Saxo Bank Removes SaxoTraderPRO Support for Old Windows Versions

October 6, 2023 at 01:05 PM
Saxo Bank removes SaxoTraderPro from Windows

In a recent announcement, Saxo Bank, a renowned multi-asset investment specialist, has issued a warning to its white-label partners about the impending lack of support for its SaxoTraderPRO software on older Windows operating systems.

Starting from the upcoming update in November 2023, SaxoTraderPRO will not be compatible with Windows operating systems 8.1 and its predecessors. As a direct implication of this update, users operating on these versions will be rendered unable to use the SaxoTraderPRO software. For those affected, Saxo Bank suggests the use of their web-based platform as a viable alternative.

Additionally, users who choose not to make the transition to the new version of SaxoTraderPRO will encounter recurring notifications upon logging in, notifying them about the outdated version. It’s essential to note that by Q2 2024, these older versions of the platform will be completely discontinued. Following this phase-out, logging in will be impossible without an update to the more recent version of the software.

Saxo Bank is taking proactive measures to ensure a smooth transition for its users. In the forthcoming weeks, account managers will be reaching out personally to those identified as SaxoTraderPRO users on non-supported operating systems.

The bank urges all its partners and users to take necessary actions timely to ensure uninterrupted access to their trading tools and services.

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