Is Fundiza regulated?

By Peter Whitehouse, from Australia, August 6, 2020 at 02:17 PM

I note your general comments about brokers registered in the St Vincent and Grenadines island. I cannot find fundiza listed in either your regulated or unregulated brokers lists. Is this because you have not evaluated them yet? 

Answer: Hi Peter Whitehouse,

We haven’t yet reviewed Fundiza, however, it is already clear that it is just another offshore broker that should be avoided. This broker doesn’t have any other regulated rather than from the St Vincent & Grenadines, which is the main red flag here. We have covered all the reasons such brokers should be avoided in our article Forex Trading: Why Avoid Brokers from St Vincent & The Grenadines.¬†Fundiza would definitely get in our Broker to Avoid list.

Instead, we highly recommend you to check the list of the Australian Well-Regulated brokers and pick the most suitable one.


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