FXTM and Alpari staff changes and a new shareholder

May 4, 2018 at 07:04 PM

The founder of Alpari and FXTM companies and one of the main figures in the FX industry, Andrey Dashin, has revealed the changes that will refer to the both brands. He announced that the CEO of the FXTM, Olga Rybalkina, will become a minority shareholder of both Alpari and FXTM companies.

Ms. Rybalkina has an extensive experience in the FX industry and started her career in 1998. Before becoming a CEO to FXTM, she was a leading executive of Alpari. She will be leaving her current position as a CEO due to the restructuring of the staff. Alpari company will also have some changes in its head office. A former advisor of Andrey Dashin, Vladimir Verbitskiy, will be succeeding the CEO role in Alpari company.

These personnel changes will help to solidify the long-term venues and support the development of both Alpari and FXTM. Ms. Rybalkina together with Mr. Dashin will be maintaining the strategies and future plans of these global brands.

In his comments about these current changes, Mr. Dashin stated that both brands and very promising and strong. During 2017 they added new licenses and brought new products to the investors, showing good metrics in general throughout the year. Also Alpari reported about the record trading turnover of around 1.3 trillion USD.

Mr. Dashin also noted that in comparison to the previous year the client base of FXTM has increased by 77% and the client balance has grown twice. Also the trading turnover of the company grew by 38%. He added that these changes were implemented to strengthen the brands and bring them to new horizons.

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