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By Etelka Kovacs, from Netherlands, October 24, 2019 at 05:39 PM

Dear Sir/Madam, I am reaching out for advice on how to stop a trading company/trading companies to contact me. Trendingraphs got hold of my email and phone number from unknown resources and has been calling me multiple times a day for months now despite my clear communication that I am not interested in trading at all. After telling them multiple times I am not interested they opened up an account for me and asked me to buy bitcoin wallet from them in order to stop them from calling me. They did this offer after calling me 6 times a day. When I threatened them on the phone that I will contact the police if they don’t stop harassing me the lady on the phone laughed and said that the police would not do anything. Then I said I will contact the consumer protection agency and she just hung up on me. Unfortunately I opened an account with FX Market Pro a year ago. I have never confirmed the account or logged in as I decided not to trade FX. When I checked FX Market Pro yesterday it’s platform is not even used any more. I am wondering if you have any suggestion of how I can get rid of these disturbing calls. I am missing important calls as I stopped answering my phone due to the traders. Kind regards, Etelka Kovacs

Answer: Hi Etelka Kovacs,

Trendingraphs broker is an offshore company, registered in Marshall Island and is not regulated by any authority. We recommend traders to avoid offshore companies, as they are not supervised by any authorities and there’s a high risk of losing the investment.

You’ve made a wise decision when refused to invest with Trendingraphs, as a lot of customers can’t even withdraw their earnings

As to the phone calls, you can try reporting the local authorities as well as regulatory authorities in the Netherlands. 

In case you decide to invest with a forex broker, check our list of the well-regulated brokers first. 

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