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By Eugene Lowery, from Germany, March 19, 2021 at 07:15 AM

Hello, I would like to inquire about the reputation of FX Meridian, besides their web page I can not find anything else about them with the exception that they are connected with the republic of Vanutau in the south paciffic. Thank you

Answer: Hi Eugene Lowery,

FXMeridian claims to be one of the best CFD providers in the world with an advanced social trading platform. It is owned and operated by FH Ever JSCo, registered in Bulgaria (831649724) and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission (Register number RG-03-08). However, we couldn’t find any mentions of FXMeridian in the register of the Bulgarian regulator. So the only valid regulation the broker has is the one from the VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission ). 

Vanuatu is the easiest jurisdiction to open a brokerage, as the opening requires the company to submit a register online, prove initial established capital which is $2,000 only, to pay a fee, and within 2-3 month, the firm is crisp and registered. However, there is no handbook or guidelines for brokers to run their business. Therefore, there is zero protection for traders. We have a detailed article explaining the risk of trading with brokers from Vanuatu.

We would recommend to avoid FXMeridian and choose only well-regulated, reliable brokers. You can check our list of the Regulated Brokers and find the one that fits your trading needs.

4 responses to “FX Meridian reputation”

  1. I lost 40 k with this broker. The broker keep asking me to add more fund. they even pretend to give u bonus and support and take it bck after. They just waited to make ur big mistake then take all ur money. Do not deal with this brokerage.

  2. Don’t trade with this broker it’s a fraud 100% i deposited to test them only 250 and from the first week they asked me to add more funds to catch big opportunitys .with my trading i was 190eut in profit also 440 they tryed me again to add money and as i didn’t they started to take swaps bigger as the profited position this cannot be legal because banks swaps are only a small percentage the swaps of fxmeridian platform was 120% of the won position ..and thats because the fees and swaps can added from them without any bank is existing and they. Can do what they want to steel your money. Its mot a real brokerage of the markets its only a platform on a server without connection to the real markets.They are scammers like all the unregulated companys in this field.next time i will show screenshots and other information about them and their special fraud platform .if you see the good reviews they want you to trust and focus at this to the perfect platform and there is the key of the scamm to invest money that they pick up till nothing is left.They are scammers dont give them your money

  3. I lost a lot of money with this brokerage.They are constantly asking for large fund deposits. I do not recommend them and don’t believe that they are legitimate. FX Meridians is prohibited from trading in the United States. When they call the calls come from blocked numbers or the same person’s calls are made from various different countries but not from the country they say they live in. Theywill get caught and I hope someone files a complaint against them.

  4. I’m surprised by the reviews below tbh…. Completely normal broker, deposits, withdrawals, verification, all procedures no issue, no pushing for money etc.
    Only issue I had is with IPO’s and their market execution..

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