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By Cristian Duarte, from Brazil, October 28, 2020 at 09:38 PM

On May 4th 2020 I made an investment with this company. An agent named Gabriela Pontes called and after a lot of chatting, I was convinced to add more money , US$10.000 to enter a unique Scalp operation. At that time I was not even that aware of what a scalp really meant. Nevertheless. The orientation Gabriela gave me was extremely assuring that They would double my money. So, there I went and succeeded in the scalp and doubled it. So far so good. What is never explained is that the gains are compromised. I never had access to it. I tried to withdraw my invested money, but they explained that I was able to get 1.500US$ per month. So, I was doing that. I was able to withdraw  the total amount of 7.500 US$ in seven different operations in different months, from May till September/2020. My agent Gabriela disappeared from the Telegram after convincing me to make a new investment of US$ 5.454,54 in order to enable my account to enter monthly negotiations with guaranteed positive results that would enable be to raise my withdraw limit to US$ 2.000 until December and then from January US$ 3.000. At this time (21.08.2020) my account balance became = US$ 27.122.64. After withdrawing US$ 1.500 on 04.09.2020, I was not able to withdraw anymore, and realised that my account was completely with no movement and I tried to reach Gabriela and the support lines of the company with no success. After many days trying everyday, I got a message from somebody saying she was a secretary, that Gabriela was sick. Day after, all our Telegram communication was deleted, I was trying contacting them with no success: through CHAT I always got that the will forward my contact request to the responsible department. Nothing is done. Tried the email I had from the Financial Department, and what I got is a kind of automatic response. I tried calling the support number available on their webpage. I get a message that the number does not exist:  +18442214335 this email also an automatic response:  livesupport@vlom.com https://vlom.com/more/support Finally I posted a complaint in a Brazilian page and I got a call from Mr. Luciano Pedrosa, confirming that Gabriela left the company. I explained to him that the illness of an employee is not an excuse to leave a client who invested money with no news, no response, for days and weeks. Well he tried to blame me asking if I read the contract I signed with Gabriela. I said why? He, again, did you read? At this point it was clear to me that Gabriela spoke one thing to me on the phone and I trusted her. The contract says that my account needs to have a minimum balance of US$ 27.122.64 in order for them to make operations. Alright. But, operations were not made because Gabriela was absent and nobody else in the company replaced her to take care of my account. How is it possible that they believe this conduct is alright? Anyway, Luciano told me he was going to take care of my account and gave me his Telegram. Since 09.10.2020 I am trying to get answers about my money and my account and I have tons of silence, no responses, and since last week his Telegram has been answered by Bianca who tells me she can only mediate my request. My one thousand requests that are not being taken seriously. I made a customer claim today and she told me that because of that my account will probably be blocked for auditing, a little bit trying to intimidate me. I got that also on the phone from Mr. Luciano Pedrosa. I wish I can get answers and a better client treatment.

Answer: Hi Cristian Duarte,

VLOM Ltd. is not regulated by any regulating body. The broker is registered by the Financial Services Authority of St Vincent and the Grenadines. St Vincent & Grenadines doesn’t have the regulation of Forex activity under its jurisdiction. You can read our detailed article on why brokers from St Vincent & Grenadines should be avoided.

It seems like you fell victim to a scam company, as Vlom is just another offshore unregulated broker on the list. We highly recommend you to stop investing more into your account as you won’t be able to get your money back. There is very small chance of withdrawing what’s left on your balance. You can try and report this broker to your local financial authority as well as police.

