Hantec Group Expands its Reach with the Launch of Hantec Trader, an Offshore Prop Trading Unit

January 18, 2024 at 04:04 PM
Hantec Group

Hantec Group, a London and Hong Kong-based financial services provider, has entered the thriving world of proprietary trading with the introduction of Hantec Trader, a proprietary trading firm. Read our article about Prop Trading Firms

Hantec Trader, operating through Hantec Markets, a Mauritius-based brokerage firm, offers traders a unique opportunity. It provides proprietary trading accounts with initial capital, allowing traders to explore various asset classes without risking their funds.

The company is set to offer two certification courses: the “Enhanced Challenge” and the “Express Challenge.” Successful completion of either challenge grants traders access to a live trading account with up to $200,000 in balance.

Once certified, traders can enjoy trading with ultra-low commissions and spreads using MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms, retaining up to 90% of their profits. They will also access a comprehensive dashboard for data and actionable insights to enhance their trading strategies.

Andrew Speakman, Sales Director at Hantec Trader, expressed the company’s goal of offering financial freedom: “Our launch of Hantec Trader aims to provide a low-risk, low-cost way for individuals to participate in global financial markets.”

Hantec Markets, the parent company, is led by Bashir Nurmohamed, an industry veteran with a track record at ODL Securities and Rosenthal Collins. Founded in 2010 with backing from Hantec Group founder Tang Yu Lap in Hong Kong, this partnership has allowed Hantec Group to expand into proprietary trading.

Hantec Trader’s introduction marks a significant development in prop trading, offering traders a platform for skill development and profitable trading strategies. With its strong reputation and regulatory commitment, Hantec Group is poised for success in this dynamic sector.

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