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Good afternoon,

I am writing you from ActivTrades. We came across your website and we would be happy appearing there. We are based in London, with a subsidiary in Nassau, Bahamas.
Could we discuss with you what should we do for appearing in the searches? And a marketing deal for banner?

Thank you


I am Tony Hill from Ireland, an Expert Forex trader. I tried many companies for Forex signals but i always found no accuracy. 80% of them completely scammed companies, and they charged very high. Suddenly I found the Tradesfactory, their research is indeed excellent and with the help of their Forex tips, I recover my 30 % loss within few days with the hep of TradesFactory.

Prestige FM fraudulent company

Thank you for your honest and professional review of Prestige FM. It is entirely correct and it is reassuring to know that someone is publishing accurate information about this fraudulent company. I know many people who have lots tens of thousands of pounds to these fraudsters, including myself. I hope we can together warn people against Prestige FM to save them the pain that many of us are going through.

Finding a broker by certain criteria

Hi, I’m looking for a broker with these features: -MT5 platform -Cent accounts or Micro/Nano accounts -Swap (rollover fee) free or at least fair positive/negative swap -No commission -Leverage of at least 1:200 RoboForex has all of that, except that swap is always negative, which is not fair. I have checked about 30 different brokers manually, but I did not find a website where I can search with the above mentioned criteria. Can you help me with that? Thank you very much, Fabian Scam alert!

SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! This broker showed me another name i forgot but, i thought he had a licence. After a first deposit and a few succesfull months i thought it was all right. There was a special project going on he said and told me to switch to Kapitalswiss! Kapitalswiss is allready registered here but, i did not do my research as i should have. He told me there was a way to get 100.000 euro’s in half a year if i could deposit 2200 more a.s.a.p. I could make another deposit of 1000 so i did. last week i tried to withraw everything. he opened a position on my account and it flushed my account down to 114 euro. before finding out i have sent some emails and he was supposed to call me. never got a call. total silence. i can’t even get this 114 out. This company sets people up, gains their trust and you will get ripped off!

stay away from and

Hi, High warning about, and nasdaq. I have deposited upto 12 K Euros and the trades (Paper trade and i doubt the trades in their platform are genuine) brought 41 K Euros in about 4 to 5 months. The relation ship manager was Mr. simon Jansen (not a very smart crook though). He has requesting me to deposit another 25 K and kept on insisting. While he was insisting i tried a withdrawal of 3 K and that didnt happen. That made me suspicious and i didnt deposit it more money. Once he realised that i am not going to part more money, he went onto trade in Bitcoin without my permission and in half an hour the balance went into minus. Beware of this company. He was not smart (thank god for that) because had the 3 K withdrawal was success i would have put in more money. Please stay away from crooks such as this and company such as this