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What is OGFX?

Ocean Global Markets or OG is an Australian financial services provider that involves online trading. The company was established in 2009 with its headquarters in Sydney and firstly put focus to provide services to institutional customers, while further since 2017 brought an offer to the retail clients.

The execution method operated at OG performs STP model while orders are sent to international market directly, thus trader can access fast servers with the prices from global liquidity providers. STP brokers usually compare liquidity providers and choose the best available pricing that onward offered to the client.

The product range includes Forex with over 50 currency pairs with the tight spread offering, Commodities with a quite high leverage, Metals and global Indices.

Moreover, OG broker provides its clients not only with the technical part of trading but with the exceptional customer services along with market training, VIP treatments and a ton of tools to help with further success. In order to maintain trading skills, OG developed education tools and resources with dedicated trading platform guides, advanced trading strategies, articles from market analyst, fundamental analysis content and overviews.

OGFX Review

Furthermore, OG engages into partnership with the FXPLUS Trading Academy, so that the traders can get the most professional education and training. FXPLUS was established by elite level traders and professionals from Australia and China to empower investors from around the world. The courses divided by the level of complexity, as well as Certificate Courses with particular knowledge and chance to get DFP (Diploma if Financial Planning).

Is OGFX safe or a scam?

Ocean Global Markets Ltd as an Australian company regulated by the local authority ASIC (Learn about ASIC regulated Blueberry broker). The regulators supervise the company to follow strict operational guidelines, which ensures a safe trading environment for investors. The security of funds is one of the major points in regulation, which requires Fund flow through trust account with zero risks while funds are kept in top-tier banks segregated accounts.

Data security and secure connection provided by backup copy by CME Group, assure information safety as well as execution. Overall, the regulated company complies with standards of trading process and delivery of the trustable investment environment, which is crucial while choosing the broker.

Account Types

Trading options including two account types that allow to chose the best suitable trading conditions. To join the largest financial market, the trader can start with a risk-free account with no obligations for 30 days use.

The Standard Account is easy to open the account just in three steps. The required payment to start trading is 1,000$, while there is availability to denominate account in multi-currencies.

Pro Account offering lower trading cost with the minimum deposit of 50,000$ and is the best feature for active traders. Apart from the costs, the traders will enjoy trading reports and regular market outlooks.

Taking into the consideration the risk of losses, the client must use the trading leverage smartly and adopt the trading style, while OG offers a flexible leverage from 1:100 to 1:400. As a condition of entering into forex trading, the brokers using the deposit of funds to secure client’s liability for any losses may be incurred, thus the initial margin is due and payable prior to opening a transaction.

Trading Platforms

MetaTrader4 is a cutting-edge platform used by many traders for Forex, Metals and Futures Markets. MT4 is the popular choice due to its complete, necessary features required to perform potentially successful trading. Furthermore, MT4 accommodates almost any device and includes Desktop, Mobile versions.

Metatrader offers 30 built-in technical indicators that allow a widen analysis of quotes, along with navigator and financial instruments charts at Terminal window. As well, the MT4 is known for its comprehensive automated trading feature that is powered by the EAs (Expert Advisors). The OG does not limit the use of EAs, while traders can choose the best suitable from the marketplace, to develop own one or to automate trading strategy. There is no requirement to be a developer to perform robot trading since the marketplace offers a truly advanced range to choose from.

The mobile version of MT4 was upgraded by the OG that provides the most convenient and reliable way to monitor and trade in the market. The application is suitable for both Android or iOS devices, hence the trader can take advantage as same as on the computers but on the go.

Funding Methods

OG provider three methods to instant deposit Alipay, Union Pay and Electronic Fund Transfer, thus the client can choose either of the options. The withdrawals are processed through the application form on the website, yet the request must be with the same payment method as the deposit was made.

There is no charge for the standard withdrawal, yet generally, banks refer to transfer charge fees and the fees can be deducted from the amount, which can’t be guaranteed by the OG company.

Conclusion on OGFX

OGFX Review shows the company which established its operation in Australia and spread its offering worldwide. The company provides a reliable, regulated by ASIC access to trade the most popular markets with the expertise proved by the years of operation.

One of the advantages is that the company relied firstly on institutional solutions firstly, while recently upgraded its proposal to retail clients. Thus, the traders can enjoy the trading conditions and true STP execution with competitive conditions. Even though the company offers only two accounts with a relatively high cost to start, the general feature brings a quality offering to the market.

OGFX Updates

With our finds we see OGFX website remains inactive and unavailable to reach, meaning the broker mute its trading offering and does not propose account openings.

No news available.

13 responses to “OGFX”

  1. Good morning I would like to know if after doing tradig, to withdraw the profits obtained, I must first pay a tax, or this tax is deducted from the amounts that are withdrawn.

    • Have u made a withdraw? I need to withdraw money BUT they say that I should first pay the taxes 10% of my account earnings. And it is not possible to pay them from my account money. I want to know does anyone already have withdraws money or this is a scam scheme?

      • they are a scam… the websites closed now and all the funds probably swallowed… I cant even find where they relocated to…

        • I shut down the website after they did send my withdrawal after they demanded taxes, commission, other taxes, fees, etc… I did a police report SEC complaint and send a copy to the host explaining they are scammers and a copy of the report. the HQ is in Melbourne Australia, but they operate in Shanghai China. they still have a bunch of websites from the same hosting and owners which I’m hunting down one by one and shut down, the problem is they have beautiful women luring guys to try, I ready got one her name is Rose Mccarthy (Fake name), her real name is Brittney Marie from NC and ready done a police report and plus other complaints official. follow me for more to come.
          Please don’t pay to fight scammers you’ll lose twice.

    • I have been told that you need to pay the 20% commission upfront before you can withdraw any funds, I feel that if you do this you will never see any money at all.

    • They are scammers, they use bitcoin mixer different wallets, they are located in Shanghai China, with a local police report you can send to the hosting explaining the scam they will close the site down. Forget about your money and the promises they make.. Luring you with high profits.. Saying you pay they will release and each time is new lie. Police report will close the site.

  2. Eles sao um esquema bem pensado.
    Tambem me prometeram lucros através de conta clonada de trader, sem me dizer que era preciso pagar uma comissão de 10%.
    Cerca de 60000 euros.
    Madaram sacar o dinheiro todo, podiam ter dito para guardar este valor para poder pagar.
    Ainda disse ao trader para pagar pormim e eu abdicava do lucro. Mas disse que nao conseguia…
    Burla autentica…
    Denunciem esta gente toda.

  3. They now scam people in USA, under new website.
    Yes promises high return and when time to withdraw you’ll need to send 20% from the total to her friend Dealer and you loose times 2. The best way is to inform everyone about it. They are scam stay away!

  4. tried to make a withdrawal, first paid 20% for the commission fee. Paid that next they wanted a 14.5% tax payment, now they want a 2500.00 one time fee for my withdrawal because its over 10,000? WTH?

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