without receiving any alert both on my bank or Olympic account?

    • Did you contact the olymp staff? It wouldn’t be superfluous to go to the bank either. There are different situations. Recently I also had a long withdrawal of funds, I called the bank – I had a fight and the money was immediately found…

  36. This broker is good from different points. Olymp Trade can be called universal broker, that offers not only one or two cool features, but is good in all regards. Working with Olymp Trade is beneficial both for newbies and experienced traders, as I started with Olymp as newbie and now, when I’m making serious money trading, I can say that Olymp Trade is still beneificial and offers one of the best services within the whole market. For those, who are only in the beginning of trading way, Olymp stuff designed great and native educational system, that include blogs, helpful tips in trading plarform and webinars. And, what’s important, all these things don’t repeat each other, but deal to your understanding of trading. Olymp offers one of the lowest minimum deposits in the market, only 10 dollars, that’s extremely low. For experienced traders there are VIP accounts and other benefits, so I don’t think I should change broker. Olymp introduced its own trading platform and it offers fast orders execution, there are only minor lags sometimes. The only disadvantage I can mention is that you can withdraw your profits only with the same method, you used to make a deposit. Olymp support team explained me that’s cause of security reasons, but sometimes it can be really inconvenient. On the other hand, the minimum deposit is 10 dollars, so you can make this deposit to add payment method to withdrawal options.

    • Hello Tobilo Chibiko, I just joined olymp recently but haven’t gotten the strategies to make profits from it, would you mind sharing with me how to? Even if it means paying for it. Kindly.

  37. Man here in rwanda it is very difficult to create dollars account who.can assure me my money’s safety (trustworthy person) and i deposit my money on his account

  38. Olymp Trade is COOL broker thank the company. I learned what about trading and now I’m trading. Olymp Trade is much more simple than any other brokerage, as well as there are fast withdrawals. I like this brokerage…

  39. As far as am Concerned Olymp Trade Broker is the best ❤️ just learn techniques and you will get what you want. Thanks

  40. Yet…yes…yes brother, this is just like you are getting our from airport,all tax drivers will ask you to board their car while downgrade his competitors, or just like a famer who is lookin for good pest side,there are so many to confuse.
    Only one thing,as long people get money,it is enough
    Also I checked on web that they says its good,down there is disclemas says that”they are not responsible for any loose .
    So good lack

    • I fairly don’t understand what you want to say. The disclaimer that the company isn’t responsible for lose is common, as you trade the free market and the company is just intermediary between you and such market, so how can it be responsible for your loses? It’s normal. I think, you don’t understand how trading works, lol

  41. It seems to me that everyone who tried to work at OLYMP TRADE on forex or binary options was satisfied with this broker and his services, all because the dynamics are very visible here and you can always find something to help you earn. It’s actually very rare for a broker to take care of all his clients, regardless of their financial capacity and willingness to invest large sums.

    • If you are a beginner , Olymp Trade is good enough. They have everything that is needed by the newbies. Easy to set the indicators, navigation is straight forward, complete set of education section and also efficient customer suuport.

      And let say you gain some profit and would like to make a withdrawal , the process is very quick and you might get your money within 24 hours even though they mentioned it will take about 3-5 business days.

  42. Mai abhi abhi olymp Trade se judi hu, mujhe ye website pasand nhi aaya kioki paise niklne pr to nikl gye lekin kuch smjh nhi aa rha, knhi ye koi jaalsaaj log to nhi???

  43. Olymp Trade definitely is a scam. Every time you cash in, 1-2 days you’ll win a few not more than trice of your deposit, thereafter you’ll loose everything…. Compare movements with others though of different platforms…. You’ll see the huge difference…Use movement comparison with coinbase, binance, okex etc. no match…. I’m thinking why did some if not most of us believe on these online computerized gambling platforms, it’s easy for them to cheat….

  44. I haven’t seen anything like that, I think you may have a platform slow down and so you see an irrelevant price, clean your browser, or try a mobile app, there is a chance that everything will get better.

  45. OLYMP tread is an honest broker. I am making enough every day. no difficulties for withdrawal.
    just need to learn how to trade.

    • Olymp Trade don’t cheat at all. The things like that are written only by people that don’t understand how trading and forex works. I trade with OT long enough to say everything is 100% clear. Moreover, they are regulated.

