1. Is Nadex safe or a scam?
  2. Trading Platform
  3. Accounts
  4. Spread
  5. Leverage
  6. Deposits and Withdrawals conditions with a minimum deposit and withdrawal fee
  7. Conclusion

What is Nadex?

North American Derivatives Exchange, better known as Nadex is the first and actually largest US exchange that offers legal and fully regulated opportunity to trade Binary options, Touch Bracket and Call Spreads.

There is a dramatic difference between the broker and exchange since Nadex matches buyers and sellers and does not take any positions in any of the markets. Also, Nadex is the North American unit of IG Group, which is one of world leading brokerage and investment holdings also an FTSE 250 global financial services firm headquartered in London with a huge market capitalization over $3.5 billion. Read more about IG here.

Nadex website

This is indeed an absolutely progressive trading opportunity, as before the majority of US residents had to trade only through offshore entities, which we never recommend trading with due to their lack of reliability and regulation.

Trading Instruments

So with an offering of Nadex you may engage into a wide range of Binary options and spreads trading on stock indices, forex and commodities all available from a single account and the platform offered by the Nadex.

What is also great, Nadex provides unparalleled and high-level support to their traders and clients while you may always count on them. Also, Nadex established a learning center so you can learn deeply how to become a good trader and speculate in your favor with comprehensive learning materials, webinars and seminars held on a regular basis by Nadex specialists.

Nadex education

Is Nadex safe or a scam?

Nadex as a US based company located in Chicago is also fully and respectively regulated by the CFTC in the USA as a financial exchange. As been mentioned earlier, Nadex indeed is a pioneer company that is regulated by the sharp US authority that offers a fully legal way to trade Binary Options and Spread.

Also, considering a fact that Nadex is a part of very reputable and multiply regulated IG Holding from the world measure authorities brings trust to the company and the business models they offer.

Nadex license

As we always recommend trading with the regulated brokers only, Nadex operations are also strictly overseen and comply with the international safety measures while the client is protected by numerous obligations.

Nadex also defines its function as an exchange service company that ensuring execution of all trades fairly and according to compliance with US laws, while the environment is fully collateralized without leveraged risk, with no margin calls or debt risk. In particular, Nadex complies with solid risk control trading systems and strong protection of clients’ money, while all your funds are kept in US banks segregated accounts.

Trading Platforms

Nadex offers online and mobile platforms that allow you to take short-term positions and speculate on the minimum of the price movements for an offered wide range of markets. Nadex platforms connecting you directly to Nadex Exchange so the pricing is built accurately and orders are placed quickly.

Nadex Desktop platform equipped with powerful characteristics allowing to track, manage and analyze markets in the best manner with its full-featured charts, technical indicators and drawing tools. Also, you will get free access to market data together with unique ladder charts making trading from chart easy and possible just by selecting markets and order to be placed.

Nadex platform

NadexGO is another addition to your seamless trading as a mobile version, which is synchronized with a desktop version but allows you to state up to date on the go from almost any point just requiring Internet connections.

Nadex fees and Accounts

In terms of account types, Nadex designed accounts only by the type of investor, meaning each of them features exact and necessary to particular trader conditions. Therefore, there is Nadex individual Account for US Residents, Individual Account for International traders and Business Account that offers various investment opportunities for corporations, trust and entities based in the US.

Also, at the very beginning, you may open a Demo account and test Nadex conditions while practicing and polishing your skills.


Nadex spread or better to say trading costs are actually built into the commission basis, while you will be paying only 1$ per contract side with no other fees, which is considered a low cost trading. Actually, this is definitely a great option for the trader of different experiences as this commission based model making your calculation easy and letting you know exactly your expanse per trade.

Also, Nadex provides market data and trading software for free, with its great charting and analysis capabilities, so the only cost you have is the commission of 1$.

In addition, you can check out and compare Nadex fees with another broker Interactive Brokers.

Nadex fees

Nadex Leverage

Leverage, known as a loan given by the broker to the trader enables vast trading opportunities, as with a multiplied size of your initial capital you may operate much bigger size in return increasing potential to higher gains. However, the leverage significantly increases risk levels too.

Therefore, leverage may be risky at the point you set it wrong especially at the highest, non-reasonable levels and this is the case why regulatory restrictions impose lower maximum levels. Nadex being a US firm obliged to use and offer a maximum of 1:40 for some instruments available for individual traders.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Since you may open an account with Nadex for free then you need to deposit funds to the trading account and almost instantly start on the trading itself. There are might be slight differences between the treatment of US or International clients, due to regulatory restrictions, so make sure to check conditions with support service.

Generally, there are regular deposit options available for your transactions to or from the account, including Bank Wire Transfers, Cards, ACH Transfers and Paper Checks for US clients.

minimum deposit

Nadex minimum deposit set to a 250$, which will allow you to open an Individual account either for US residents or International traders. Business account will require other conditions, as they mainly are tailored solutions in all aspects.

Nadex deposit

withdrawal fee

So once you would like to withdraw funds you may choose either Bank Wire transfer or ACH withdrawal available for both US and international traders. Nadex does not charge any fees for an ACH withdrawal, however, Bank wire withdrawal will cost $25 for processing fees.

After initiating the withdrawal through your account and Nadex confirms it then allows 3-5 business days for your funds to be returned to your bank account.

Nadex withdrawal


Overall, Nadex offering is very promising and indeed competitive, since you will get a pure opportunity to trade Binary Options and Spread with a fully regulated company in the US, which obviously super progressive option due to previous option to deal with unreliable offshores only.

Only this fact on its own brings us a state to consider Nadex and evaluate its offering. In addition, you will get a great cost strategy with a commission of 1$ per contract, vast educational material, great support from the company and even a relatively small deposit to start. So all in all Nadex proposal worth its advantages and most important trust due to its regulatory obligations towards reputable CFTC in the US.

Nevertheless, it will be good to know your personal opinion about Nadex, which you may share in the comment area below.

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