Crisscross Broker license

By Leong, from Malaysia, June 26, 2021 at 12:52 AM

This Crisscross Investment Holdings Limited company didn’t show their license and didn’t show thw yhe withdrawal policy. Really suspicious as a fraud company. I think a lot f people already fall in their catfish forex scam

Answer: Hi Leong,

Crisscross broker is owned and operated by the Crisscross Investment Holdings Limited and claims to be located in Belize. What we know about Belize is that it’s a gorgeous tourist destination, while also is a tax haven with a zero tax structure that established its own regulation for financial investment and Forex firms licensing due to high demand and necessity of regulation. Ever since Belize became a known offshore zone and Forex hub, the destination attracted thousands of brokerages seeking an opportunity to be a legitimate firm, yet to skip complicated and costly established procedures. We have a detailed article explaining the risk of trading with brokers from Belize.

In any case, we never advise trading with an offshore broker, since the financial investment service they deliver is not trustable. The reason is simple, the broker may promise the most ever competitive trading conditions or the trading environment, yet the trader has no any guarantee from the official entities that oversee the Forex industry. Thus the engagement to trading with such a companies means the trader will believe only on the broker’s words, and of course, it is a high risk.

We would recommend to trade with well-regulated and reliable brokers. You can choose from the list of the Regulated brokers here. 

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