Hantec Markets Review

Hantec Markets

Hantec Markets


  • Leverage: 1:30 | 1:500

  • Regulation: ASIC, FCA, JFSA, FMA, CGSE, JSC

  • Min. Deposit: 1,000 US$

  • HQ: Hong Kong, UK

  • Platforms: MT4, Currenex, AgenaTrader

  • Found in: 1990

Hantec Markets Licenses

  • Hantec Bullion Limited - authorized by CGSE (Hong Kong) registration no.163
  • Hantec Markets Australia Pty Limited - authorized by ASIC (Australia) registration ABN 87 562 829 466 AFSL 326907
  • Hantec Market Japan - authorized by JFSA (Japan)  registration no. 102
  • Hantec Markets Limited - authorized by FCA (UK) registration no. 502635
  • Hantec (NZ) Company Limited - authorized by FMA (New Zealand)
  • Hantec Markets Limited - authorized by FSCM (Mauritius) license no: C114013940
  • Hantec Markets Limited Jordan - authorized by Jordan Securities Commission (License no: 51905).


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  1. What-is Hantec Markets?
  2. Hantec Markets Pros and Cons
  3. Awards
  4. Is Hantec Markets safe or a scam?
  5. Leverage
  6. Accounts
  7. Fees
  8. Spreads
  9. Instruments
  10. Deposits and Withdrawals
  11. Trading Platform
  12. Customer Support
  13. Education
  14. Conclusion

What is Hantec Markets?

Hantec Group is a global provider of specialized financial services that operate through Hantec Markets brand name with its established enterprises and subsidiaries in China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, while headquarters in Hong Kong since 1990. Yet, recently operations are mainly held via a UK entity and specialize according to its regulations (Also read about UK headquartered Exness broker).

Furthermore, through the company growth and expansion during the years of operation, the broker respectively received licenses from the local regulatory authorities and enhanced their online trading offerings with the purpose to optimize business performance.

Therefore, due to Hantec worldwide presence and differences between the jurisdictions and regulations they comply, there are some variations on specific conditions between proposals to the traders of a particular residence, thus carefully check under which regulation you will fall and which conditions you can count for.

Hantec Markets Pros and Cons

Hantec Markets is recognized and regarded broker worldwide with Long history of operation Heavily regulated in various jurisdiction including the UK FCA and Hong Kong. It offers trading for numerous instrument Tailored proposal for beginners and professionals with Powerful trading software, and Professional education materials and research.

For Cons, there is No 24/7 customer service and Conditions vary according to the entity.

Hantec Markets Website

10 Points Summary
🏢 HeadquartersHong Kong, UK
🗺️ RegulationASIC, FCA, JFSA, FMA, CGSE, JSC
📉 InstrumentsForex and CFDs, 50 currency pairs, index, commodity CFDs, bullion and spread betting available for UK resident
🖥 PlatformsMT4, Currenex, AgenaTrader, ZuluTrade
🎮 Demo AccountOffered
💰 Base currenciesSeveral currencies available
💰 EUR/USD Spread0.2 pips
💳 Minimum deposit1,000$
☎ Customer Support24/5
📚 EducationProfessional education and Market Analysis


Hantec stands with a competitive offering to the global traders of almost every jurisdiction along with its attractive cost opportunities and general trading performance. It was also confirmed by the number of traders they serve and numerous awards received for its world recognition.

Hantec Markets awards

Is Hantec Markets safe or a scam

Hantec Markets is a reliable broker, the members of Hantec’s Group falls under the variety of regulations and registrations, including top-tier FCA, ASIC etc. It is low-risk to trade Forex and CFDs with Hantec Markets.

How Hantec Markets is regulated?

The mother company located in Hong Kong performs its operation with the license from the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society (CGSE), while further broker obtained the license for Japanese financial services from JFSA(Read JFSA regulated broker Avatrade Reviews).

Even more, the broker continued its global spread thus the UK established branch with the name of Hantec Markets Limited obtained a reputable license from FCA which opened access to European clients. While at the moment main proposal and operations are done via this particular entity.

Moreover, to strengthen its overseas networking the Hantec Group approved Australia businesses under the ASIC regulation along with further move and the maintenance of the office in New Zealand, also expanded to the MENA region with a fully regulated entity in Jordan.