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  1. VLOM https://vlom.com/
    Joaquim, from Brazil, January 31, 2020 at 22:21 PM By
    I started to negotiate with this company, brokerage #VLOM, account ID 20529003885 and account ID 21369001735, in the year 2020.
    A gentleman named #LUCIANO PEDROSA / VLOM, calling himself the #ACCOUNT MANAGER, and his secretary named # BIANCA / VLOM, came into contact with me through the Telegram application.
    From then on, capital contributions were made to the mentioned accounts for investments through the # MT-5 platform in the stock market, gold, etc.
    Then, according to #LUCIANO PEDROSA, fixed income investment opportunities appeared in the United States market, and also investment in the stock market in the company MDB (MONGODB INC). And we made such investments, observing a highly profitable operation in the standard way of earning with normal rates.
    From then on, I was invited by the ACCOUNT MANAGER, Mr. LUCIANO PEDROSA, to participate in a #SCALLPER operation. The first session was successful, in the second session there was a loss of the full capital of the account ID 20529003885.
    Immediately the person who was mediating the operation of SCALLPER the ACCOUNT MANAGER, #Sr. MAX, informed that he should invest a certain capital to redeem the account. And I did as he asked.
    A posteriori, the account released for capital redemption, I receive the call from ACCOUNT MANAGER, LUCIANO PEDROSA, informing me, on 1/15/21, that the VLOM broker would not have the capital in cash to be able to release my money, as well like American providers. And that he should make a contribution, where he and the board of the brokerage VLOM would make an operation with the Asian providers to finally be able to withdraw my money.
    That’s when #Sr. ABRAHAM LEVY, who introduced himself as Senior Analyst at VLOM, on 1/18/21. And he said in a definite way that once the amount in question was contributed to the operation in the Asian market, the money would be available in my account in a maximum of 24 hours.

    I then carried out the transfer of the certain amount.

    THE ACCOUNT MANAGER, Mr. Max, made contact, on 1/19/21, so that we could make the withdrawal request together on the website of the brokerage #VLOM through the application #Any Desk, where he has access to my computer in a virtual way.

    When placing the withdrawal amount, the ACCOUNT MANAGER, #SR. MAX informed that the withdrawal amount would have to be 1/3 (one third) of the amount because it was a high amount. And then we did as requested by Mr. MAX.

    At 11:00 AM, on 1/20/21, I receive a call from Mr. MAX informing me that I should pay a fee of 1.7% of the total amount of the account, until 13:00 PM this day, to the Asian market, so that my money could be released. Otherwise, the amount would be retained. I would no longer receive the money that belongs to me that is being held, subtracted by the VLOM brokerage. The amount of the fee could be deducted from the amount in my VLOM brokerage account. Or, is the VLOM broker trying to withdraw even more capital from me?

    #ABRAHAM LEVY / VLOM had not kept its word that was given to me decisively. And he deceived me in a vile and cowardly way. Still aware of my financial situation weakened by having contributed a certain sum to this VLOM broker.

    I did not transfer the amount to the account in question:
    Bank: Plural (125)
    Branch: 0001
    Account Number: 4640-0
    HomeAbout UsContact Us
    Refference: 21566-54438403
    On 01/25/21 I received the contact from #Sr. ABRAHAM LEVY, where he sent me a letter on letterhead from the brokerage #VLOM, committing himself to transfer the money contained in my ID account 20529003885, in case the 1.7% fee was paid. This letter was signed by #ABRAHAM LEVY and #WASHINGTON J.J./VLOM, director of the brokerage #VLOM.
    I reported that I no longer had the resources to do so and that I would not transfer the amount in question. For being a nonsense, since the value of 1.7% could be deducted from the amount I have in the account. The #Sr. ABRAHAM LEVY did not take my call for the return of my discounted capital at the rate of 1.7% seriously and did not contact me anymore.
    Anyway, I live an unprecedented drama. A securities broker who is trapping a monetary value that belongs to me. And I need to survive.
    My two accounts on the #MT 5 platform are blocked, and the brokerage #VLOM and her characters don’t even make contact to resolve or even return my money. At every moment there is a problem situation so that I do not withdraw.
    I suggest to all those who read this complaint that they do not pay to see the reality of this broker. It will be drastic and with irreversible consequences with the destruction of lives and families.

