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By zeegosFX, from Belize, March 5, 2019 at 07:39 AM

ZeegosFX ( ) this company scammed me for 1000 USD I have got a request from facebook with name Angel Fiona Cheng she claims that she is an employee of ZeegosFX ( ) and she says she will trade on behalf of us by using some auto robot software and she convinced to invest 200 usd and wil trade for 7 days and end of day she Told we can with draw funds we have started and she traded for 7 days and when we clicked on with drawl company asked to pay more money saying some reasons to pay they agreed to pay commission amount of 10 % after getting our amount into account now they suddenly changed company policies and asking to pay in advance they have tased me 3000 USD and 10 % is 300 USD I have paid that after that they told we need to pay some trade tax which will be 300 USD and they assure this will be last payment and we will getting our money after this payment we have paid 300 USD and that payment they asked to pay 200 USD more to update my account for future trade and told that is mandatory to paid to get amount released and we paid amount of 200 usd and then they again asked to pay 120 USD PayPal conversion fee to release amount I have stoped paid them and questioned them how long should I keep on paying you without getting money in my acc they told this is last and chasing me to clear it to get funds released . I will show the email what they send to me. Email 1 Sorry for the delay In your profit transfer into your PayPal, we have actually finished processing your profit transaction into your wallet but has been left pending due to the fact that the company managerial board has decided to change company managerial policy,we discovered you have not paid your 10% commission of your account manager for trading for you as required, though you were supposed to pay after withdrawal but the company has changed our account manager policy as regards to recent past experiences whereby majority of our clients receive their profit after trading but fail to settle the account manager that traded for them, as such we decided to enter an agreement with company account managers that effect from march 1 6:26pm ,all clients must pay their 10% commission through company before Their profits will be sent to them, this was implemented yesterday after the board meeting which caused a delay in your transaction, so please proceed with the payment of your account manager 10% and get back to us so we can rectify the pending withdrawal as soon as possible. Messages has been sent to all our account managers concerning this new improvement,confide with your account manager Note: below is the withdrawal transaction into your PayPal that is still pending Thanks. Email 2 We decided to review your country policy with respect to to your withdrawal and just like some of our other investors from locations like turkey, Spain, Kuwait, Greece, Germany, South Africa and Italy. Your country requires some legal dues to be settled ,we have however tried to settle them on your behalf by trying to deduct them from your account balance but we have been denied of this access as a third party company platform policy retricts us, as such we don’t have the permission to deduct any amount of cash from your balance. this has made the processing of your withdrawal to be on hold since yesterday. Below is the breakdown of all legal fees to be settled before your profit can be transferred to your PayPal. Exchange fee: $100 Broker permit: $100 Tax incurred : $100 Sum total. : $300 Reasons per why these fees could not be deducted from your trade account with the company at this time is because we have not been given legal authorization from the actual broker regulatory trading body. Kindly get back to us when you are ready to send the incurred fees. Thank you. Supportteam Email 3 Hello We have proceed your payment to your PayPal but you have not received it because we find out that your autorobot system that is connected to your profile so you need to upgrade it with $200 so you can receive your profit immediately.. And you have to deposit it within 24hour to avoid error thank you … Email 4 : Your money withdrawal has been processed and will be paid to PayPal address Total withdraw withdraw $3,000 which will be paid to your account in USD but however conversion cost incurred $120 needs to be cleared so you can receive profit in United States dollars… You need to pay this conversion cost as soon as possible.. Thank you I here by request everyone who sees this review don’t invest with ZeegosFX company and dont get scammed from them they keep on saying stories and will squeeze money from you.

Scammer Email ID :
Facebook Profile name : Angel Fiona Cheng 
Whats app number : +13239771274

  • Scam Company ZeegosFX( )
Answer: Hi zeegosFX,

Hi there

We are sorry to hear that. We listed ZeegosFX as a broker to avoid. It is an offshore firm from Belize. It is extremely high risk to trade with an offshore due to loose regulation. We are hearing traders cannot withdraw their fund

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