1. Is Fondex safe or a scam?
  2. Trading Platform
  3. Accounts
  4. Spread
  5. Leverage
  6. Deposits and Withdrawals conditions with a minimum deposit and withdrawal fee
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What is Fondex?

Fondex or previously known as Kawase Exchange is a European online trading broker based in Cyprus which operates inspired by Japanese concepts such as trust, power, determination, flexibility, and simplicity.

Fondex as a trading name of TopFX uses years of expertise and regulated license to provide high-performance trading experience combined with the latest technologies. Generally, TopFX is an international brokerage firm specializing in liquidity provision and regulated institutional brokerage services that began its operation in 2010. The retail operation started only 5 years later, while Kawase and than Fondex launched trading in key Asian markets.

Kawase Exchange Review

Trading Instruments

Fondex delivers more than 1000 Markets to trade, so international traders gaining access to the world’s premier liquidity providers and global exchanges through sources proprietary aggregator engine with the best possible pricing from tier-1 grade banks. The range of trading markets including most traded instrument making Fondex FX, Shares, iShares, Powershares ETFs, Indices, Metals and Commodity Broker.

What is more, Fondex customer support service proved its proficiency and is among the leading positions, providing multilingual support and fast response with Live chat option. Therefore, along with its competitive trading conditions Fondex support team can guide you through the account opening, trading process and at any stage.

Fondex Awards

Is Fondex safe or a scam?

Being headquartered in Cyprus, the company is registered under the name TopFX LTD and respectively conducts its business with imposed regulation by CySEC. Previously TopFX used trading name Kawase and recently was rebranded to Fondex, while still remaining the regulated company also cross border registered with 25 EU regulators to serve clients within the EEA zone.

Fondex license

The CySEC multiple requirements, that have also complied with MiFID directive including capital adequacy, financial reporting to the regulators and undertake of a detailed audit, making control over Fondex activity constant and unparalleled.

The money protection and client safety provided in multiple ways also, the traders’ funds are kept in world leading banks and fully segregated, meaning are separated from the company’s actives along protected by negative balance protection. In addition, Fondex is also a member of the ICF (Investor Compensation Fund) that resolves issues in the unlikely events and compensates investors. Read more about CySEC by the link.

Trading Platforms

An Award-winning Fondex trading platform offering truly bank-grade trading conditions along with fast execution through a depth of market and direct connection to banks with its NDD model.

The proprietary platform is actually one of the greatest advantages from Fondex, its previously known Kawase cTrader Broker and now Fondex cTrader was built as a DMA platform with execution always defined by speed and high characteristics directly connected to the market with no bridge technology. Thus you are gaining access to trade on the same level as the institutional clients do, which is, of course, a fantastic opportunity.

The platform delivers extremely unparalleled transparency with a detailed order, deal and position timeline, live order book values and 50 fields of position details. Fondex cTrader scales to various devices through Desktop, Web and Mobile versions making the performance accessible to almost everything with Live market sentiment Charting tools, trading history and session info and on-server trailing stops.Fondex copy strategy

Furthermore, the cTrader enhances the offering with mirror trading and algorithmic trading through cMirror and cAlgo. Alongside the cMirror was developed to allow mirroring of 1000+ strategies from top traders that increases significantly the possibilities to trade with ease and convenience. Therefore, you may become either a signal provider and earn a commission or to automate your trading positions through a follow of a strategy, and all that is available through one account feature.


Fondex does not offer different account types and built its proposal into Fondex singe account to suit different trading styles or volumes with spreads from 0 pips. The proprietary price aggregation uses the unique identification of the price with an interval of more than 50 times per second to identify the lowest available quote for an instrument, thus Fondex spreads are raw with trading charges entirely commission based.  

Fondex account


Fondex spreads as mentioned are raw spreads with an additional commission charge of 2.5$ per order, which makes it a pretty good choice for active traders and beginners as well. As an example, you may refer to the table below and see typical Fondex spread, as well you may compare fees to another popular broker Equiti.

Fondex spread

Fondex rollover

Also, always consider Fondex rollover or overnight fee as a cost, charged on the positions held longer than a day and determined by the direction you trade and is differential between bids. Holding costs are based on many factors and most often positive swap are paid on buy positions.

The Fondex Swap-free account also offers access to the traders of Islamic belief to enter the trading process with no swap charges or spread widening. In order to apply for this account, you should proceed with a form that requires a proof of faith to complete the process.


Leverage is the mechanism by which you may trade a large amount of money, due to leverage capability to magnify your initial trading size. For example, if your trading account has a 1:30 leverage, and assume that you have $1000 in your account, meaning 1:30 leverage allows you to trade a $30,000 position. Leverage may magnify your exposure, yet the probability of profits or losses increases simultaneously, which makes it essential to learn how to use leverage smartly.

