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By Daniel, from Belgium, October 10, 2019 at 03:00 PM

hello, i wanted to withdraw money from my traders account at was told that in order to do so i needed to credit my bitstamp account with20000euros in order to proceed the withdrawal,money that of course i do not have.

Now i just want to stop trading and retrieve the money that is still on my tradingaccount.Is there any possibility to do so without connecting to a bitcoin account?is this money lost? yours faithfully Daniel

Answer: Hi Daniel,

We have previously written that Trendingraphs Review is an offshore forex broker from the Marshall Islands. The company claims to be located in the UK, however, it doesn’t hold a license from the local British regulator Financial Conduct Authority. 

We recommend traders to avoid offshore companies such as Trendinggraphs, as they are not supervised by any authorities and there’s a high risk of losing the investment.

In your case, unfortunately, the chance of getting your money back is low, as the broker is not regulated. It is illegal for a broker to hold your money and reject the withdrawals. Do not invest any more money with this company. We advise you to try and report your local police as well as regulatory authorities in Belgium. 

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  1. Hi ,

    I was scammed too. Started by deposit 3k£ In March 2020 after speaking to a person called Andrew. Sounded very authentic person. Made some profits and but since last few weeks it was a different person called Nathan who sounded like an African person has advised me to withdraw money as the market is unstable and Offered help to do it.

    He said I had to clear the credit of 2500£ in order to claim the full fund back to my account. Was so stupid to put in that money and as soon as I did through and block cypher , he hasn’t replied or emailed to my messages and calls.

    I can see my funds in my trading account, has anyone reached anywhere with this ? Did anyone managed to speak to the local police or got their money back ?

    Please let me know.

  2. Hi All, I got scammed just like you, $30K, same story nice guy called David but now radio silence as i want to with draw some funds.

    However i contacted a company called Edga Recovery, based in the USA, these guys said they had experience and could claw back my money, paid them too, another scam!

    If anyone has got their money back please let me know.

    Kind regards,

  3. Hi,
    I have the same problem.
    Start trading with Trendingraphs from March 20′. A lot of troubles during thus time, communication, correct information, price open position were change without my hand..
    Finaly I get profit ~5kusd,so once I deposit for them provision, I try requested for withdrawal since last 2 week, and no answer phone, email. But still I see in my trade account my all money.
    Do you know how to contact with this f…… Company.
    Don’t trade with them. Mr Paweł Depczinski, Jerzy Racibor, Morgan… These are scammers. I have recorder all phone talking and screan from open position

  4. hi, I have been scammed too and I was stupid enough to put a lot.
    I am wondering if anyone was able to make a complaint more than just a bad review and what are the steps, I’ve never done this but I believe if we gather all together and make a big complaint to the authorities might bring us somewhere

  5. Trendingraphs is SCAM!!
    Middle of March 2020, I started an account and put $ 250 on it, to start trading with a bot (free of charge for 1 year I was told).
    Trades made small profit and as a test (and to create trust), I was able to do a withdrawal of EUR 50.
    Lisa Hofer is my advisor. Very nice person. Took her time to explain everything. So far so good.
    Then suddenly I heard that my trial-period is over and I had to invest more money.
    10k would be nice and then I would also receive a bonus of 5k from TrendingGraphs.
    Before doing this I did some research on the internet and that didn’t make me feel good at all.
    What about this:
    – A lot of bad reviews about TrendingGraphs as a company and Lisa Hofer as a person
    – No company website, only a site for my account
    – During my contact suddenly the email and site changed from .com to .net (explanation: we had some technical updates)
    I decided to stop and asked Lisa to stop my account, give me back my money back and close my account. This was on March 21th.
    Every withdrawal was refused because of open trading positions (started after March 21th by Trending Graphs). I’m not able to see my account anymore (they blocked it).
    Several request to the Support department and Lisa, but no answers yet… no call, no email.

    SO: Don’t do business with TrendingGraphs

  6. i have just deposited into this company the guys been callimg every day since depositing a been on the fence wondering if its all above board or a scam having trying find a contact number for them a came across this forum have a been scammed

  7. The contact person here is John Waters. He says he rang from Swis. His accent showed
    he is an african. He would not give my withdrawl. They are scamers. I lost 250 eu.

  8. Hi Daniel,

    I am scammed too by TG for a lot of money. I am gathering information about TG. Do you still remember the name of the person that helped you with your trades?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi my name is Richard I got some money trading with this people too ,the person helping is Mark Larsen ,Did u try withdraw your money ?

  9. I am a Belgian trader with trendinggraphs too !

    I asked a total withdrawal of my account on thursday the 10th of octobre too, but they don’t even give a blink : I am getting NOTHING in my bank account, E-mail nor via the phone !

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