I am a victim of Cryptoarb.io broker Cryptoard.io

By Yvette Edghill, from Barbados, May 16, 2020 at 02:14 PM

When I went to withdraw funds from my trading account with Cryptoarb.io. The account manager took a trade to burn my whole account. Even thou I told him not to trade on the account until I received my withdrawal. Can you advise me what to do from here or can you recommend who I need to contact to get my money back. I have all my info to produce on your request to confirm my complaint above. Hope you can help me recover my funds.

Answer: Hi Yvette Edghill,

Cryptoarb.io claims to be located in London, UK. However, we couldn’t find any information about its regulation with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. Moreover, the terms and conditions from the website state the broker is actually registered offshore, in the St Vincent and the Grenadines. St Vincent & Grenadines doesn’t have the regulation of Forex activity under its jurisdiction. You can read our detailed article on why brokers from St Vincent & Grenadines should be avoided.

In your case we would recommend you to report this issue to the  local police and financial authorities of the country. You can also try withdrawing smaller amounts of money from your trading account.

4 responses to “I am a victim of Cryptoarb.io broker”

  1. Hallo
    Mir ist das auch passiert.
    Ein Bernhard Schmidt wollte immer mehr Geld.
    Auszahlungen müssen erst über diese Person genehmigt werden das heißt wenn diese Verbrecher von ihnen kein Geld mehr erwarten können sie ihr Geld leider vergessen
    Auch ich bin interessiert diesen Leuten auf der Reise ins Gefängnis zu unterstützen
    Bitte um Interessengemeinschaft hier melden

  2. Hallo
    Seien Sie vorsichtig
    Auch ich bin von diesen Leuten betrogen worden
    Lassen Sie sich auf nichts ein.
    Das ganze ist nicht realistisch alles Betrug.
    Die wollen immer mehr Geld
    Und wenn nichts mehr zu holen ist meldet sich keiner mehr
    Ihr Geld können Sie auch nicht eigenständig ab buchen muss erst genehmigt werden
    Bitte bitte Vorsicht !!!!!

  3. Cryptoarb.io are criminals they deactived my account when I requested for withdrawal , avoid them especially Steve and Robert
    They will randomly call numbers asking you to invest

  4. I was also caught by CryptoArb. There operations is a scam. I have dealt with many other trading platforms before and even still trading on other platforms.
    For anyone reading this, DO NOT TRADE WITH CRYPTOARB.

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