Fondex enables you to trade with leverage up to 1:500 for Professional clients, and retailers may use lower levels due to regulatory restrictions. Thus, retail trader leverage goes to 1:30 for major currencies, 1:20 for minor ones and 1:10 for commodities.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Deposit or withdrawal of funds is directly available from Fondex cTrader that bypasses the client area making it a convenient process, while the transactions will be performed by the desired method.

The available methods including Card Payments, Bank Transfers, UnionPay, Qiwi, WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller and Yandex money. However, some payment methods are available only in specific countries and will only appear if the deposit window launched from the specific region.

Minimum deposit

Fondex minimum deposit that allows you to engage in live trading at the beginning is set to 200 units of your chosen currency USD200, GBP200 etc. Which is a reasonable amount for any size of the trader, along with Fondex one account offering with no differences on an account you trade.

Fondex withdrawal

Deposit fee

As for the fees and charges, Fondex does not charge deposit fees, yet check carefully with your payment provider in case any fees will be waived from their side. However, the withdrawals will incur an additional processing fee that is divided by the payment method, e.g. Cards and Online Transfers will add-on 3% fee, and Bank Wire Transfer costs 0.9% for transfers in Euro.


The Fondex review presents a company brokerage, previously known as Kawase Exchange which relied on its liquidity provision and institution brokerage expertise to deliver a competitive offering to the retail clients. The direct access to the market based on exceptional technology solutions while the proprietary platform connected directly to the Banks generates consistency for active traders with various benefits upon the trading size reach and comprehensive trading tools.

Also, Fondex is a fully regulated broker, which is a crucial factor in terms of your money safety, hence with its reliable environment and compliance to requirements. The specified standards of the organization framework manage sensitive information and client’s performance comprises a based risk-management system which all in all makes it a great choice worth considering.

Nevertheless, we would be good to know your personal opinion about Fondex, you may share your experience in the comment area below, or ask us for some additional information.

Karma Rajasa From Malaysia | | Sunday, April 26, 2020

I’m trading with Fondex copytrading for the second month and have something to share with you 🙂 Fist of all, copy trading is good way for passive trading, yeah, but that’s not only thing why copy trading is great opporunity. Another one is that you can use copy-trading as the way to learn trading, combining investing with learning. The truth is that after 2 months of copy-trading I want to trade myself, but I understand that I can’t be that confident in my skills yet. So far I guess that’s better to use masters. The money keep working, and I’m busy leanring more about the market. Here is idea is about how to choose the master. Look not only on master’s profits, but also on the strategy. You definnitely don’t want to choose a strategy with extreme drawdowns or suspiciously nice equity curve (that would likely mean the master does not use stops at all). This is especially important if you trade with relatively small amount of money.

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8 responses to “Kawase Exchange | Fondex”

  1. Like many others I’ve started trading with a dream of making millions overnight. And like many others the dream did not come true. it took time to understand that my discrete trading is more of a gambling approach to markets. It took over a year to come to this conclusion. Fortunately Fondex has got copy-trading solution. I withdrew half of my deposit and left the remaining half to try out the copy trading. I don’t suggest investing in top of the top performers here, as high returns often have some underlying issues like large expected drawdowns. At the moment I’m investing in 3 different strategies with moderate risks and am totally happy with moderate 50-70% yearly returns.

  2. I was looking for a broker who offers copy-trading. My forum mates suggested to try Fondex, so I started to check out the company.
    What I liked – there is a demo account, I noticed such a tendency that new brokers begin to refuse demo accounts for some reason, and I’m glad that Fondex hasn’t gone this way.
    Fondex doesn’t use Metatrader 4 Trading Platform, but cTrader trading platform. Metatrader 4 seems to me to be a decent and popular platform, but cTrader looks pretty good, so it doesn’t really matter to me. It’s good that the trading platform has about 80 tools for analysis (pre-installed). Thus you don’t need to install or configure anything, everything is already done.
    Mobile version avaible. Still, I have only used it once, so far I cannot say anything.
    As far as the trading process is concerned, I’m still testing. I have no conclusions yet. I liked the fact that there is a large set of cryptos, algorithmic trading using FIX protocol and quite low spreads (although they can jump up periodically).
    The funny thing is that I still haven’t tried copy trading, although I was originally looking for a broker for that.
    I’m now thinking about chosing Fondex as my main broker.

    • Yeap, copy-trading is available at the platform. Actually this is one of the biggest advantages of a cTrader. Folowing the master account of a chosen trader is a way to diversify owns strategies portfolio or simply one of the passive investments methods.

  3. There is a nice variety of assets here and trading fees are awesome. However, switching to CTrader may be found difficult if you’ve been using MT4 all your life. Nevertheless, this is just a matter of habit.

  4. This brokerage is exactly what I was looking for – just two reasons.
    1) There’s cTrader. Rly, people, that’s the best trading platform ever, almostly out of competition. I think you should try it at least.
    2) There scalpers allowed. Scalpers are banned in many brokerages for one reason – high server load (due to many deals). There scalpers are allowed, so I can trade and don’t be afraid of a ban.

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