  46. I fairly don’t understand what you want to say. The disclaimer that the company isn’t responsible for lose is common, as you trade the free market and the company is just intermediary between you and such market, so how can it be responsible for your loses? It’s normal. I think, you don’t understand how trading works, lol

  47. @ jeo your points are baseless have you ever seen crypto prices in some exchanges been the same they differ..to find out if olymp trade cheats or not use Currencies like EURUSD..GBPUSD..to compare prices. Stop talking like a newbie you are to discourage new traders…based on the review here the positive review has over weighed the negative..so am going with olymp trade.

  48. I think Olymp is a scam. When you trade with Olymp, the trade will always move against you. I believe it has been programmed that way.

  49. My own problem is quite different. Please, someone should tell me if it is common or can it be resolved. I have been trading with demo account for days and successfully. Then I put money in my live account today and was trading rather unsuccessfully. That one is no one else’s fault but my account was logged out automatically and all attempts to log in again has failed. I still have good money in my account. For more than 2 hours the e mail I sent them have not been replied. Please, what can I do?

    • Try to recover your password or just change it in your personal cabinet.
      And you can also call technical support or write to them on the site.
      Maybe it’s also possible that your e-mail has been hacked – so you can’t even go in, and your letters are not sent anywhere.

  50. I just deposited live money in Olympic and was logged out automatically while trading. All attempts to log in has failed. Please, what should I. Do?cvw

  51. I was logged out while trading live. All attempts to log in has. Failed. What do I do?My money is there

  52. Olymp trade is good brokerage for all people that want trade. I like that everything is easy-designed, so even in case you aren’t super-profi, you’ll face no problems while trading. By the way, I can’t find how to set-up manual stop-loss for Olymp trade forex, can someone suggest?.

    • You can set-up general stop-loss for all traders on your trading pannel, or choose it when openning a deal in the window that opens when opening a deal. I can suggest you to watch Olymp Trade webinar about stop-loss setings, it explains everything clearly.

    • This is an excellent question, because we all want to see the perspective and correctly assess the events.
      Look, I think that a month of regular trading will be enough for you to deal with all the features of the terminal, etc..
      Once again, a lot depends on your performance and previous experience, as far as I know, on average a trader needs 2-6 months to start coming to a stable income and stop allowing regular capital drawdowns.

  53. Olymp Trade is legit guys. I made 3k USD in 3 days.let not be deceived it is based on how well you trade.

  54. I don’t want to talk about a brokerage company anymore (it’s generally OK, at least by my standards). But I want to talk to my colleagues, who also trade and believe in this field, but for some reason still treat it as a game, and therefore want to “win” as often as possible. What about analytics? And what about the strategies that we just have to test? And this despite thousands of sad stories of unsuccessful traders. What is it that happens…?

  55. I learned trading using the free materials from olymp’s database. So when I felt it was time to fund the account, I knew already who is going to be my broker.
    Olymp has got the following advantages:
    – low minimum deposit
    – easy to learn and easy to work with trading platform
    – reliable connection, so that you don’t miss a trade because of connectivity issues
    – fast withdrawals (within 1 day for electronic payment systems)

  56. It is clear they rig the system in their own favour.

    The house always wins.

    Also, their so-called Bonuses are fake.

    They end up deducting the amount from the person’s own deposit, even when it is clear that the only amount the person lost was from their so-called Bonus.

    They are evil and to be avoided at all costs.

    • Sometimes the problem might be on the side of your bank. Depositing via electronic payment systems like skrill or neteller is always fine. In any case you can contact Olymp’s live support. They have some real people there (not bots), who can help you with any issues.

  57. Its not safe to trade with Olymp trade. Most of the positive reviews here are by Olymp trade themselves. They have specifically employed people to scan the internet for reviews and provide fabulous positive reviews. The problem will start when you actually start making money (if at all you make money). My advice is KEEP AWAY from the plague and stay safe

    • Okey, you can call me Olymp Trade bot, lol. I think it’s very convenient – call all people you don’t agree just bots. I don’t think it’s possible from technical side to manipulate trading for each trader separately. However, if you’re sure that you’re right, than you can just start a blog and show this scam with proves. I can’t claim that OT aren’t scammers, but I have my own experience and I see no problems. Also, most such reviews, like you, are without proves. I think that if you have proofs, that will be cool to provide them.