Hantec Markets licenses

How are you protected

Even though the members are holding licenses of the serious regulators, the Hantec Global operation is registered in Mauritius with the Financial Services Commission, which does not provide sharp regulation and serves many customers worldwide.

However, that should not be a downside of the broker since multiple world regulations confirm the transparent conditions of Hantec Markets and the general operation model they perform, which sharply comply with the best protection measures. Each relation imposes its own definition of customer protection, necessary laws and obligation while all in all they all adhere to the transparency of trading environment and customer protection under any circumstances.


As for the trading leverage conditions, Hantec Markets chooses the optimal path to maximize the offering through the leverage which also complies to particular regulatory obligations in each jurisdiction.

  • UK or European clients under the FCA regulation may use restricted leverage with a maximum of 1:30 for major currency pairs, 1:20 for minor currencies and 1:10 for commodities.  
  • Hong Kong, Australian, Japan and other regulations still allow high leverage levels up to a maximum of 1:500 for Forex instruments
  • Jordan traders may use maximum of 1:200
  • International entity of Hantec Markets offering ratios up to 1:200 for retail traders

Therefore, traders of various global residences may apply for a maximized leverage opportunity determined by the regulation. Nevertheless, in addition always make sure to learn how to use leverage smartly, as this tool may work in reverse as well, and not only multiply your gains but losses as well.

Account types

There are two account types with Base currencies USD, EUR, GBP while the first is a Standard choice with all costs included in floating spread and the second one is a lower spread plus the commission per trading lot.

Premium or VIP accounts providing tailor-made solutions with unique opportunities and greater advantage on bigger size trading. Through Hantec Portal trader gets full access to control trading account with a feature to manage and track performance all in one place. The portal also provides solutions for partners and management activities.

Islamic Trading Account or Swap free Account conditions are also offered for all account types, which opens an opportunity for the Middle East investors or those who follow Sharia rules to join online trading.

How to open account step by step

Hantec Markets account opening


Hantec built offering into very attractive pricing designed to satisfy demands of any trading level either built into a spread or with commission charge per lot.

Additional fees

Another costs is built into the swap or overnight fee, which is paid in case the position opened longer than a day. You may check all rates through the trading platform or online at the official Hantec website.

FeeHantec Markets FeesInstaForex FeesAvaTrade Fees
Deposit feeNoNoNo
Withdrawal FeeNoNoNo
Inactivity FeeYesYesYes
Fee rankingLowHighAverage


Retail traders will use a spread condition basis where all costs are built into a variable spread, which is quite competitive and low.

See below typical trading fees for popular instruments, also compare Hantec Markets trading fees to another popular broker BDSwiss and others in the table below.

Asset/ PairHantec Markets SpreadInstaForex SpreadAvaTrade Spread
EUR USD Spread0.2 pips3 pips1.3 pips
Crude Oil WTI Spread5 pips5 pips3 pips
Gold Spread50 cents1.3 point40

Hantec Markets swap


Hantec Markets provide access to instant execution through Straight to Process model with quotes through 16 largest world banks for Forex and CFDs including 50 currency pairs, index, commodity CFDs, bullion and spread betting available for UK residents only.

Of course, conditions and proposals on available portfolios also diverse by the region and entity of Hantec Markets you trade through, as those rules applicable towards Over the Counter Markets enable you to trade a particular asset.

Hantec Markets instruments

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The deposits and withdrawals are simple and secure transactions within the Hantec Markets and 100% automatic, yet payment methods vary from one country to another.

Deposit methods

The most common payment options are enabled and including

  • Bank transfers,
  • cards,
  • e-wallets,
  • BPay for Australia and more.

What is the minimum deposit for Hantec Markets?

Minimum deposit amount, Hantec Markets requires 1,000$ as a start. Indeed, the amount may be not the best option for the beginning traders, yet it is actually a reasonable amount to cover various margins and have access to different trading instruments.

Hantec Markets minimum deposit vs other brokers

Hantec Markets Most Other Brokers
Minimum Deposit $1,000 $500


Hantec Markets  adds no commission charges to transfer the funds, however various funding providers may add-on the transaction fees which you should better check with a support center of your Hantec entity.

Withdrawals options are similar to deposits and are all requested through your online account area where you further on can track the processing which is quite quick, but also depending on the regional laws.

Hantec Markets funding methods

Trading Platforms

There is a great choice of powerful and reliable trading platforms that presents the industry’s cost-effective offerings MetaTrader4, Currenex and Multi-Account Management (MAM). The platforms enable access to the range of instruments, while some differences may occur in asset proposal, its availability and functionality.

