Is Gemliteassetsltd Scam or Legit Broker?

It is not safe to trade with Gemliteassetsltd. On its website the broker praises its reliability, claiming that it conducts absolutely legal activities. However, as proof, the broker has nothing to display.

  • Gemliteassetsltd is not a regulated broker and it does not hold any license – neither from a top-tier authority nor even an offshore one. This is a direct red flag and means that traders should stay away from investing with the company, no matter how attractive their offerings are.

About Gemliteassetsltd
🗺️ Registered inNot Registered
🗺️ Type of LicenseNo license
🛡️ Is Gemliteassetsltd safe to trade?No
🗺️ Recommended LicensesFCA in UK 🇬🇧 & ASIC in Australia 🇦🇺
🖥 Alternative BrokerFP Markets - licensed by ASIC in Australia

What is Gemliteassetsltd?

Gemliteassetsltd positions itself as a leading financial investment platform providing access to over 4,000 funds and assets, from investments banking, stock Broking, fund escrow services, forex, Gold and Cryptocurrencies to ETFs and Assets, etc.

Gemliteassetsltd was established in 2001, incorporated in 2020, and started offering Cryptocurrencies in 2020.

  • On its website, the broker’s address is Stirk House, Cross Lanes, Tollerton, England, YO61 1LP. This means the company is located in England, as there is no other information that states otherwise. However, all the companies located in England and offering financial services should hold a UK FCA license. In this case, it is evident that the broker is not FCA-regulated, as there is no mention of the license.
  • Another important point is, that the broker mentions its FSO license No. CHE-399.474.466, yet, by further investigation we found that under the same license number, there is another financial company – BinuxFx ( and by the looks of it this is just the same company, with the same website interface, the same offerings and conditions. BinuxFX is also located in England, only the provided address is different (1 Great George St, London SW1P 3AA @51.501128,-0.129027, UK).
  • Another issue with Gemliteassetsltd is the negative reviews. Clients complain about the services the broker provides. Especially, clients claim to face withdrawal problems, never being able to withdraw their profits or investments. Many reviews state that the broker is a total scam that only tries to get its hands into the traders’ funds.
  • Besides, another thing that seems fishy and is a good ground for doubts, is that Gemliteassetsltd constantly tries to attract new customers, by contacting them via different social platforms and offering their services. Experience in the market shows that this is the way scam brokers operate. They find people interested in investments in different online platforms, make very attractive proposals to them, and later just vanish with the traders’ funds.


Overall Gemliteassetsltd Ranking

Because of the revelations in regard to the safety of Gemliteassetsltd, we do not rank positively Gemliteassetsltd, based on our Expert Opinion with over 10 Years of experience in Forex Trading due to its lack of regulation and numerous negative reviews from traders.

  • Gemliteassetsltd Overall Ranking is 2 out of 10 based on our testing and compared to 500 other brokers, see Our Ranking below compared to other popular and industry Leading Brokers.
Our Ranking⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Is Broker safe? NoYesYes
AdvantagesNoneTrading PlatformsTrading Conditions

Gemliteassetsltd Alternative Brokers

Taking into account the issues we revealed about the Gemliteassetsltd safety and regulations, here are much better Alternatives to Gemliteassetsltd with good regulations and excellent conditions. We select Good Brokers and reliable options for your comparison below: 

Deposits and Withdrawals

Gemliteassetsltd offers different funding methods to make the process for its clients easier.

  • The deposits are reflected on the account immediately once it is confirmed on the blockchain network. Traders can make as many deposits as they want, there is no limitation.
  • When the withdrawal request is received, it is processed immediately and sent to the provided wallet address.
    For cryptocurrency investments, the minimum deposit starts from $100 for the Beginner’s plan. The Business plan deposits start from $10,000, and for the Executive plan, the deposit is $50,000.

Gemliteassetsltd Review Conclusion

It is not safe to trade with unregulated or offshore brokers, so we strongly recommend staying away from them. Traders should invest only with brokers holding licenses from authorities alike UK’s FCA, Australian ASIC, or other similar regulators, that provide compensation and are strictly supervised. We recommend signing in with well-regulated brokers, such as eToroBDSwiss, and HFM.

  • Overall ranking and experience for Gemliteassetsltd is Negative

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