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By MMcCabe, from United States, February 14, 2023 at 11:50 PM

You might want to check your review of NADEX. In the last couple months Futures Indices and Commodity trades now have added $15 to both sides of the binary trade. eg. Initial purchase of a Dow 30 YM market strike point at the market is far from $50 on both sides of the trade. A single call or put trade will put you out -$15 to -$20 a trade when you hit the purchase button. Something is up, as this affects your review of the platform. There are many on social media questioning the actions of the platform.

It’s almost as if it is purposefully destroying itself. Also, I’m looking to move to a new similar platform but don’t know where to begin. I have someone who trades TOS. Might move there. I trade binary in YM and ES markets sometimes Nadex binary options commodities-crude oil. Thanks, Mike.

Answer: Hi MMcCabe,

Thanks for your update and inquiry. In our Nadex Review, we reflect our findings of recent moment in the Review writing itself, and as you mention now conditions are different. Well,  here is important to note that the nature of Binary Options trading instruments is like that, since all the trading conditions established by the Broker himself so may change and be more favorable or less favorable at some time. 

Binary Options remain the most risky and not transparent in industry instrument overall, so it is your own decision to understand all risks involved and still trade this particular instrument and undertake conditions that will change constantly and mainly not to be the best.

Even though Nadex is a reliable firm since regulated in the US, unlike other offshore Brokers which are mainly total scam, Binary Options trading still not transparent and reliable enough. This is why almost all Regulator worldwide completely ban Binary Options. So might you switch to trade other instruments like Stock, Forex or ETFs trading so to be more reliable.

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