Is TRADEATF legit?

By Trudy Jacobs, from South Africa, February 18, 2021 at 07:49 PM

Could you please advise if this broker company is legit TRADEATF. They seemed forcefull and i stupidly sent R3520.00 then another R15000.00 I really hope i am not scammed…i am going to demand they return my money immediately or i will go viral with what they have done. But i am not sure if they legit could you please help i have saved long and hard for my money i need every cent back. I eagerly await your reply Thanks 



Answer: Hi Trudy Jacobs,

TradeATF is a Forex and CFDs broker. The company that owns the broker, Hoch Capital Ltd, used to be licensed by CySEC, but the license was suspended and is no longer valid.

The broker is registered in Belize, popular offshore zone. You can check our article about Why Avoid IFSC Brokers from Belize. Since the broker is no longer properly regulated, it is not obliged to international rules and protecting traders money.

Unfortunately, in such cases it is almost impossible to get the money back, since there is no legal support for the traders and no guarantees. You should report about this issue to your local financial authority.

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