IBKR gives access to Moscow exchange

November 20, 2019 at 11:19 AM

Moscow Exchange known as MOEX is one of the largest trading platforms and exchange groups in Russia for RUB FX instruments including stocks, bonds, options and futures has recently signed and launched access to 41 Russian Stocks through a Sponsored Market Access setup between Interactive Brokers and Raiffeisen Russia.

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IBKR gives access to Moscow exchange

Together with IBKR announce, MOEX also respectively confirms that Interactive Brokers began providing access to the Russian markets for all clients within the US or through its worldwide entities. As been mentioned by the Managing Director of Securities Market, MOEX is thrilled to cooperate with one of the largest US brokers and offers its client’s access to Moscow Exchange, which is also known for its highest technology development and global coverage in return promising vast opportunities for all the parties.

In return, Interactive Brokers are also excited to expand access as the broker sees a growing interest for investment in Russia. So from now on, the existing clients of IBKR may request trading permission for MOEX through its Client Portal by simple selection of the desired market from the list of stock permissions. In fact, MOEX and IBKR announced its cooperation and expand in June 2019, while from the beginning MOEX stocks were available for Russian residents only, which are now available to all Interactive Brokers clients worldwide.

Moscow Exchange MOEX

Interactive broker is one of the largest global electronic broker and financial groups that serves over 650,000 clients worldwide, operating through over 125 exchanges in numerous countries and is globally known for its corporate and operational practices accompanies by high-end trading technology they provide.

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