  58. I can’t say much about this brokerage company, because it has the same trading conditions as many other brokerage companies.
    But there are no problems with withdrawal of funds, everybody does it very quickly. But as for other points, I can not say for sure, because much depends on the experience of a trader. For example, you can start working here with only $10, but it is not safe, right?!
    So, use any opportunities reasonably and think ahead.

  59. I first heard about Olymp Trade broker 3 years ago at Forex forum. At that time I was still a beginner on a demo and I didn’t think that I would be so seriously interested in trading.
    But after a couple of months I realized that I was ready to risk real money and decided to open an account with Olymp Trade.
    Its minimum deposit starts at $10 and I was completely fine with it. As a result, I got a free training from a broker and started my trading. When I only started I knew that it would be hard for me, but Olymp Trade made my experience as positive and easy as possible.
    3 years have passed very quickly and I’m not going to change my brokerage.

  60. I don’t know how you act, but I am becoming more and more calm in trading every year.
    And I no longer have any expectations from a brokerage company and from what will happen in the market.
    I just work and just try to quickly adapt to new conditions. As for my brokerage company, I can say so – I use only classical tools and classical approaches to work in the market, so I am not interested in some modern developments, and there are also quite a lot of them.

  61. If you ask me, Olymp Trade deserves its reputation. Yeah, people write stuff about it sometimes, throwing it in dirt. I write about brokers reputation as a market leader.
    I don’t know how many people have heard about it, but when I was only looking for a broker and asked traders on the Forex forum what they think about Olymp Trade, it was the first thing they wrote to me.
    And in fact, this reputation has fully justified itself. Not only is Olymp Trade doing great with the regulator and registration, but also the trading conditions are really good: 2 trading platforms, free education, and a minimum deposit of $10.

  62. Hi! I just started trading with Olymp Trade, but I’ve already got Starter status. I’m not quite satisfied with its terms and I want to get a better status. Does anyone know what it takes to get a status that comes after Starter?

    • You mean Advanced status? Ofc you can get it but you need to have depo $500+ and be active trader. Just get XP and re-new your status every 30 days.

  63. That’s really interesting brokerage. I started my trading career with Olymp Trade back in 2014, but in 2016 I decided to change brokerage. Recently I’ve found news that Olymp Trade is introducing Metatrader 4, so I decided to try it once again. What I can say? Brokerage is still good for beginners and, thanks to MT4, it now will be good for semi-pros, but I’m sure that professional traders will seek for other brokers, as Olymp Trade is too much concentrated at education and beginners.

  64. I am satisfied with my recent work in this company, because they started using MT4 here, because this trading terminal has been of interest to me for a long time. And now I have the opportunity to try it in real life.
    There is a good set of indicators.
    There are a lot of timeframes, so you can make a strong analysis.
    And they immediately made a mobile application so that you can use it whenever you want.
    I take bonuses here, too, because they don’t prevent you from withdrawing funds. And that’s good.

  65. This mobile trading app from Olymp Trade can only be installed on Android? Or will it work on iPhones too? I just don’t quite understand 🙁

    • Hahaha, this sometimes happens to everyone so its not a big deal)) Yes, the Olymp Trade appruns on two operating systems – Android and iOS. So, you can install it on your smartphone or tablet, it will work well.
      Personally, I really like to trade on a brokerage trading app. It works very fast, and you no longer have a fixation on any particular place. You can trade almost always and everywhere, and this opens up new opportunities in trading, as for me :p

  66. I can’t say a lot of good things about Olymp Trade. Yeah, brokerage offers really good education but in all other regards it’s just ‘okey’. Trading there isn’t so good, as you may thing, as there are no a lot of usefull things, like copy-trading or Trading Central signals. I think you should understand this. However, if you’re beginner and you’re looking to place to start trading and learn with, then Olymp Trade will be one of the best.

  67. Olymp Trade became my first broker. And I was curious to try something else. But I didn`t find any company with similar trading conditions.
    So, I got left here, because I made sure I did the right thing There is low minimal deposit here. The app is well-designed. It`s very useful. And recently the company announced the novelty – Market tab. It contains features to boost trader’s profit.

