Are they legit

By Mandy, from Ireland, July 8, 2020 at 10:02 AM

Hi there, I heard about anytrade being a scammer. could you check if this is true and if yes how can one withdraw from them and close the account. I think my friend have mistakenly enter into trading with them. PLEASE HELP

Answer: Hi Mandy,

AnyTrades is just one more offshore broker that should be avoided for a reason. First and the most valid reason to stay away from this broker is its offshore regulation. You can read more about Vanuatu brokers and why they should be avoided in our detailed article.

There are a lot of concerns about AnyTrades Forex broker, starting with offshore license, following fake details that delude potential clients. But the biggest red flag is the absence of a license from a reputable and stable regulator. You can read our full AnyTrades review.

As to the funds withdrawal, unfortunately, there is a small chance of getting the money back, since it is not protected by any authority. You can try to withdraw small amounts to see how it goes. You can also report about this issue to your local regulatory authority.

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