StarkMarkets is a financial services provider, offering a selection of more than 70 financial assets as Forex and CFDs to traders from almost all around the globe. 

Is StarkMarkets a scam or legit broker?

No, it is not safe to trade with StarkMarkets as it is not regulated. is operated by Krisimark Ltd, Registration number 206066758, a Company duly incorporated in the Republic of Bulgaria, EU

Despite the broker’s claims of being located and regulated in Bulgaria, we could not find any proof or mentions of this broker in the register of the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission

In general, StarkMarkets has a questionable reputation due to its hidden fees and lack of regulation. The broker was previously owned by the company that was blacklisted by EU regulators multiple times. Most probably it was the reason they have changed the company behind the brand’s name, however, it is still dangerous to invest with this firm. 

Moreover, the broker has been blacklisted by at least two regulators:

New Zealand, FMA.

“The FMA recommends exercising caution before dealing with StarkMarkets and It is not a registered company or financial service provider in New Zealand. We are concerned that it has the hallmarks of a scam.”

Canada, BCSC.

“We are aware that StarkMarkets accepted funds from a British Columbia (BC) resident. StarkMarkets is not registered to trade in, or advise on, securities or derivatives in BC. We urge BC residents to exercise caution when dealing with firms that are not registered to trade or advise in BC.”

The pages and official sources of the international regulators’ list alert shared with the authority directly or by other countries’ supervisory bodies or transmitted centrally. Those tools and general purpose of the regulatory bodies operate in order to enable stability of the market offerings, protect clients from potential and numerous frauds, enable reliability rules to financial service entities and more. As StarkMarkets got no license to operate within the EU and other regulated jurisdictions, the broker was blacklisted and alerted by the EU authorities.

We advise all investors and traders to avoid StarkMarkets and other unregulated brokers. The lack of information about the broker’s regulation, trading conditions and contact details should be the biggest red flag for those who plan to invest with the entity. Usually, such companies run investment scams. Traders should trade with well-regulated brokers such as UK brokers or brokers in Australia and reliable brokers such as Alpari and

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  1. Im a 77 year old pensioner with very basic computer skills with no knowledge of trading who randomly choose Starkmarket to enquire about bitcoin. Due to my own stupidity and naivety I ended up transferring 259 euros into a deposit to invest in bitcoin. I then checked out starkmarkets ( which I should have done before contacting them) by reading negative rice reviews and comments about them and realised I had made a stupid mistake! I was then contacted by a representative whom I informed that I did not wish to proceed with trading in bitcoin and requested my money back. I was then informed that I needed to provide them with a utility bill and photographs back and front of both my credit card and license! This prompts me to think that this may be required by them to access the deposit account which seems to be frozen at the moment but for me to give out such vital information would be foolish and naive once again! So I’ve decided not to respond to daily calls from this company and forget about trying to retrieve my money in a shark infested area where somebody like me are easy pickings!!

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