  68. I’m sure that you should not count on quick profits in any business. Yes, theoretically it can happen and you will start earning right from the first day, but in practice a person usually faces a lot of difficulties that do not allow him to realize everything he has planned.
    For example, in trading it’s speculation on the market, volatility, news (fundamental analysis). And you definitely need time to figure it out. Here you can use demo and market reviews. And the most important thing is to take your time to learn to analyze the situation accurately.

    • Of course.
      You just log in from your personal cabinet and create a separate password for the MT4 platform.
      You can try a demo or go straight to your main account.
      Good luck in trading and olymp trade.

  69. I really like the way the functionality of Olymp Trade expands over time.
    In the past, for example, clients of a broker were only able to trade on the broker’s own trading platform. Recently it has added the ability to trade on the MT4 trading platform.
    All this is available without having to open another account, you can very easily switch between these trading platforms from your old account. It seems to me very convenient, the broker has implemented this idea very well.
    And this approach makes Olymp Trade the market leader, with an excellent reputation and a lot of satisfied customers.

  70. Undoubtedly, fixed-time trading has a promising future. It’s a good alternative to currently existing types of trading, such as stock trading or Forex trading. Before I opened a trading account with Olymp I heard a lot about fixed-timed trading. Buried under controversial reviews, I decided to check out what this fixed-time trading is. Olymp Trade is the first company practicing this type of trading I found online.
    What I noticed first is that this brokerage service is very newbie-friendly. Its web-based trading platform is very intuitive, so any beginner will learn how to use it in a couple of minutes. On the other hand, if you previously used only Metatraders, you might dislike their web-based platform, especially if you use a lot of indicators. In this regard, MTs are far more advanced than their web terminal.

  71. The quality of work in the market is influenced by many details, and I was certainly looking for a brokerage company so that I could get in some sense simplified services to make my work process easier and more dynamic.
    And most of all here I liked the simplified leverage mechanism. It helps to save a little time in order to maintain the necessary pace of work. In addition, it makes calculations a little easier, and every trader knows exactly how important it is for every representative of this business area.

  72. I heard about times so many times that I decided to try it. I should say that I’m a Forex broker and don’t need any other type of trading. Nevertheless, I’m always open to new things.
    So, I came to the official website of Olymp Trade and found it fairly informative. On their FAQ section, I found everything about fixed-time trading. With this newly-acquired knowledge, I opened a demo account and practiced this new stuff. Well, my impression tells me that it has much in common with scalping on short timeframes. That’s not my style since I prefer long-term investment. On the other hand, I learned that the broker also supports Forex trading and it’s accessible not only on their web platform but also on MT4 that can be downloaded separately. As for the convenience and functionality of their web platform, it generally suits me and I guess I will open a real trading account with this broker soon to have a more real experience.

  73. I have been trading for about 2 months now, got a bonus on my first deposit and was able to make about 30% in those 2 months to my deposit. I’m thinking of withdrawing money, but I don’t know if I can withdraw the money I made with bonus funds?

    • Yes, you can withdraw the money you earned using the bonus funds in Olymp Trade. But the bonuses themselves will be burned. So if you’re aiming for long-term results, you can wait for the payment. But if you are satisfied with the result and aiming for it, you can easily withdraw the money from Olymp Trade.

  74. Thank you for the bonuses and for the fact that I can withdraw money at any time convenient for me – it gives me confidence in the future.

  75. Olymp Trade was my first broker. I’m glad I started trading here. Because the platform at Olymp Trade is quite simple. Without any financial education, I was able to understand financial markets.
    It’s all thanks to many tutorials and the opportunity to trade on a demo account without any limitations. It’s good that Olymp Trade’s demo account has a refreshable balance. You can practice as much as you like without any risk to your budget.

  76. Fixed-time trading intrigued me from the very beginning. I started exploring the theme, viewing numerous tutorials online. The more I explored it the more frequently I stumbled on the name “Olymp Trade.”
    I came to their site and attentively studied educational materials in the corresponding section. I had a feeling that I already learned everything about fixed-time trading. So, I opened a demo account and started practicing that stuff.
    As a result, I discovered many interesting things, including the necessity to learn special strategies, but the process intrigues me and I like to learn new things about fixed-time trading.

    • It seems you’ve tried both methods. Which of the approaches (fixed time trading or forex) do you find to be more profitable?

