1. Is Darwinex safe or a scam?
  2. Platforms
  3. Accounts
  4. Spread
  5. Leverage
  6. Deposits and Withdrawals with a specification of minimum deposit and withdrawal fee
  7. Conclusion

What is Darwinex?

Founded in 2012 as a technology provider, the Tradeslide Trading Tech. two years later started its operation as an FCA regulated broker under the name – Darwinex, while headquarters in London, as well with a developed office in Spain. Currently, the company serves traders and investors from more than 100 countries and is a recognized trading provider.

The broker is a pooling member of an exchange that connects two parties and brings an opportunity for both investors and traders to swap, while providing the regulatory cover of a 20% success fee. Along with transparent and fair trading conditions throughout professional control of risks Darwinex performs proprietary investments allowing to score and manage own funds for 6 months.

Darwinex website


Along with that, Darwinex develops algorithms and disruptive investment alternatives while trading orders are sent directly to the market, means a company uses DMA execution with institutional quality spreads and rapid median speeds via solvent Prime Brokers (LMAX and SaxoBank).

The market’s offerings include FX, Cryptocurrencies, commodities and CFDs on the major stock indices via MT4 or MT5 platforms, as well FIX APIs.

In addition, Darwinex performs regularly trading contest with monthly capital allocation to the best Darwins during a 6-month period. That contest award the most consistent traders on a monthly basis that are picked on the ranking criteria of D-score, monthly returns and activity. And all that accompanies with comprehensive learning sources through Darwinex education, and regular support at every step.

Darwinex education

Is Darwinex safe or a scam?

In fact, regulatory obligations is a first thing to check while choosing the correct broker, as this measure ensures obligations towards authorities and its constant control over the brokerage. Thus, Tradeslide Trading Tech Limited known as Darwinex is authorized and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority that protects clients and their investments by every means.

Darwinex license

As a regulated broker, all client funds are fully segregated at all times and are kept in separate bank accounts ensuring traders’ money is not used for the company purpose. Also, every trader or investor is automatically a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) that offers protection up to GBP 50,000 per client in case of insolvency. In addition, there is an implemented negative balance protection that secures funds from losses greater than initial balance.

Trading Platforms

The Darwinex proprietary technology was developed over 5 years of research and improvements by the Quant team while offering a fast execution DMA model. Therefore, it is essential to a mainstay on a trusted and proven software as well.

Thus, Darwinex chose as a popular MT4, as well new age MT5 platform to perform the trading process. The choice was not done only at the fact that more than 50% of global orders are done through MT4, but because of the performance, the platform provides. The MT4 and MT5 terminals can be accessed through desktop versions, as well as mobile applications for both Android and iOS.

Darwinex platforms

Moreover, there is an array of additional features like FIX APU and engineered libraries to compliment trading performance through bridges and various servers. These include Darwinex Zorro MT4 and MT5, and vast of algorithmic trading offers from the selection.


Darwinex offers two different account types designed for a particular need, one account designed for traders another one to the investors. Further on, the account will vary according to the chosen platform MT4 either MT5 or even by use of the technology.

Furthermore, every client can open as many accounts as he wishes, however should bear in mind that the MT5 platform requires directly to choose which asset will be traded.

The trader account allows not only to earn from own trader, by to earn 20% success fee for generated profits for 3rd party investors, which is a great possibility for active and professional traders. In reverse investors may find numerous traders divided by ranking and invest the desired amount into their strategy, through PAMM accounts.

Darwinex investment


Overall, Darwinex spread and costs are quite low and competitive among the market, see samples of typical spread below, also you can check and compare fees to another popular brokerage Abshire Smith.

Asset/ Pair Darwinex Spread
Crude Oil WTI 4
Gold 12
BTC/USD 0.05%

Darwinex spread


Since Darwinex is a UK based brokerage firm that delivers its service through FCA strict regulations, there are applicable requirements towards every offering Darwinex complies with. Therefore, Darwinex offers marginal trading allowing you to trade larger positions throughout leverage.

The maximum allowed leverage levels are set to a 1:30 for major currency pairs, 1:20 for minor ones and 1:10 for commodities. However, since leverage gives a great advantage and may increase your potential gains, you should learn how to use leverage smartly and obtain good knowledge about it.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The last point is funding enter, while the user’s Darwinex Wallet allows convenient fund transferring either by deposits that can be performed through bank wire, credit cards, e-wallets or Union and further withdrawals.

The range of supported options includes also Trustly a payment method that allows you to order a transfer from/to your bank account to/from your Darwinex Wallet and have the funds available to use instantly.

The minimum deposit amount is set to a convenient 500$, allowing traders of various size to join with ease.

Darwinex deposit


As for the transferring fees, typically Darwinex does not charge additional fees for deposits, yet withdrawals may incur an extra processing fee for some of the methods. Thus bank wire withdrawal is 0$ and card or Skrill transfer will charge 2$ fee.


The Darwinex review brings a clear vision that the broker is the technically oriented firm that aims to bring a different, better experience in trading. Their concerns are to help traders in their skills development and exchange of knowledge with those who would like to invest.

While connecting two parties, Darwinex also provides a transparent trading experience through the DMA execution model and transparent pricing.

The reliable platforms with comprehensive trading tools and solutions bringing a variety of smart trading along with instruments for analysis, strategy improvements and functions. Almost any trader of different strategies and styles will find a way to connect with Darwinex since the initial deposit to start is only 500$. Among the benefits from the company is also their regular contest, which allows to benefit and to develop skills.

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