  2. Well, this Company does not existis we are vítims and lawyers too
    And we are a group that are trying and getting suceffully the money Back!
    But we are from Brasil where they live! We have the informations! 55+21-98221-1977

    VLOM does not return my money.
    #VLOM Ltd. is not regulated by any regulatory body. The broker is registered with the Financial Services Authority of # São Vicente and #Granadinas. # São Vicente and #Granadinas do not have the regulation of the #Forex activity under their jurisdiction. #Correctors of # São Vicente and #Granadinas should be #avoided.
    #Vlom is just another unregulated offshore broker on the list. It is highly recommended that you stop investing more in your account, as you will not be able to recover your money. There is a very small chance of removing what is left on your scale. You can try to report this broker to your local financial authority and also to the police.
    #VLOM is a criminal organization (#ORCRIM) that established itself in Brazil through its investor capitation arm #APRENDA INVESTINDO, a fictional online education company based in London, with the name of #ONLINE MEDIA CORP LIMITED, with business address based at “16 Upper Wobum Place, Londom, Greater Londom, WC1H OAF United Kingdom”.
    How #VLOM operates systematically in Brazil:
    Through the contact made by the company #APRENDA INVESTINDO, the investor makes money transfer to accounts of international agents that direct the values ​​to accounts of the company VLOM and where they are automatically directed to the acquisition of BITICOINS in a classic way of leaving no margin for redemption of the values provided by investors. These assets, BITICOINS, are then stored in brokerages specializing in cryptocurrencies. In the name, these accounts, of scrokers who mediated the assault carried out with the investors who, in a cowardly and cruel way, were taken from their financial resources.
    People, men and women, make direct contact with investors, presenting themselves as a trader in the international market. From this contact, a series of investments in the Metatreder 5 platform begins to be made, where these traders now have access to the person’s computer through the #ANI DESK application.
    They check this investor’s machine to check his investment potential.
    From this speculation of the financial condition of the investor, the pseudo trader begins to request resources for new investments: in the American market (Fixed Income, Shares of top companies), cryptocurrencies, gold, silver and several others.
    These investments are blocked, the brokerage #VLOM does not return them to investors, and sets up a scheme for the imprisonment of values, where more and more people find it difficult to withdraw the values.
    For example: scallper section with clients who have never done any operations on a trading platform. Leading them astray, causing the account to be totally lost (an unprecedented cowardice). Then a large amount is requested for the account to be recovered by the liquidity provider, an American financial institution.
    After making the contribution of money to save the account of the METATRADER 5 platform, in the guarantee that the money will finally be available for the withdrawal and closing of the account, they claim that #VLOM does not have the resource, and an investment will be necessary to that another liquidity provider (financial institution in the Asian market) can pay the amount that is contributed to the platform.
    #Luciano Pedrosa is one of the main scrokers that operates in this money laundering scheme for buying Bitcoin. His secretary named #Bianca, is a key player in this operation, making contact with investors and reporting that they will be presented with computers (Macbook) and mobile devices (Apple), as well as Mastercard credit cards.
    Others involved are: #ABRAHAM LEVY (Senior Analyst at VLOM brokerage), #WASHINGTON J.J./VLOM, director of #VLOM brokerage.
    Brokers such as VLOM, and all others established in # São Vicente and #Granadinas must be #avoided. #Correctors of # São Vicente and #Granadinas should be #avoided. They are all participants in a #Criminal Organization, #ORCRIM, in the world.

  4. This is in fact the VLOM broker.
    A large-scale operation by GAECO dismantled a criminal organization that practiced financial pyramid crimes and money laundering throughout Brazil.
    Agents of the Special Action Group Against Organized Crime (Gaeco) took to the streets of 12 Brazilian states this Thursday (25) to arrest the leaders of a financial pyramid accused of scamming thousands of Brazilians.
    The “Black Monday” operation came from the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais (MPMG), which for almost a year has been investigating a fraudulent scheme promoted by the websites “Learn Investing” and “Investing Brasil”.
    With the promise of great financial returns, victims were encouraged to make bank transfers to various legal entities through the “VLOM” and “LBLV” brokers.
    Rather than investing the users’ money in the contracted plans, scammers converted the values ​​into bitcoin and into high-value goods such as luxury cars. Between 2019 and 2020, the scheme caused a loss of R $ 60 million to at least 1,500 victims.

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