      • Everything depends on your capability to forecast the market correctly. If you are really good at this, you can benefit from both types of trading. Respectively, if you lack this skill, none of the approaches will be beneficial for you.

  77. Before my acquaintance with Olymp, I knew nothing about fixed-time trading. I traded Forex all the time and I thought I would keep doing that in the future. However, my friends advised me to try fixed-time trading. They pictured it as an extra income for a Forex trader. I got interested. In fixed-time trading I like a possibility to work with very small timeframes. So, each time I hesitate to enter the market on H4 or H1 as a Forex trader, I simply shift to fixed-time.

  78. I was attracted to Olymp Trade because they pay a lot of attention to education. After all, a lot depends on it. For example, the trader may not know how to use the indicators. But thanks to clear tutorials and ready indicator strategies, it will be easier to understand such material. And therefore, he will expand his capabilities and can increase his profits. Isn’t it wonderful? So, in general, you can find information on almost any subject at Olymp Trade. And I really like it. Even if I don’t know something, I go to the company blog and see what I need.

    • You can deposit with the use of several payment methods. You can simply use your debit or credit card, then you can pay with an e-wallet or via internet banking.

    • I think that this app can be good for monitoring your already open trades but when it comes to market analysis, desktop solutions have no rivals. I never use apps to trade because it’s hard to draw lines there. I guess it would be very hard to make it convenient in this format. Olymp has a very good web platform. So, you’d better use it.

  79. I have been using the Olymp Trade platform for three months now. I spend all the trading processes on my phone, as I often travel on business trips. By the way, the application is comfortable and not difficult to use. Also, there is a hint menu for beginners.
    I’m an experienced user, but I want to know why sudden freezes and jumps in graphs are? The same goes for candles. They stop abruptly for ten, maybe fifteen seconds. I know that my mobile internet provider often reloads system and fixes troubles. May it impact the speed of charts updates?

    • Strange, maybe it depends on the provider? Perhaps you should pay attention to the speed of the Internet you have? Because I have not encountered this kind of problem with Olymp Trade. And I’ve been trading for more than a year.
      Of course, all sorts of things can happen. No broker will guarantee 100% absence of such things as slippage, delays, requotes, etc. It’s normal that such situations sometimes happen. Moreover, if they don’t happen, you should think about how the broker executes orders?

  80. I’m never tired of experimenting here. This brokerage service gives great opportunities to make your trading more effective and flexible. Earlier I was used to trading on traditional platforms such as Metatrader. You know that it’s all built around classical leverage, the size of which can be changed only in the personal account. Of course, it’s not convenient to go to your personal account each time you need to change the leverage size, especially in times of high volatility.
    Olymp Trade offers an alternative system that I find very advantageous. It offers multipliers instead of leverage. Here you have an opportunity to choose the size of leverage for each trade. It gives you amazing flexibility controlling your risks.

  81. In my opinion it is correct that there are no spreads and they have been replaced by fixed commissions, which depend on the amount used in the order and the type of asset. Because it leads to the fact that you know immediately how much money you will need for a particular format of work. This is really important and convenient – again, purely in my opinion.
    And I also like the olymp trade webinars because they are really short and packed with a lot of data. That’s for sure.

  82. I know that olymp trade is in high demand, but there are also nuances here that you should understand. Instead of spreads, they take a commission here – so it’s better to specify in advance in the terminal what size it is. But the webinars here, of course, are something necessary – very detailed and always with some original nuances. Never miss this because it is free and valuable.

  83. Hello everyone! I’m trading with Olymp Trade for more than two months. I like this broker.
    All this time, I have traded on FTT. It’s a good place for beginners like me. But, I want to try myself in the more challenging trading platform.
    Have the Olymp Trade another terminal for trading?

  84. It is good that you are trying to trade with Olymptrade on FTT. But, I want to tell you that this broker also has traditional Forex. You have the opportunity to trade on the most popular trading platform Metatrader4. You can download it on the OlympTrade website..

  85. I trade on their MT4 ECN account.
    For more than a year I have been trading with this broker. I opened an MT4 ECN account here because I find it the best solution for me. For the last time, I have realized that there’s nothing better than scalping. It’s because I’m exhausted by the irrational behavior of market participants. I often see that the market often goes where it shouldn’t. So, I’d better grasp small gains on each trade. The number of such trades within a day is very large for me and that suits me. I don’t reject the very ideal of long-term trading but I rarely catch the right moment to enter the market. When scalping, I can enter the market at any time.

