Is Skyfxoption licensed and legitimate?

By Anonymous, from United Kingdom, April 10, 2021 at 07:15 PM

Basically ive been having problems with withdrawing my money for about a month now. They keep asking for more money. Theres been a problem every step of the way that requires more cash. They take payments in bitcoin from blockchain to their node address. I have paid at least $1700 on what was supposed to be just a $500 trade and %20 commission payment of whatever the new balance was.

  • Is Skyfxoption Licensed And Legitimate?
Answer: Hi Anonymous,

Skyfxoption is an unregulated offshore broker. It is authorized and regulated by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize (“IFSC”). Belize as a gorgeous tourist destination, while also is a tax haven with a zero tax structure that established its own regulation for financial investment and Forex firms licensing due to high demand and necessity of regulation. Ever since Belize became a known offshore zone and Forex hub, the destination attracted thousands of brokerages seeking an opportunity to be a legitimate firm, yet to skip complicated and costly established procedures. We have a detailed article explaining the risk of trading with brokers from Belize.

Also, Skyfxoption claims to be a registered company from UK company house registration number 04902801. However, Companies House is only the United Kingdom’s registrar of companies, it is not the regulator that approves licenses for the brokers in the UK. And, of course, there is no information about this broker in the UK’s FCA register.

All these details only prove that Skyfxoption should be avoided, it is very risky to deal with it. Unfortunately, there is a small chance of getting your money back. We would advise you to stop investing with this firm and report about your issue to your local financial regulator.

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  1. is a SCAMMED 100%. Im warning you right now He or She trying to invest their hard earn money I strongly not getting lured by this people. Fake website,Fake Customer Service, and Fake trading view of Bitcoin platform. If you’re reading the first complaint from last year April 2021 he is absolutely right. I happened to me as well.

    I have invested over $70k of my retirement that I closed last year 2021 and made more investement on January 2022. the company promised me to receive a $250k profit after 30 days on bitcoin payment by using crypto app on my mobile. Skyfx made a fool out of me They sent me a fake email receipt payment after providing my personal bitcoin node address. They keep asking for more money in order for me to get my funds. To make the story short I have never received any of my hard earned money back.

    I met this lady on social media named “Katrina Morgan” and her Instagram: platinum_gnz she is the reason why I opened an account on skyfxoption site. She’s a scammer,pretender,dishonest,greedy and I assume she lives in the state of Georgia with her loving family. Block or report this person as soon as possible if she tried to add you on Instagram. I prayed one day she deserves an unfortunate event for herself. and all the scammers she works with.

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