User friendly trading softwareConditions or proposal depending on the entity
Trading platform MT4, Currenex, ZuluTrade and MAM trading
Versions for Web, Mobile and Desktop trading
App for iOS and Android
Clear look and Fee Report
Advanced trading capabilities and order types
Available of various languages

Web Trading

The MT4 Platform does not require a presentation, as is the global choice of the traders’ majority which brings the full capacity of developed technology with no restriction for APIs, EAs and access through any device right from your browser, or by the installed version also including Mobile App.

Desktop platform

Full capabilities of each from offered platforms, of course, available through desktop version where all the tools and options available.

Another great software at Hantec Markets is a Currenex platform developed for experienced and professional traders through Classic and Viking versions that are very comprehensively developed, yet require higher balance – 5,000$ for Classic version and 10,000$ for Viking one.

The platforms bringing the possibility to execute and to switch between the parameters with OCO or IFD orders, market depth view and seamless execution while trading FX and bullion.

Mobile Platform

TO remain updated on the go you can easily download and customize Mobile app suitable for any device, while we found it also well designed with a clear look and easy use.

Hantec Markets platform


As for the trading tools. Hantec brings the possibility to use trading signals provided by the Trading Central, which is the industry-leading 3d party provider of trading signals for various assets. Thereof, again the clients from ranged jurisdictions should find out the availability of the tool or another along with the requirements of a particular trading strategy or trading style to perform.

Also, there is a copy trading and social trading option available via market leading ZuluTrade, where you can select a professional or master account to follow where all trades are automatically replicated.

Customer Support

Besides to international phone lines available in the UK, China, Thailand, Nigeria, Pakistan and Jordan you can contact Hantec Markets customer support in numerous ways including Live chat and email. We found in our Hantec Markets Review service quite responsive and professional with good and relevant answers, so it is another plus to the overall proposal.


As for other essential to trading features, a proposal from Hantec including educational materials along with continuous customer service provided by the range of free resources, market insights, specialist opinions, online tutorials that are available to every client.

There is educational content that suits trading need whether you’re looking for beginners’ guides or market analysis you will find it here at Hantec Markets academy, which is definitely a big plus.

Hantec Markets learning


Overall, Hantec Markets review has determined the company with a long operation, a number of offices in main financial hubs along with the necessary regulations and transparent conditions they deliver. Generally Hantec is among most competitive pricing models with STP execution, powerful trading platform capabilities, enhanced technologies, support and a full range of tools. Yet, there are some confusions in regards to the offerings may occur, since the different jurisdictions comply with separated proposals of trading conditions, costs and capabilities. Thus, while opening an account with Hantec you should carefully check under which particular brand you will be operated.

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12 responses to “Hantec Markets”

  1. Any relation between Hajtec Markets and
    the company below?

    Hantec Global is the trading name of Hantec Global Ltd, it is regulated and authorized by 3 international regulations; Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in Uk. Financial Service Commission (FSC) in the Republic of Mauritius, and. Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) in Australia

  2. Please i deposited 20k in hantec Zenith account but my account officer told me that the company will refund my money because they don’t accept ATM transferis it true? I made the transfer yesterday but up till now i haven’t received any payment.please i need your assistance.

  3. So for those starting with 5000$,are you saying there is a system.that trades for them.automatically? I didn’t really get the VIP part clearly?

  4. I have been trading with Hantec for more than 10 years. Recently, I have had serious technical issues with them. One time, I was not able to trade for more than 3-4 hours, and I told them that I needed to buy dow jones. I wasnt able to execute on that day and dow went up 1000 points. Then this time, they reset my account without telling me, and obviously the account was reseted erroneously. Somehow my leverage was completely adjusted down. So I was not able to execute my desired size at my desired entry levels. So I asked them to execute my trades instead of waiting till their technical issues is resolved, and of course they dont help me and this time US100 is up 60 points. So due to their technical errors, i missed my trades, despite me telling them BEFORE the market rally to execute the orders at what price and what stops.

  5. My account was just verified. Though am trying to go into real trading for the first time. But I have wrongly entered four zero in the provision for zip code. Can this error be kindly corrected so I can find my account?

  6. The error occurred during registration, I want it corrected so I can fund my real account. Thank you.

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