  86. I like Olymp trade because we don’t need large deposits to start trading here. Traders can start with 10 dollars and trade a wide variety of trading instruments. Olymp trade is the broker of all types of traders. Customer support is good too.
    I am trading with them now to use skrill mostly for deposits and withdrawals. I wish soon they introduce local depositors for Indian traders.
    Olymp trade needs to add more deposit methods for Indian traders. This will make things easy for Indian traders, and they will able to deposit and withdraw fastly.

  87. Olymp Trade offers normal trading conditions. There are fixed orders and traditional Forex that professional traders will like more. I think that a FTT account is not a serious trade .. I don’t know who uses it at all. But Metatrader is good. You can use technical analysis and open long term deals. I think that here I can make some money …

  88. I think that it would be rational to combine Metatrader and their web platform. They have their own strong points. Yeah, I agree that Metatrader is more suited for long-term trading due to classical leverage and the impossibility to trade fixed amounts. In turn, the web platform is good for active trading throughout the day, including scalping because it allows to choose how risky your trades will be.

  89. Hey guys, I checked in here a few days ago. It seems to me that Olymp Trade is a cool broker 🙂 There are so many useful things here.
    Where do you think it is best to start learning? The broker provides FTT, but MT4 is also available here. Should you trade on MT4 right away?

    • In Olymp Trade FTT, traders need to predetermine the duration of a trade. Meaning, before opening a trade, we should decide how long that particular trade should be opened. The trade will be closed once the time expires.
      In Olymp Trade MT4, a trader is able to open and close a trade as he/she wishes. Traders can also use Stop Loss and Take Profit functions to close a trade automatically.
      In terms of turnover, Olymp Trade MT4 offers more flexible conditions, where a trader can decide when to close a trade and how much profit is enough for them.
      Thus, I think MT4 is more suitable for a beginner.

  90. I was contacted by this company about 9000 British pounds that I had accumulated from their robot trader. I great I thought. Then they asked for various amounts of money to release the funds . 5% for this, 15% for that and a few more then I had an email eventually saying that the money is to be released after you pay another 15%. They had payments through Bitcoin which I believe I cannot retrieve and the money was not being handled by them , so they say, but by the WTO (world trade organisation).
    None of the withdrawal system was transparent. The actual person I dealt with on WhatsApp was pleasant but her English was poor and she skirted around any questions asked. She kept telling me that all the money I had paid in would be returned, the question I asked was why do I need to pay it if it will come back to me. I can now withdraw the money( sent me an email) but don’t have any funds to do so.
    STAY CLEAR OF THEM. I learned the hard way!!!!!

  91. Now Olymp Trade is either doing rebranding, or simply being updated on a large scale, but their service level has grown significantly and for the better!

  92. I have been trading with Olymp Trade for four months now, I started on a demo account. When I read the real reviews of Olymp Trade, I realized that you must first use the demo to get acquainted with the broker and, most importantly, test the strategies on a demo. Olymp Trade has excellent conditions for beginners – if you lose your deposit due to illiteracy, it’s not a big deal, the losses are small.
    I work once in several companies and here it is most comfortable, first of all, because of the really understandable and super adequate platform. Satisfied that there are a bunch of indicators and oscillators by default. And in general, the profitability here is not bad, especially if the depot is brought to the required size, VIPs can have up to 90% from the transaction. I work on 60 seconds, I take a maximum of 5 minutes, though then I can’t do without analysis.
    Adequate conditions and not bad support. By the way, it was here that the manager advised to always adhere to the rule: open a deal no more than 5% of the deposit. I almost always observe this and in fact there was never a complete loss of the deposit. I have already added funds 2 times (December and April), now there is a stable growth of profit, I hope it will be possible to withdraw the net profit by June.

  93. Hello everyone. I live outside the city, also I am not so wealthy as to afford to install a satellite dish. In this regard, I often have a break in the Internet connection. Therefore, my question is, is it possible to open and close transactions by phone call?

    • Yes of course! Nowadays it is difficult to find a broker who would not have the ability to trade from a mobile phone. The Olymp Trade team was among the first to develop its own mobile application. Currently, the broker offers convenient and functional mobile applications for Android and iOS with many trading tools and bonuses.
      You can quickly download and install it on your phone through Google application and start using its capabilities.

