Is gramfxmarkets a scam?

By Werner Rodic, from Germany, February 9, 2021 at 07:40 PM

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  1. I just can tell about my experience.
    With the help of a “promoter” i opened an account, with very little funds.. (about 1500 USD)
    The promoter put me in contact with one “analyst” that told me that he could give me 3 investing suggestion, then, as i was a TOO LITTLE investors, I should have been investing at least 30.000 USD.

    Well… no thanks… so after the using the three helps, I continued to “invest” by myself.

    I was lucky, s after a while, due to the high leverage, the profit was good already.. so I asked to tranfer back some money.
    After a few days, they told me that my transaction were “sospicious of money laundry” (money laundry for 1500 USd.. ?????= so I should has been providing them all the analysis of each transaction i had done, my revenue declaration and other stuff…
    i repled them to tell mw for what law or rules i should provide those documents, because it is written nowhere!!!
    Well, they send me back the initial money depodit. I told them that, even if I was not providing them my analysis, the first three were done by THEIR ANALYST, so they should have been paing at least those profits…

    And they closed my account… 🙂

    • Hi, i am trying to get back my initial deposit too but they wont even answer, how did you di that, if I can ask?

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