Goldwell Capital Review among others designed to assist in your selection among numerous trading offerings, the most important verifies if a broker is legit or not. As in reverse, the legit status of the broker means you are trading within a safe trading environment.

What is Goldwell Capital?

Goldwell Capital is a brokerage firm established in Cambodia, also respectively registered and regulated by the local laws. The broker offers derivatives trading including Forex, Commodity, Precious Metals and CFD trading through thousands of markets all delivered with lower trading costs.Goldwell Capital websiteEven though, Goldwell Capital operates only since 2018 it gained already some trust within the local population and industry as well. Eventually, Cambodia is a growing jurisdiction that shows significant interest in the Forex industry in recent years. While Goldwell Capital takes necessary steps towards stable and reliable commitment to provide clients trustworthy trading conditions together with the Cambodian government. The broker mainstays at the NDD execution model and acquits quotes from top global banks and financial institutions with an automated execution process.

In addition, Goldwell Capital supports its traders with great customer service also with numerous tools helping within the trading process. These include market updates and news, economic calendars as well as other essential details or information which you will use on a daily basis.

Goldwell Capital market news

Nevertheless, even though offering looks quite attractive you should always check the most important information of the broker’s proposal. In this purpose this review covers the following highlights:

Is Goldwell Capital safe or a scam?

Now let us cover the most important note about Goldwell Capital, as nothing matters more than the reliability of the broker you are trading with. Goldwell Capital being a Cambodian Forex broker is also regulated by the Cambodian government within the framework of a financial regulatory system through establish regulator Exchange Commission of Cambodia SECC.

Goldwell Capital license

SECC authority was specifically created with a purpose to regulated financial industry participants and protect investors under necessary rules. This set of obligations covers essential part as security of client capital and follows of strict policies towards monitoring of actions, as well as protection at every level.

However, we should mention that Cambodia is not a reputable jurisdiction if to compare with other industry-known and leading financial participants globally. Yet, it does the necessary job in its strive to grow its influence, as well as regulated Forex industry within the country legislation framework, as a matter of client protection and its financial system. Here you can learn more Why trade with ASIC brokers, just as a matter of example why regulated brokers are safe and offshore not.

Goldwell Capital Trading Platforms

Goldwell Capital with its strive to propose a reliable trading service and efficient condition not surprisingly chooses to a mainstay on the market leader MetaTrader4 as trading software. MT4 is not only known for its powerful charts features and general capabilities to suit any trading style, but it also offers some of the best trading models with powerful tools and add-ons. You may access the platform via any device PC, iOS, or Mobiles so you will stay connected and updated under any conditions or circumstances.

Goldwell Capital MT4

MT4 is very much loved by both beginning traders that value its customer-friendly design along with thousands of courses and learning materials available online. Also by the professionals and its ability to connect custom designed algorithms, comprehensive features and make the most of the platform’s capabilities. Lastly, the platform allows connectivity through Expert Advisors, famous MT4 robots that execute orders according to the set algorithm, which available either for custom specification or choice between available ones.

Goldwell Capital Fees

Actually, Goldwell Capital proposes flexible trading conditions while you may choose trading contract size starting from 0.01 lots, which is a micro account allowing to manage position according to your strategy. There is no diverse between account types, you may choose either Demo account for your practice purposes or sign for a Live one.

Goldwell Capital spread

Goldwell Capital spread

Going to the very important detail of Goldwell Capital spread, we see that the broker offers quite pleasant trading conditions. While trading spreads for EUR/USD and USD/JPY can be as low as 1.8 pips, Gold spreads U.S.$0.5 and silver.S.$0.04. You may see also the fees of another popular broker Rubix FX.

And of course, always consider rollover or overnight fee as a cost, which is defined as a fee or refund depending on long or short positions you held longer than a day.

Goldwell Capital Leverage

Leveraged trading provides the possibility of bigger profit, yet increases risks as well so you should always learn deeply how to use tools smartly. Eventually, Goldwell Capital offers flexible leverage so you may choose the most suitable level for the instrument or another. Also, being a Cambodia broker Goldwell still may offer high leverage ratios up to 1:200 available for retail traders. Also, comparing with the securities market, CFD only requires 0.5%-2% margin thanks to leverage.

What Deposit and Withdrawal Methods Goldwell Capital uses?

So in order to deposit money into your Goldwell Capital trading account, you may use only Bank Wire transfer as a deposit method. Even though it looks like limited variety, yet Bank Wire is the most safe, convenient and efficient method to make money transfers.

Goldwell Capital minimum deposit

Eventually, Goldwell Capital does not mention the minimum deposit requirement necessary for the account opening. Therefore, we may assume there is no specified amount that is necessary to start trading, yet you should always check the margin requirement for the instrument you will trade. Also, better to verify with customer service as different conditions may apply.

Goldwell Capital withdrawal

Goldwell Capital withdrawal fee

The broker does not mention its own charges for both deposits and withdrawals respectively. However, since the only available option for transfers is Bank Wire you should also check with your payment provider or bank institution itself in terms of any fees. As various countries of origin apply different international policies and fee policies towards clients.

Conclusion on Goldwell Capital

Concluding Goldwell Capital Review we see the broker which is regulated in its country of origin Cambodia and offers quite competitive conditions within its jurisdiction. What we do like is that even despite a fact that Cambodia is not a world financial center providing numerous trading opportunities, therefore is not world known authority to regulated Forex. Yet, Goldwell Capital complies with all the necessary local laws, thus considered a safe trading opportunity.

Also, Goldwell Capital trading conditions are rather good ones along with access to industry leading MT4 platform and numerous instruments to trade.

Nevertheless, let us know your opinion about Goldwell Capital, share your experience and do not hesitate to ask for additional information if necessary in the comment area below.

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