  94. I understand that everyone has their own experience and their own strategies for successful trading with Olymp Trade. Now I am studying various types of indicators and I would really like experienced traders to advise the three best indicators that give the smallest errors in the direction of opening positions.

    • I recommend using three moving averages with periods of 14 – red, 21 – blue and 50 – green.
      This should be used in conjunction with Bollinger Bands (BB) – period 20, deviations 2.

  95. When I was a beginner, I was frustrated many times at losing. The first thing you need to do is get rid of negative attitudes and fear, become a supporter of even a small percentage of people who earn, including trading with Olymp Trade. You can visit any site or social network and see that a smaller part of them, but still exist. This is true, the smaller part earns on the larger. So go far there, see how our world works, a handful of people whose families are only a few hundred wealthy around the world, and in fact pay them a few billion people. Think like them.

  96. Guys, If you are thinking to earn money through Olymp trade then stop yourself because you will only loose money. If you intend just to pass your time with demo account then its good time pass. Never invest your money because you will loose it for sure. When you invest money and place a trade, the graph reverses right from there and I know this because I have tried all strategies and different time zones to see if it works AND it does not work, instead loss everytime. Therefore, donate the money to poor if you have too much than burning it here. I have lost more than 50000 in one month. ITS A SCAM

    • You made me laugh. Does the chart change direction when you open a trade? Do you think that you are the only trader with Olymp Trade and the broker is reworking the chart according to your rates? Admit it, you opened a minimum deposit account, right? And the broker immediately attacked your deposit?
      You can easily open a demo account and a real one at the same time and check the quotes there. Do you really think that knowing about the possibility of reconciliation of charts, the broker will deceive you?
      Perhaps you analyzed the market incorrectly and opened a position in the wrong direction, this often happens, the market is unpredictable.

  97. My friend brought me here. He told me different things about Olymp, but I can only recall so-called “risk-free trades.” The very idea of trading at the cost of the broker attracted me a lot. I have never done this with other brokers.
    I haven’t satisfied this need with this broker completely. Yeah, I took advantage of two risk-free trades that the broker granted me for my participation in tournaments, but I realize that I need a VIP status to enjoy more risk-free trades and I’m currently working on it.
    In my opinion, the most rational use of risk-free trades is long-term trading. I really hope that I will become a VIP user this year.

    • Trading is a very interesting field and also very profitable. There is only one condition: you have to think through your trades and analyze them. You can’t just thoughtlessly invest your money. Otherwise you can lose it. That is why, first of all, I found educational materials on the website of the broker Olymp Trade, studied all the charts and trading tools presented. Of course, not everything was easy at first, I had losses, but then it all worked out well. I was able to make trades which I could not only enjoy but also earn good money. I got what I wanted. Every day, spending a few hours in front of my computer I got satisfaction from my work and as a bonus I got sufficient funds and a schedule that would suit me. Earned money I receive on my card, withdrawing them without any problems. I do not have any problems with withdrawing funds from my trading account. The broker has an official youtube channel and an official facebook community. This once again shows the transparency of the broker.

  98. It is very convenient for me to use the Olymp Trade mobile application for trading. I trade fixed times and can trade anywhere anytime! This is the main advantage of this broker.
    I also plan to trade Forex on OlympTrade MT4 in the future. The broker provides access to this platform. It’s very professional ..

  99. I heard a lot of controversial things about this broker, but in the end my curiosity overcame my fears and I dared to try it. So, it turned out that it’s more interesting rather than scary. I’m currently exploring their web platform with great interest and experiment with multiplier values on different assets.

  100. That is a fairly good brokerage. I haven’t heard about any scandals associated with this broker, however, the conditions are also nothing to write home about, like fair commisions and no spreads. Anyway, that is good platform to trade, from my perspective.

    • Yes, indeed, sometimes the lack of scandals is an indicator of the reliability of a broker. Usually, if something bad happens, we immediately run to leave complaints in blogs, on forums, in the support service. If everything is well, we usually trade quietly, withdraw our money and do not waste our time writing positive reviews on the Internet. That’s why the absence of bad in this case is already a good thing. By the way, surprisingly, but there are a lot of good reviews online about the Olymp Trade broker. I came here to trade after reading one of those and I have never regretted it.

    • As far as I’m aware, Olymp Trading gives risk-free trades for VIP clients only. You may contact the support team to get a more detailed information.

  101. Some people do not understand that you can make money on the Internet .. It’s good that I’m not like that. I am always looking for a way to make good money. Make money for the family.
    Forex trading is one of those methods of making money online. I started doing this a year ago. My broker is Olymp Trade. This is my first broker and I hope that we will continue to cooperate. I do not see the point in changing the broker because I like the trading conditions of Olymp Trade. There is a large number of assets, no spreads, and a convenient trading platform.
    In addition, you can download the mobile application and trade anywhere!

  102. I liked olymp trade platform for the fact that I have never faced any problems concerning deposits and withdrawals which is the most important thing for me. Now I am sure that I can work with this rokerage because because it is honest and consistent. More than that, there are lots of diferent financial instruments which I can trade, so, I have lots of trading opportunities and everything is convenient as I can switch from commodities to cryptocurrencies within one single click. I have heard about expert accounts and I know that this account provides some extra features, so I am curious to know, how I can get expert account and what are its perks?

  103. I believe that this broker provides its traders with everything they need. There are plenty of features starting from trading community, ending with free analytic tools. Actually, I suppose that it won’t be difficult for a trader to sort our on this platform mainly because it’s quite intuitive in navigation and other things like registration and so on. So, traders don’t need to bother about time which they will spend on the learning because it will be much faster than they would expect. Anyway, in case they will have some questions, they always can apply to customer support which is responsive here.

  104. When I read the trading conditions of the Olymp Trade broker, I saw the opportunity to conclude risk-free transactions can be used by traders who have a VIP status.
    By the way, getting the VIP status of OlympTrade is not difficult. You need to make a deposit of 2000 dollars.

  105. Their alternative system of trading helps me to explore new assets. I mean the possibility to trade with fixed amounts and multipliers. When I’m getting familiar with a new asset, I set the lowest trade parameters not to lose a lot. Once I get along with the asset, I gradually make those settings riskier to count on greater profitability.

  106. The OT trading app is a good solution to trade on the go. I like the FTT type of trading as it’s very easy to begin exploring the financial markets with real money. I also appreciate that Olymp Trade has so many educational videos to learn about the platform and trading strategies based on technical indicators. I have already found a couple of combinations that work well.

  107. This broker inspires trust because it is regulated by well known regulators and has a deposit insurance. I believe that every broker should be reliable enough in order to provide its traders with confidence. Traders always should be convinced that their money are in safety and they will have no any issues with withdrawing earned money.

    • To be honest, I started with Fix Time. Because it takes less time and less action. I think that in this method of trading, everything is more clear. Then you can start trading OlympTrade Forex.

  108. I needed the opportunity to make money online. In our unstable time, this is a necessity. One day I realized that Forex trading is what I need. The search for a broker did not take long. The choice of the broker was obvious. Olymp Trade reviews are all over the internet and I’ve read a lot of good information. This encouraged me to open a demo account here. I did it and do not regret it.
    To be honest, I really enjoyed trading. I did it on a demo account on the Olymp Trade mobile app. I could replenish virtual money and that’s cool. Thus, I learned how to trade and created my own trading strategy.

  109. I’m exploring this broker with great interest.
    I have a very deep interest in this brokerage company. I read about it a lot. Reviews greatly varied. Some of them openly praised the broker for a very low minimum deposit. Others blamed the company for fraud. Besides this, there were many neutral reviews that pictured the broker as a company for newbies. All of this made me enough information to ponder over and over time I made up my mind to open a real account to see what was true and what was fake.
    I allocated about hundred bucks as a probable sacrifice. I admitted the possibility of being scammed, but the only way to test any broker is to try it on a real account. So, I dared and I saw that the broker was absolutely genuine. I traded very intensively for several months on its web platform and I also frequently withdrew monthly to my credit card.
    The trading process was smooth. I didn’t see anything suspicious. I didn’t complain about withdrawals. However, it took me some time to get used to the web platform because it greatly differs from MTs I used previously. Over time I learned how to use fixed amounts and multiplier values for different assets. In general, I’m satisfied with the Olymp broker.

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